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How To Improve Your Starts in Swimming ft. Coach Jack Bauerle | Olympians’ Tips

How To Improve Your Starts in Swimming ft. Coach Jack Bauerle | Olympians’ Tips

(COACHES TIPS) Hi, I’m Jack Bauerle,
Olympic swimming coach, and I’m here to show you
some things that we deem very important in
the success of our swimmers, either trying to make
an Olympic team, or trying to succeed at
the Olympics themselves. – (STARTS)
– On the starts, the bottom line is, there has to be
a very, very, very explosive, explosive
movement. You have to find a place
where you feel comfortable on the block, and you also
have to go in – as we say, we like to slip into the water,
and not fight the water. So basically, where the hands
go, the head goes, the body goes, and the feet go. So we’re trying to go into one
hole. We have a couple different
kinds of starts. We have a little bit more depth
with butterfly and breaststroke than we do for freestyle. Backstroke’s a whole different
animal and, basically, for all practical purposes,
it’s an inverted dive. You’re on your back and it
takes a lot of coordination and a lot of skill,
but also a lot of practice. (FREESTYLE) Freestyle start would be
a little bit more shallow than the fly or the
breaststroke. Make sure you’re ready to go. Make sure you’re not scrambling
up there on the block. So she’s already leaning,
before they say, “Take your marks.” Toes are over the front,
just for some power. And then your back foot,
up on top of the wedge, on a straight line, and it’s
not in back of the other one, but it’s also in a direct
straight line with the pool, OK? All right, when she puts
her arms down and grabs, when I say, “Take your mark” –
take your mark – she has a good flex right here. You don’t want to be loose here
because that means the first motion that you’ll
take will be to tighten up. You already want to be
in the flex position. Now relax again. All right, so, here we go. She’ll throw the hands. She will not anticipate the
start, she’ll just react to it. And then she’ll get off
the block as fast as possible, driving with this leg. All right, take your mark. Hup! Perfect. She’s in like a dart. And, basically, that sort of
sets her up for success. You don’t want to give
anything to anybody. If you can be in the lead early
and still be easy doing it, that’s the key,
that is a great start. (BUTTERFLY & BREASTSTROKE) Your butterfly and your
breaststroke are going to be a little deeper on your entry, as you’re going to be doing
a little bit more under water. Again, get your
comfortable foot forward, make sure your toes are
wrapped around the front, and then your back foot
up on top of the wedge. If you do not have a wedge,
just make sure you find a place on the block that
you’re comfortable, where you feel like you
can get the most power. Take your mark. Hup! The biggest thing there is
to enter nice and cleanly, the head follows
where the hands go, the body follows the head,
and the feet follow the body. We’ll take a breaststroke here. She’ll take the dive,
she’ll take the dolphin kick in the pull-out, and the bottom
line is here, starts are very important for the success
of any elite athlete. Take your mark. Hup! Very close. Where her head went in,
that’s where her feet went in, and she’s already out
about 12 yards already. That was good. I’m Jack Bauerle. Just want to wish you the best
with your swimming career. These are little things that
become real important things. And make them a habit in your
daily practice. And even if you have a little
extra time after practice, work with your coach. If you
have one kind of weakness, make sure you work on
your weakness. Everyone wants to work on
what they do best. Take care of the little things
that you need to work on. (COACHES TIPS)

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  1. I have one question. When you leap off the block in streamline, should your hands be pointing straight at the flags, or down?

  2. unfortunately, the swimmer is out of the shot when she dives in for freestyle, so we can't see her head position. Would love to see this with the camera on her as she is airborne and entering the water, not just while she's on the block. I have always had trouble with my googles being pushed up off my eyes in this dive. I know my hands and head are going into the same hole, so I need to see what I'm doing wrong.

  3. Me encantan los vídeos pero las tomas no son buenas. Se pierde lo mejor. Después de eso excelente nivel.

  4. thanks I am trying out for a swim team who was undefeated last year… so I appreciate this video it really helps me!!!

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    I need a lesson which teaches me what should my hand do in diving … its so hard, i cant get it from the vids , they are so quick , thanks

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