How To Nose Butter 180 On Skis

Before learning Nose Press 180s, make sure
you can 180 to switch and ski switch comfortably. Learning to do a mellow nose
press will help with nose butters. A Nose Press is when you lean forward and ski
with the tails of your skis off the ground. Put your weight over your noses
of your ski by pressing into the tongue of your boot. To flex your ski squeeze your
glutes and drive your hip forward. If balance is hard for you, plant your
poles to keep stable. Next, do some pole plant 180s where you plant the same side
pole as the direction you’re going to spin. Get your pole plant before you do
the 180. From there it’s time to start putting weight into the noses of your
skis as the rotation begins creating a pivot point on the front of your skis.
Leaning onto that pole can help with balance. Add some more weight to the
front of the skis by popping to get your feet higher to make the pivot point
higher on the skis. This will also raise your tails to be higher. At this point
it’s still a pivot over the skis, so some counter rotation may be needed to get
the last 90. To have a longer pivot or butter lean into the noses sooner and
slow down the 180 to spend more time on the noses of your skis. Be creative and
try variations like pressing early on the noses and popping for a nollie 180.
Anyway you do it, Nose Butters are sweet and super fun to play with. I’m Dean Bercovitch from Ski Addiction. Helping You Ski Better

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