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How To Land Spins On A Snowboard

How To Land Spins On A Snowboard

There are only two different types of
landings you’re going to encounter, no matter how much or which way you spin.
The open landing and the blind landing. The frontside 180 has an open landing.
Your body and board rotate 180 degrees, however your head can stay looking in the
same direction throughout the entire trick. It’s an open landing because you’re
looking into the same direction that you’re riding. Open landings are very
intuitive and snowboarders who are new to freestyle will not have to think
about looking downhill as they land. However, with a back side 180 you want to
land blind. Looking either down at your feet, the knuckle of the jump, or back
up the hill with your body slightly counter rotated and gripping the snow on
your toe edge. A blind landing helps stop your spin momentum and prevents you from
reverting. This technique is very important to master, however it’s not intuitive and
takes some practice to get the hang of. A frontside 360 also uses a blind landing.
A front three is basically just a frontside 180 with a switch backside 180
combined. So the landing uses the same technique of a switch backside 180. If
you try to land a frontside 360 looking back downhill, you’ll most likely over
rotate and either slip out or revert as you land. Backside 360s are like back ones,
combined with a switch front one. So you use an open landing, like a frontside 180.
You land looking forwards in your direction of momentum, with your body
fairly aligned. Open landings can be stomped either on your toe or your heel
edge. As you progress your spins and start learning larger rotations, you’ll
find that each spin alternates a blind landing, then an open landing. Frontside 180, open landing. Frontside 360, blind landing. Frontside 540, open. Frontside 720, blind.
It’s the opposite for backside spins. Back one, blind. Back three, open.
Back five, blind. Back seven, open. Learning these two different landing
techniques will really help you progressed your spins. If you’re comfortable with the open
landing of our front side 180, the feeling of landing a front five
will be similar. The blind landing of a backside 180, is the exact same technique
for stomping your back five. When practicing spins on the Tramp Training
Board, make sure to think about how you want to land your tricks and which edge
are you landing with. Doing this will make it more realistic for when you take
it to the snow. You’re riding with Nev Lapwood from Snowboard Addiction. Our
Goal Is To Improve Your Riding.

16 thoughts on “How To Land Spins On A Snowboard”

  1. i've had an overrotation problem forever, and nobody has ever recommended looking at the knuckle to help kill rotation on blind landings. holy shit i think that was the one thing i was missing

  2. Unfortunately i did not see this video earlier. I often have problems with stopping the Frontlide 360 rotation on the ground… Now i know what i did wrong! Thanks for the great video – i did them wrong 3 years… hope i can fix it the next season!

  3. Appreciate this vid a lot! This upcoming season will be my second on a snowboard, if I can master a 1 and a 3 by the end of it I’ll be a happy man! Cheers!

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