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How to Make a Page Curl Effect – Photoshop Tutorial

How to Make a Page Curl Effect – Photoshop Tutorial

hello everyone today i’m going to show you a really simple tutorial on how to create this Curl Page that you can see in here is really here for when it comes to a presentations thumbnails or mock-ups we’re going to see how to create it I’m going to create a new file so I’ll go to file new and in the width and height you can choose whatever you want I’m gonna press OK and now I’m going to change the color of this background so I’m gonna create a new Solid Color and I’m going to choose this dark gray in here and I’ll press ok, let me just delete this one and I’m gonna start making a curve in here as the page would start curving from here like this i’m going to go to pen tool and and in the pen tool make sure it said shape in here alright i’m going to start making a point just right around here alright and i’m going to make another one just right here right here all right now if I want to change the replacement of these points i can just press ctrl and you know move it where I want it just like that and also if i want to change the replacement of this handle in here I can press ALT and as you can see I can change this like that, or you know if I want to change to the curve of this line i can just press ALT and you know you can make it even more curlier all right now I will make this point a little bit, just right here just right there alright and i’m gonna make another point in here just like that and I’m gonna close it right here Alright now I’m going to press ctrl T and that and I will make it a little bit bigger Just like this alright and in here too alright and I’m gonna press ENTER Now we need to create another shape that would go below this shaping here so I’m gonna go and change the color of this to blue and I’ll change the color of this one to this grey like that all right i’m gonna start from here as I want to make this shape go with the curve of this one here so it go just like that i’m going to start trying to make it as curvy as this one alright and i will just close it it doesn’t need to be perfect because it would be below this shape in here alright and I’ll make it under this one in here and as you can see we start seeing the effects taking place in here let me change the color to this grayish color maybe, let’s keep it blue, now we need to apply a shadow to this shape, first shape that we created, and a kind of light reflection to it, so would go and double-click and the layer style dialogue will open and I would go to the gradient overly in here i’m going to change the colors change this black color to a softer gray 70% black in here and I will press OK and I’m going to take this white color and put it just next this gray little bit like that and i’m going to make a new color in here by just one click and change it to a 70% black like this and press OK and I will move it to be next this one like that and I will press OK, now i’m going to change the angle of it, just right in here would look perfect alright i think it looks good i’m gonna make the opacity a little bit down, maybe around 70% 75% alright looks good now we go to the drop shadow and I’m going to uncheck use global light and I will make the opacity around 50% and I will make the size bigger like this and I will try to re-place it just like this I’ll make the size even bigger just right there and there and you go we have our curling page in here now let’s say we want to apply the same curve to another project will have so we can easily do that by just let say make a new file, and changed the width to 1920 and the height i would choose 1080 and press ok let change the color to this gray color in here like that and now I can just easily but just make every everyone here in a group and then just drag it to this project in here and I can just press Ctrl+T and you know we can even make it as big as this or we can make it smaller and put it in the right place you want to make your project like that and there we go we have a page curl in here that we can use whenever we want alright so I hope that you like and you enjoyed this tutorial and it was a little bit helpful for you don’t forget to subscribe and comment and you know wait for more tutorial to come and have a nice day thank you for watching

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  1. thanks man!! this is exactly what I was looking for. Other tutorials manage this using the warp tool, but it's not possible to get this same effect with that approach. Greetings from Colombia!

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