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Jon, what did you thing of this exercice? -I think it’s very good for beginners! Because it’s a good way learn how to turn, in a more effective way With a good position It’s also good for understanding the importance of where we look when we are skating Because some people tend to look too much at their feet When you do tight turns, you have to look at where you are going It’s very physical, I really liked it! Do you approve this exercice? Do you recommend it ? yes! Thanks Jon! Yeah!

84 thoughts on “HOW TO IMPROVE FAST WITH 1 EXERCISE on Inline Skates”

  1. We're those crossovers?
    They didn't really look like them, more like side step pushes and then into the turn.

    Anyways, I'll give this a shot and see how I do, might help me to stop looking at my feet when doing jumps

  2. Watch this video twice.
    Once focusing on Tiago and Jon
    The second time, focus on everyone in the background. Like the line of people dancing in 4:08

  3. Salut Tiago, what's the distance between the cones? Around 3 to 4 meters? Anyway, cool exercise! Gonna try it as soon as the weather clears up around here.

  4. You should do a hockey video sometime! I like hockey every now and then because it challenges me to corner and skate on one foot/one foot and one wheel more. If nothing else it's an amazing workout.

  5. I can't wait to try this exercise! Although I've been using quads lately since I've outgrown my current in-lines ?

  6. I’ll definitely use this when nice weather finally shows up. I don’t have cones but I will make off lines on my track. Maybe just get some odds and ends from home and use them as markers.

  7. This is awesome, I’ll definitely try it. And plus, eu acabei de ver um vídeo seu onde você diz ter morado no Brasil!!!! Eu sou do Brasil e moro em Salvador. Onde você morou? Pensa em visitar o Brasil novamente? Se sim, venha pra Salvador, por favorrrr!!!! Descobri seu canal recentemente e não paro de ver seus vídeos, hahaha
    Abraços ?

  8. you are good at teaching!! more teaching videos please!! backwards, cross over and braking techniques for urban skating would be great!! cheerssss!

  9. looks easy? to whom? i'm a beginer, i can't make tight turns putting one skating in front of the other and simply forcing both feet to the same direction and turn quickly, i can't sprint, nor can i do crossovers yet. an exercise to improve balance, make the quick turns with the inside foot forward would be great! i believe this and crossovers are a game changing trick after you learn and how well you can perform in streets and open spaces

  10. Please consider making a donation to help build the sport of inline hockey!

  11. Thanks for the exercise Tiago. Im gonna start training it. Please make more exercises because i can't affort a trainer. Thanks again!

  12. I see that you do cross over but only one I recommend doing two cross overs instead of one because it helps u get more speed

  13. I’m a girl beginner and this helped me a lot! My friends were really impressed! And also my family members were really supportive for this video! Thanks a lot!♥️♥️♥️♥️

  14. one exercise eh ? Thats like i say "do clusters for one exercise" 🙂 Actually they are clean + squat + jerk
    I see few exercises as well – turns , crossovers, sprints while helping for looking , endurance, speed and balance 🙂
    It looks very very good , but no , its not "one exercise"!

  15. Why are you so cute?? Anyways, I'm more better at roller skates than blades but I'm trying to learn how to roller blade better. Thanks for the helpful video man!!

  16. Hi Tiago, I am new to inline skating and I was progressing very slowly. Thank you very much for this exercise, It´s really really good. Please, most people might want more! 😀
    I am progressing super fast now!

  17. Salut, j'ai regardé pas mal de tes vidéos et j'ai plutôt apprécié les conseils, je pratique en majeure partie en skate park mais je fais aussi un peu de fitness. Dans ta vidéo j'ai flashé sur les bas que tu portes sous le short et j'en cherche des similaires mais je ne sais pas où en trouver, peux-tu me donner leur référence s'il te plait ?
    Sinon continues ce que tu fais, c'est top

  18. Would love to see more 'training' videos like this. Like Monday – Turning, Tuesday – Crossovers, Wednesday – One skate balance, Thursday – Slalom, Friday – Stopping. Then next week the same but backwards. Something like that!

  19. Jon didn't follow the line you showed us. He went outside the last cone instead of inside. Either way, I am three days into inline @ 36 years old, so I will certainly be trying your line starting tomorrow morning. Just got cones today so its great that I found your channel. However, I am still at the, "my legs hurt after 5 minutes phase." If I skate 5 days a week for a minimum of an hour, how long does it take to get used to skating?

  20. Why do people clickin on the thumb down button this is a gr8 video, but i dont no why they click on thumb down…

  21. This place looks cool! I need to find a place where I can practice this kind of stuff without pedestrians getting in the way

  22. jaja no puse atención en el minuto 1:16 por la chica que le estaba enseñando a
    patinar al señor jaja.

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