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How To: Outside-Grip EZ-Bar Curl

How To: Outside-Grip EZ-Bar Curl

What’s going on Nation? I’m going to show you how to do outside Grip EZ bar curls to work more of the outer head of the bicep what you’re going to do is stand about shoulder length apart Where your feet you’re going to keep a slight bend in your knees grab the outside angle of your bar Hold your elbows in front of your hips don’t let your hip and your elbows rest against your sides Keep them about an inch and a half away from your body and bring the bar up all the way Keep your elbows in front of your hips on the way down and on the way up breathe out on the way up just like this And work the outer head of that bicep for more great information Please feel free to subscribe to my videos and as always more good stuff coming soon. See you guys

43 thoughts on “How To: Outside-Grip EZ-Bar Curl”

  1. I do this one with 22.05 lbs, I'm at gym for 8 months and this is the first time I do this exercise, am I doing good Scott?

  2. @imherelol The excersise is actually well done of course when you go overheavy you're going to flex your back and balance cause its just 2 much weight for involving just one muscle they use alot of lower back for balancing and the core for keep balance i bet that, if its coleman, cuttler or whomever with a lower way for concentrating the muscle itself they wont balance and stand in a neutral position…cause its just the way its well done excersie

  3. @azrinhazli No… its called long head and short head. Open any anatomy book and you'll see. Long head originates at the supraglenoidal tubercle in the shoulder and short head originates from the coracoid process of scapula. So what outer about either of them?

  4. @legendary009 oh lol. That is true. For the average person, the long head is called the outer head because its located more laterally. Many bodybuilders like to work on their biceps until you can see separation between these two heads. So they refer to the head located laterally as the outer head.

  5. hey man, says the iphone app is free but its £1.19!! if it were actually free i would have got it! great vids tho, keep it up

  6. I was always taught that the wider you go the more the inside is targeted and the narrower you go the more the outside is targeted…so by you taking the wider grip in reality would't this work more of the inner bicep??

  7. @metallicat61003 there is no way to focus on 1 side stop thinking so much and just go out and lift people do it way to complicated nowadays just do it like arnold and the guys did nothing complicated there just old school methods.

  8. @thepet89 "Real world status"? He was more well known before real world, at least to people in the fitness community. Check his website under the About, he's very well respected by all of the weight lifting/fitness community.

  9. @metallicat61003 inner head of bicep is actually the outside of the bicep and vice versa. it's like driveways and parkways they mean the opposite of what u think they mean when u first hear them.

  10. :S why are each of his ab muscles abnormaly round and wide? ive never seen anyone with ab muscles liek this before :S lol

  11. I recommend the movie. Youtube is made for this type of info.My step brother had been bullied. He said he was about to get bigger. I chuckled at him because I didn't think he would…. Til out of nowhere he gained 40 pounds of natural lean muscle mass. He tried the Muscle Building Bible (look for it in Google). He doesn't get bullied these days. 🙂

    I actually subscribed a few days ago. See what goes on. And this mans emails are fucking fascinating!

  12. if you don't know how to do this you're probably a chick .. so yeh go prance around on the olyptical with ur yoga pants and strawberry flavor protein shake 

  13. what if the bar touches my thighs when i do it? what difference does it make as compare to putting it in front of my hips?

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