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How to Method Grab on a Snowboard – (Regular) Methods Trick Tip

How to Method Grab on a Snowboard – (Regular) Methods Trick Tip

This is Nev Lapwood and Dan Gerstner This tutorial is all about Methods. It’s filmed
at Boreal in California and Whistler Blackcomb in Canada
A method is without a doubt the most iconic trick possible on a snowboard. It’s stood
the best of time throughout the history of snowboarding and is still a favorite trick
amongst pro snowboarders. You can definitely tell how good a rider is
by the style in their method. It’ll take years to perfect. This video has broken down steps
that you can try to start developing your methods. What is a Method
A Method is a Mellon grab, tweaked up behind your back, combined with a backside shifty.
The movement is quite complex to learn because there are several different techniques happening.
Once you get the muscle memory, it eventually happens with ease.
The easiest place to learn the movements of a method is on a trampoline as you can practice
the position over and over in a very safe controlled environment. A method is generally done on straight airs
and not often combined with other tricks. It’s common to see it done when busting out
of the pipe, big hips in the park and on natural backcountry features.
A method is without a doubt the most iconic trick possible on a snowboard. It’s stood
the best of time throughout the history of snowboarding and is still a favourite trick
amongst pro snowboarders.  The grab is done with your front hand on your
heel edge like a mellon grab. You can grab either behind your front binging
or in front of it. This is usually a “no grab” zone but this is one of the only grabs where
it’s acceptable to grab here but only if you do it well and definitely don’t grab your
heel. Step 1
Backside shifties The key behind shifties is counter-rotation
where your upper and lower body twist against each other while in the air.
We have a tutorial dedicated to shifties so make sure you’ve watched that video first.
You need to have backside shifties dialed to perform a solid method. Step 2
Mellon Grab Make sure you have your mellon grabs on lock
down as it’s using the same hand to grab on the same edge as a method. Get out our grabs
videos for more info on mellons. Step 3
Melon Grab extended behind your back. This is a really good stepping stone for a
method but it’s not an actual trick you do for style. Don’t let anyone see you trying
this step because it looks horrible and only newbs do it. Try it when no one else is watching
you ride. Step 4
Add backside shifty. Step 4 is the most important step to turning
these stepping-stones into a real method. It’s where you add your backside shifty into
the trick so that he base of your board is facing where you flying, not towards the snow.
You should be able to build up this step relatively quickly and from here it can take considerable
time to refine your methods. You can either shiftie and grab your method
at the same time or you can grab first then shifty. Both ways can be stylish. Some riders
find it easier to do their shifty after grabbing. As you’re learning it’s very normal to only
have a small shifty. In general the more you shifty, the better
it will look. As you progress, a good method should have at least 90 degrees of shifty.
If you anticipate a little before taking off, it’ll help you to shifty more. Look closely
and you’ll see that my upper body is wound slightly towards the tail of my board as I
take off. This makes it easier to get more shifty in the trick. Step 5
Back leg position Extending your rear leg while in the method
adds even more style to the trick giving it more of a boned out look. Try kicking out
your back out like your trying to tap something. Your back leg should be up parallel with your
front leg so your board is parallel with the ground or try to get you back leg even higher
than your front leg. A method on this angle below parallel is not as stylish. Step 6
Crank it Once you’ve got all the basic fundamentals
of a method it’s time to start cranking it. Putting effort into this trick. This is not
just some trick to do casually. When cranking a method you can add your own style. Pushing
your hips forward and arching your back is one way to crank your own style into a method.
I find that taking off slightly on my toe edge helps me to add that extra bit of counter-rotation
to crank a method harder. This is also why methods are common on a backside hip as it’s
naturally leading you into that slight backside direction. Step 7
Refinement Practice makes perfect. A lot of practice.
The more methods you do, the better you’ll become. Get someone to video you doing a method
so you can see how your style is. Compare the finer points of your method to the steps
in this tutorial to see where you can improve. Go back to the tramp and practice methods
until the movement is engrained into your mind.
Style is very important in a method. You have to make sure this trick is smooth and stylish
while being cranked with authority. If it’s a messy or forced movement, it won’t look
as good. Summary
You methods won’t be awesome at first. Try doing mellons tweaked up behind your back
when no one is watching you ride. Then quickly add a backside shifty.
From there you can follow the pointers of this tutorial to refine your method.
Some of the most famous past and present shredders are known by their methods including, Craig
Kelly, Jamie Lynn, Terje Haakenson & Nicholas Muller.
This trick is not going anywhere and helps to define style in your ridding.
Practice them often. You’re riding with Nev Lapwood and Dan Gerstner

41 thoughts on “How to Method Grab on a Snowboard – (Regular) Methods Trick Tip”

  1. Sweet tutorial.. Hopefully I'll be able to crank'em out and make my Mehods look as great as yours once I get them down!!

  2. Sweet tutorial. What's the burton board you're using on the tramp? Is that a kids board or a special training board? Cheers

  3. Awesome video.. I like how your tutorials are more oriented toward the technicality of the trick rather than just showing yourself nailing them! and oh, Nic Muller has the best methods hands dowm

  4. Can't wait to learn this once season starts. I got a question i just bought a rome artifact rocker. Is it true riding a softer board is a bit more difficult to ride at first?

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  7. I don't think anyone should care about the people watching while practicing. Those types of thinking stop you from progressing. The less you care, the more you do, the better you become.
    For now the hardest "trick" I can do is a noob method lol. Thx for the tips !

  8. "Don't let anybody see you try this step because only noobs do it"

    Wow, what horrible advice from an otherwise informative video. 

  9. I have to agree to some comments here. The "Noob" Method may look shitty to experienced riders like you, but to average people in a public snowpark it still looks pretty awesome!

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    on point!…and it totally looks wack…stomping a good mute looks way better than 1/2 method IMO.

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    I prefer riding like noone is watching me all the time, just ignoring laughters or anyone telling me I'm a rookie 😉

  14. Some horrible examples of methods right here. A method is not about the still shot. To me It's in the process of getting there. You guys need to look back a Terje, Jamie and Peter Line and put some more time in. The grab should be before the shift. Maybe you could just skate more, that would probably do it…

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