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How to Make the Perfect Marketing Videos for your Business (That Sells!) w/ Ray Karpuska

How to Make the Perfect Marketing Videos for your Business (That Sells!) w/ Ray Karpuska

are you ready to scale and outsource
your business okay let’s go welcome to the outsourcing and scaling show I’m
your host Nathan Hirsch a show where we talk about everything
Amazon shopify ecommerce and digital marketing let’s get started welcome back
to outsourcing scaling I’m here with Ray K ray how you doing today I’m good good
I’m a little bit sick but just got out for 10 years worked with some of the
biggest leaders out there working with them on growing their sales and his
weapon of choice is the video camera using video to help scale businesses ray
we’re gonna talk about all that happen first let’s take a gigantic step back
talk to me about growing up were you a rebel were you a straight-a student did
you know you wanted to be an entrepreneur is my story really not not
like usual one until 15 they left my home at 15 like I had a really big
fallout with my parents I just know relationship went down so
and I didn’t have like any examples whatsoever about business about
marketing pretty much like you you living with the people that just worked
in all their life and have no idea so I had no skills but then 15 I left one
woman video I found I kind of went into culinary you know being a chef but I
found out computers like the second year and then that’s it like I knew that it’s
gonna be that and then you know I kind of learned pretty much everything
because you know without parents you were kind of like you want to feel your
power back again you belong so instantly like connected and felt that you know
computers graphics all of that was really my thing and I pretty much
started learning video and and yeah I’m like just just really at 99 you know I
was planning suicide and did the first thing I decided was I want to live like
you know like I had this moment where I was like okay I’m gonna go or I’m gonna
stay I really realized how much want to live I just didn’t know how so
that’s why I was probably planning you know somehow to get away from it but
then I then I didn’t had skills so you know I tried to like tumbled and like my
idea about making in life was really just you know taking advantage of people
or you know trying to somehow force things and then you know you ruin
relationship etc so I was at the point where the second decision in my life
what I made was like okay I never ever again gonna do anything that’s gonna
hurt people I’m only only gonna contribute and instantly like that I
think the secret came into my life at least you know these amazing things have
started happening and I started teaching that because they all came you know
depression things like that and you know video was always part of my life but
when I moved to UK probably about when I was 25 so you know I couldn’t go through
I couldn’t find any jobs like with you know I was working as a security guard
always taking my CVS you know to companies that animation video companies
and you know nobody really took me on so I was working like factory jobs taking
trash out you know the things like that and then really it was I decided like
that’s it I’m never ever gonna do anything either I don’t want and I
became like five days homeless slept in a car that I bought so Mike’s but
because I did one thing which was and this is what I think when my marketing
and sales understanding came from I had this just before I left took the
like the night job I was also working taking leaflets out also putting you
know for company for like window company and when I and when I didn’t have any
like I wanted to change my job I really do what I wanted said okay so I know
like so many things I do graphics I do you know video said to you I know
computers I know how to fix them all of that you know networks so I printed
everything I just had this idea like I’m gonna I’m gonna print it out and I’m
gonna take to all these houses around my you know around where I live and I found
the guy basically connected through like four or five connections you know in
through it from from that point from living in the car and then three years
later I’ve been working already with Russell Brunson with Jordan Belfort wolf
of Wall Street north Tony Robbins then Kennedy Bill Glazer just you know and do
name those guys so like that was my you know that’s kind of like a really really
short story about Who I am you know how I became but I really along the way I
had to learn because the the because the third decision I made when I wanted to
share with people you know this excitement that you know the things that
I you know that I’m capable of I didn’t nobody cared like nobody cared everybody
gonna always go on into arguments with me you know trying to prove and then
understood like them you know I need to make somehow people that they will come
to me they will ask my help they will pay me for my services they will you
know pay me for advice and that’s how basically the marketing and sales came
into my life and all these amazing people right so so what makes a good
marketer nowadays because what makes a good marketer back in 2015 probably
isn’t the same as today and and you’ve worked with some of the best you’ve
helped some of the best what separates a average marketer from a really good
marketer so I believe that one of the best like it’s really it’s really about
psychology it’s about understanding what people want what people need and if you
can really and like people buying not what you’re selling people buying what
they are buying okay so you have to sell what they’re buying and that’s that’s
one of like the key things and if you look any I mean look honestly it looks
like everything changes but you know think about like television doesn’t
change it just changes the medium to the quality you know games that they don’t
change it’s just you know complexity all of that so if you look at marketing even
best ones you know learn from somebody who never was on internet you know who
is never doing even videos teachers you know writing writing copy but it was
always a messaging so if you think when you think about video that’s like one of
the most important thing video really just a messaging that is wrapped
