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How To Make Curls Last – Kayley Melissa

How To Make Curls Last – Kayley Melissa

21 thoughts on “How To Make Curls Last – Kayley Melissa”

  1. So I have super straight, fine, oily, virgin & incredibly long hair… the only thing that keeps any curl in my hair is when I don’t use heat but instead use overnight methods.

  2. I learned a lot from you in this vid – I think the biggest thing was that I just need to play with my hair and be patient!!

  3. I not only have super healthy, virgin hair (my hair dresser always fawns over it) but it is very long and VERY thick. It's so painful because when I do have my hair curled it LOOKS like something forma magazine shoot; silky, glossy, long and stunning… and then it falls out.

  4. This immediately helped me. I bought a curling rod and was nervous. Got my hair curled but didn’t think it would hold Just recurved a few pieces and damn it was amazing

  5. THE REAL TEA is that the BEST way to make your silky-ass resistant hair hold a curl is WET SETS. Overnight roller or pin curls like your grandma used to do. Yes, going from hot to cold makes hair take a shape, but going from wet to dry BAKES it in. Check out Jessica Kellgren-Fozard's videos to learn how to roll your hair, and PS – it doesn't always have to look vintage! You can achieve curling-iron style waves and curls with pin curls, it's all in the technique.

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