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How To Improve Your Swimming Stroke Technique ft. Coach Jack Bauerle | Olympians’ Tips

How To Improve Your Swimming Stroke Technique ft. Coach Jack Bauerle | Olympians’ Tips

Hi, I’m Jack Bauerle,
Olympic swimming coach. And I’m here to help you with
some of your swimming needs. Everything that we’ll be doing
here today has been practised umpty-ump times by our
swimmers, so it becomes second nature
and basically motor memory. Looking at the fly stroke
right here. Just got to make sure
the recovery is easy, you want to get as much air
as you possibly can. You also want to make sure
your second kick is your most emphasised kick. Your first kick is more of
the stabiliser, but you have to really flick the second kick
for power and speed. And that right hand just slips
in right behind the head. And good underwater kicks. We view underwater kicking
as the fifth stroke. You have to work on your
underwater kicks to be successful in this sport. One more time. Really nice stroke here. Watch the head position,
watch the chin, very close to the surface,
and getting air every stroke. We teach air, air, air. Breathe, breathe, breathe. Backstroke, we’re always
talking about head position. It’s gotta be straight. You got to do the rolling
with your shoulders. We also talk about 10 to 2, where your hand position
goes in. Just a common mistake
on swimmers when they’re starting out is
being way too behind your head, so you just make sure
you’re a little bit wider. Grab your water as soon
as your hand goes in, keep your hands pretty
close to the surface. Bottom line in there is on
the backstroke, making sure you’re keeping your
head straight at all times, and also a nice,
very, very steady flutter kick, very steady as it goes. That’s a good-looking
backstroke. Breaststroke here,
good extension, get your hands all the way out,
not too wide on the kick. Make sure here you keep
your elbows out in front of your shoulders. Breaststroke, biggest thing
is make sure you have as less head movement
as you possibly can. We talk about the head
just following the hands. You don’t need to move
your head around. Full extension, you got to get
all the way stretched out, let your head follow
your hands. Let’s go freestyle. Freestyle nice and easy here
with the recovery. When you’re coming
over the top, you don’t want a stiff arm. Very nice and relaxed,
firm it up. And the head position on
freestyle, it’s really important to make
sure you’re swimming downhill. So don’t be looking at
the end of the pool, looking down there
at that crease between the bottom and the wall. Nice and steady. When you breathe, you should
see one goggle only. Breathe, breathe, breathe,
until the end. I’m Jack Bauerle,
Olympic swimming coach. I hope these tips help you out,
but more than anything else, be consistent with your effort
and pay attention to all the little things and you’ll become a really
great swimmer.

22 thoughts on “How To Improve Your Swimming Stroke Technique ft. Coach Jack Bauerle | Olympians’ Tips”

  1. I always wanted to do Butterfly, but my problem is my breathing and my arms, my arms are too fat to move around the water, but this will help me to improve .

  2. does breathing two times in freestyle where you out? my coach says three breaths are better than two.
    please tell me so I can beat my friend in the meet next weekend.

  3. Can you please do stroke tips for the para side as Most of these are not useful for me and anyone under an s8 please include disability’s too

  4. im currently struggling with my breaststroke and recently I've been following a lot of Lilly King's and Cody Miller's tips and this video too and last week my schools swim team had a meet and I didn't place but for sure improved my time by 14 seconds, not much but looks like i'm improving little by little I got another meet this week too at practice I have to try these out! Also this is my first swim season which my coach said I wasn't too bad at breast lmaoo

  5. Hi,
    Butterfly: which kick is considered to be the second kick? When hands enter or exit the water, which one has to be more "emphasised"?

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