in a different format right you know there’s a difference between the book
and the movie but the book but the movie is usually based on the book and that’s
the same story right in a different way so what makes a good story so Russell
Brunson when he worked with when he was trying to like understand how to develop
stories broadly and somebody called Michael Hodge he talked about two
stories there’s a two journeys every hero comes and if you look at any story
in the in the hollywood there’s always a story between the old personality i like
you know the old personality that’s kind of stuck somewhere and he’s on the
journey that wants to achieve something but like visa there’s another journey
happening so maybe you know in the cars he doesn’t win the race at the end he
actually stops at the end because it’s not what he really wants well he really
wants us to have friends right so the great story is really just a
transformation you know and shedding your skin pretty much that’s like that
that’s the inner shell right so if somebody you know if somebody wants to
achieve something they had to become somebody and that’s basically all the
stories come about it’s about you know being in this place stuck right and
there’s something that you need to do it needs to happen that you know and and
this is what inspires people to kind of go on the journey and you know the
stories that’s all from from when we were little there was always the stories
and that’s what that’s why the thing the format because it’s just we that’s what
we used to so how does a let’s say stroll entrepreneur out there or maybe
there are small business three to ten people how did they tell their story via
video in a way that the audience will understand and resonate with so I work
with Jordan Belfort and one thing I learned just connect with selling this
like it looks like there’s a lot of complicated things so you think about
the K you know there’s like tonality there’s how you look you know the
how you present yourself company but really like behind all of that there’s
only one thing drives that and there’s three three details of that so what is
you have to really show and convince people that you’re just like them right
you just like them second thing is you care right and then
the third one is real I’m the person to help you to fulfill your dreams right so
we have to achieve those three so if you think about like any business that’s not
successful either they don’t show that just like you they don’t care right and
then you know they are not really the person so they don’t have expertise they
don’t have qualified you know qualifications right so you really need
to tell them you need to tell them like okay here you know here’s our story how
we got the same thing you want right but also here’s why we’re sharing this you
know here’s like you know we it’s not just we can all we’re gonna share you
know it’s like I’m I’m so successful in e-commerce now I’m just gonna share with
people like what’s me like it doesn’t make sense right because like come on
man if you’re making this money like why would you need to show somebody mm-hmm
right it’s like you need to justify why you’re doing this makes all this you
know it’s like because like you don’t care and if you know and otherwise is
bragging yeah and they’re not effective videos you’ve seen them out there people
just bragging about how much money they make or whatever it is and and that
doesn’t convert and I agree sorry God yeah and the third one is really about
showing that you’re an expert and the way you become an expert is somebody
it’s not like I don’t think LeBron James can teach you basketball well you know
because there’s there’s a coach for that like you know he was trained by coach
that he’s not the best probably in the basketball all right but he’s best at
coaching so we also need to prove and show that that you have been where they
are when you know the path otherwise like you know otherwise it’s like do you
think you know Warren Buffett really will teach you how to be you know
successful in your own business he might show you the principles but he might not
be he doesn’t doesn’t know he’s path how you know how
to transfer that to somebody right so the one the person that makes me and
this is a thing they also you really have to be careful the person that makes
a lot of money it’s not the person maybe to learn to make money from those people
like you know they just kind of shiny object effect right you like you know
this guy knows really or you know I have especially with with working service
business a lot of people like oh this guy has money so here you can pay like
know and like working with the past really just like no the more money they
make the more they’re gonna be cautious about where they spend the more they’re
gonna you know wait the values the the pawns and cons
right so that may be the the person that has the most money is actually the one
that’s gonna really be stingy about his money and you’re gonna be like the less
money you gonna get from them so like really have to think instead instead of
like oh this guy has a lot of money no no you have to think what you know what
he buys because because that’s where he’s gonna you know he’s gonna pay for
something that he values and you really I need to understand what he values so I
would say you know don’t judge people don’t create like those prejudice about
you know whether he has money or not his money and that’s how they gonna change
no make decisions based on makes a lot of sense so what let’s talk about people
that are making videos right now maybe they’re putting out a lot of content how
can it what are some quick things that they can do to make their videos just
better okay so first of all we have so there’s two types of videos
well three actually so one is filmed videos so we have a camera phone and
that’s like one type second one is animations so you know something
graphics something like this and the third one is PowerPoint or you know
keynote slides will add that type of thing so if you may you know if you the
reason we use mainly PowerPoint you know type slides or aggregates all that
support or animation because we don’t really we don’t really need footage
because footage is actually one of the you know if you’re not making that it’s
