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How to Pick the Best Mask | Scuba Diving Instructor

How to Pick the Best Mask | Scuba Diving Instructor

Hi and welcome to my vegan experiment, my name is Katt and today’s video is all about scuba diving gear so if you are a Beginner diver or someone who’s been diving for a while And you’re wondering what gear should you buy or what gear the first thing you should buy before your course during or after? This is a place for you. If you’re interested in anything to do with scuba diving veganism conservation health, please feel free to subscribe So I can keep you updated every Wednesday. Alright, so we’re in the mood today I got my scuba diving shirt on from the Bahamas, which was an absolutely incredible experience How do you recommend for anyone to go shark diving if they can although they get fed there, which is a whole thing I’ll talk about some other time Anyway, let’s get started in terms of the scuba gear The number one thing you really want to buy it when you start diving is a mask Whether you’re snorkeling or scuba diving or doing your open water course or a discover scuba dive Investing in a mask is going to make the biggest difference in your underwater experience now As you can see I have two These these are my two lovely masks I tend to use this one for free diving and I tend to use this one for scuba diving. I think it was Representing so let’s get into it. How do you pick a mask in general? There are Two different types mask there’s single celled masks which are both of these and then there’s double celled masks Which means there’s a division between your two eyes for scuba diving I highly recommend getting a single-cell mask because it allows you a wider field of vision However, if you do need prescription lenses put in that does not work with a single-cell mask Second difference is is you have clear or then you have dark silicone around the outside of the mask The benefits of clear is you do not feel claustrophobic as I feel underwater Sometimes lets more lighting however due to letting more light in it also causes Refraction and reflection on the land which sometimes gives you this like shimmery effect underwater darker skirts Eliminate that so you have a much more focused vision underwater plus a lot of people pick them because they look cooler and sleeker But it is your personal preference now While these masks may look cool or whatever They might not work for your face shape to know if a mask works for your face shape you want to put it up to your mouth and mouth and Inhale if it sticks on your face as you’re inhaling then it is a good mask now ladies Please do not wear makeup when you go to Your scuba diving shop to try on masks because it leaves a residue on the mask and then the dive Assistants have to clean it up. So please just be fresh-faced when you go Putting on masks. So yeah So those are the masks also tip for the ladies if you have long hair and would like to keep it that way. I Highly recommend getting a mask tamer as you can see. These are there’s two types of masks tamers one You can put over the silicone strap, which is what I used to have all the time however now I’ve actually transitioned to having a full like velcro and then this part because it really decreases the amount of My hair that gets torn out before I started scuba diving my hair looked like this Yeah, and after now it’s just a year of teaching diving it looked like this. So yeah Get those silicone straps. So yeah, the first thing you want to get is your masks All right, the reason for this if you’re comfortable, I mean if you have a well-fitting mask, it’s not going to be leaking It’s not going to be fogging up because you would have cleaned it properly. I can make another video about that another time and You can just have a much better experience 95% of my students which panic tends to be something to do with their masks whether when they’re clearing it out They can get all the water out or it starts leaking and that’s mostly rental masks So if you’re doing course just invest so this one cost I believe $80 and this one cost one hundred and ten Yes, that may seem like a lot scuba dive gear is expensive scuba diving is expensive However, if you’re getting into it, this will change your entire diving experience Second thing you want to get? Oh Yeah again All these things are listed down below if you have any questions about what gear you might want to purchase if you’re going into scuba diving feel free to Ask me I love sharing my knowledge with you guys and I’m very excited to be on a new scuba diving journey now. So yeah Thank you so much for watching this extremely long video and I’ll talk to you soon

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  1. Hey Guys! I have got plenty of questions from divers, about how to pick their diving equipment. So I went a little bit off the vegan track, to talk my other love : SCUBA DIVING.

    Are you a diver? Would you want to go diving? Let me know down below 🙂

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