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How to Make a Electric Skating Board | M4 Tech |

How to Make a Electric Skating Board  | M4 Tech |

Hi Friends Welcome to M4 Tech Everybody would have understood what we are going to do seeing the intro video. Going to show you how to make a hover board. Like how we saw in the intro its going to be an electric hover board So everybody would have a doubt how to make it. So lets go to the workshop and see how to work on it. First we have to mark the measurement wanted on a piece of plywood We are using a lengthy piece here. Its around 1m length and 35cm width Now lets cut the board on the marked portion. It was very hard cutting with the axo blade. So I had to stope and cut with this blade manually. Cutting this is a big work. Now we have cut our board to this size as wanted. This is almost 1/2 inch. It would have been better if it was a bit more bigger. But when we enquired in the shop they said they wont give more than 1/2 inch in cut piece. So we bought this. Take an old skating board and use its wheel for the front portion. At this particular middle portion we will be having this wheel. And at the back side we will be using a cycle wheel. Before that we have to curve and clean this part. We have to set this too. So lets begin our work. We have to fix this at the bottom part back side I got a wheel which is a bit stronger than the one I showed you earlier. This is also a skating boards wheel. To set this it already has 4 portions to screw. Mark this. Now lets drill there and make holes. Now we have made holes. Use nut bolts and tighten this. If the holes are at correct positions, it will stay correctly like this. Now lets screw and tighten this. First we can do it with our hands. But later use a screw driver or hand driller and tighten it. Now we have tightened the front wheel. It will not move or shake anymore. Next use a tyre of a baby cycle for the use of back wheel. We have set two ankles for it which is around 8cm in length. Now we should tighten the ankles using nuts. After tightening the ankles check if everything is ok and is it rotating nicely. Now measure the distance between 2 angles. We got around 12cms. We have to carve the board accordingly. According to the mark we shall cut it. Now we have cut that. This small portion for connecting a chain to the wheel. Now place the wheel in the gap and screw them to the board. We will be using the bottom part of the board to screw. Now we have fixed the wheel correctly. Next is to put the chain on the freewheel This should be connected using a chain connector. Its just Rs 10/-. You just have to clip it like this and connect. Once it is clipped, it will stay tight. When you pull the chain you should be able to see it rotating. This is where we are going to do our engine section. We will be using the part near the cycle pedal. You can see we have cut and removed this part from the pedal. To get a smaller size we cut it from a smaller cycle. Now we have to connect the chain with this ring. After that fix it using 2 ankles. We made this ankle using what we use for windows at home. We made two pieces of it and welded it. Now we have screwed it and fixed it. You can see the wheel rotating now. Now we are going to fix a small wooden piece next to it. I shall tell you what it is for. We will be making our hover board work with the help of a hand driller. The engine section is our hand drill. Fix this to the shaft and tighten it. Now we have tightened it. When you press the trigger you can see thw wheel rotating. So the engine section for the hover board is completed. Now we need a lever to control it. Then we shall test it. I have carved a U shape from the plywood. This is to fix the hand drill perfectly. I have made two marks here to make holes. I shall tell you why the holes are for. First screw the plywood piece to the U shape. Next take a brake lever from an old cycle. We have cut it out. We will be controlling it using this lever. We had made two holes earlier. I shall tell you what they are for. Through the upper hole insert the brake wire and take it out through the second hole. This is to control the hand lever. Use a stopper to tighten that part. Now we have tightened it well. When you press the brake lever, the engine section of the hover board works. Now the work for the hover board is completed. Lets test drive it and see. It works when you press the hand brake lever. It moves and thats how it works. Now lets test drive and see it work! Friends I hope all of you liked todays video. If you liked the video press like or else dislike. We made a small mistake while riding the hover board on road. We forgot to use a helmet while riding it. Its a big mistake and it would cause danger if we met with an accident. I am very sorry for that. Like or dislike our video. Do comment and suggest on our video too. Do come out with fresh ideas. Do subscribe to M4tech to get more videos like this. To see more videos like this its me Geo Joseph signing out with camera man Praveen.

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