really hard like to plan and get it and you have
to pay for samples you know for videos like if you want to show for example
Sahara Desert like you’re not gonna go to Sahara Desert right so you have to
really be cautious but we can take pictures and we can create you know we
can create or take video samples from clips from somewhere so like videos
animation then gives us freedom or freedom to tell the story but if you’re
making let’s say just simple videos so few things you want to do so one is you
want to of course have a good light you know light lighting and you know so it
looks good second thing is you want to have either
Steadicam or or just simple how do you call it tripod submit to put so the
frame is not moving okay yeah because you want to focus on the on
the things that people you know you want people to focus on the things that they
have to see instead of all this triggering all noise right and then the
third was sound if you like even a yeah like you know even would simply it
sounds different than just you know something yeah so even videos you know
we can buy for 10 for 10 dollars you can buy our 15 dollars you can buy a lapel
mic plug in your phone and that’s it I mean like you know the your sound on the
phone even it could be you know really good and and really with iPhone if you
have tripod good light and sound I mean like they actually did comparison on the
Steadicam we filmed like with a 10 thousand dollar camera and the iPhone is
really not much of a difference you know if you get those things right it’s
really like only like professionals can really see that difference so you don’t
need that right so and then the the adding to the video is having a branding
right that’s the more like most important thing yeah I need to somehow
you know TV shows have way did the radio radio shows also have like the jingle so
you need to create some sort of planning I can actually let me see I can
actually show you mine if you want quickly so so so you can just get an
idea what it is to took okay give me a second yeah I will
intro intro intro alright mmm this one I’ll find it later yeah so these are the
most important things and yeah I’ll find it later all good yeah so any last tips
about video okay so I see like the most important thing is just a lot of people
when coming into this industry now especially marketing online they kind of
everybody is teaching our webinars and sales really you know just just putting
out like videos on Facebook but you really have to think about when there
was no video what was what was like the main thing it was always the SEO because
somebody is searching for a business so there’s only like two ways people can
find you one is they searching for researching like physically for
something all the essential they searching mentally so you need to see
right so you need to kind of reach them out so if you’re doing videos for
example the best strategy would be if you using Facebook live for example on
the iPhone I know it for sure on the iPhone you can save the video after
after the life is finished alright so then you can save it on your phone you
can either with even with the app on the phone you can add your jingle upload it
to YouTube and name it correctly with the keywords and because that’s how
people were gonna find it if you know if you have thousand likes on your Facebook
fan page only like hundred maybe 200 most will see if it’s not it’s not
interesting people won’t comment so like you only get like 200
people see it right but there’s not really searchable on YouTube when you
put it’s also on Google you can find it it looks different it’s a video
thumbnail instead of just you know just the link and the first thing we do
always – when you come to the business so two things one is we’ll look at how
can what type of keywords there so then we can start focusing on those to
dominate the Google first page and we do it you know with the video on YouTube on
other sides you know doing really video SEO work even simple one really can can
can make it make a difference because most people most companies don’t really
do that if you look at like most companies they don’t when they do videos
great videos they don’t name them correctly so they’re not searchable and
then on Facebook with the videos we do giveaways and we give away to any
business when we come we help and give away first product or for free and the
way we do it we basically create comments from that and we use chat BOTS
to then to send messages and really build the audiences awesome this was
great right thanks so much for coming on where can people find out more value and
what are you excited about in 2019 so this year at phone hacking life we did
amazing like insane amazing video we got like Deena k0z Billie Jean
Vince Reed like I really create marketers in the video and I put
together I put together process how we basically took from the idea level when
Russell Brunson came to us saying like we have this you know crazy idea about
designers like Thomas and Mark Zuckerberg right combined yeah we’re
gonna do this video right you know so I made people disappearing actually
brought an axe to the to the stage and it was just so crazy so I put together a
step-by-step process how we took from this idea level to like the final video
I know four and a half thousand people just in the event alone we’re watching
more like five screens and how like what it took you know how we got people
voiceovers frameworks everything pretty much that anybody can take this process
and without similar videos or any type of
videos you know and they know exactly like what’s the framework how to how to
save time and energy on that so that’s one of the most amazing thing for me now
because I can share that what I’ve been doing behind the scenes most of the time
and yeah you know I’m looking to the next year event and create something
even crazier I think it will be I think it will be 3d and it’ll be fun like a
short 3d movie with Russell and other people I love it I’m excited to see it
thanks so much for coming on and have a great rest of the day hey everyone thank
you so much for watching did you enjoy this content if so click
like leave us a comment and subscribe to our channel so we can continue bringing
you great content all about higher

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