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How To Japan On A Snowboard

How To Japan On A Snowboard

The Japan grab is one that you have to
tweak. If you don’t tweak a Japan, you’re really just doing a Mute. A Japan is
essentially just a Mute that’s tweaked right up behind you so the board is
almost parallel with your back. Start by just adding a downwards poke with your
back leg to your normal everyday Mute grab. Make sure you get a solid grab
before you poke your leg so you don’t push the board right out of your hand.
Then start to add a Frontside Shifty as you poke the back leg down. Throwing your
back hand behind you will help get your Shifty its shiftiest. If it hasn’t started
happening naturally, throw your arm around your front leg to
get the grab instead of going between your knees. It’ll get your arm out of the
way and prepare you for the big tweak that’s coming up next. Do a few of these
until you can get the grab, poke and Shifty all in one smooth movement. Now,
pull your board right up behind you so the nose is close to the back of your
head, arching your back and throwing your back hand in the air. You’ll know you did it well when you
feel a sharp pain in your ligaments reaching their limit. A few yoga classes
may be beneficial before trying this trick. If you’re having trouble getting a
fully tweaked Japan, try a few laying on the ground to develop some muscle memory.
Then try and mimic those same feelings in the air. You’ll need a bit of height
on the trampoline to get the hang time needed for this trick, so get comfortable
with big bounces before jumping right into it. Once you get the Japan dialled, put
it into your spins. It looks great with a Backside 1. This tutorial was filmed at
Bounce in Whistler. You’re watching Duncan Mainland and Nev
Lapwood from Snowboard Addiction, our goal is to improve your riding!

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