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HOW TO ICE SKATE: Forward Crossover Skating Tutorial

HOW TO ICE SKATE: Forward Crossover Skating Tutorial

hi guys today we are going to be doing forward
crossovers by the end of this video you’ll be skating like a pro alright
guys we got this first we are going to warm up with a basic exercise just
practicing lifting the foot up and crossing over think about placing your
weight on the foot that is on the ice aka our skating
foot make sure to avoid these two common mistakes lifting your leg up too high
throwing you off balance and also forgetting to bend the knees it is gonna
be really difficult to do these crossovers if you’re a very stiff keep
practicing with your hands on the wall then graduate to your fingertips and now
time to step away from the wall now that we have our feet down let’s review the
arms if your right foot is crossing over if you’re skating in a counterclockwise
direction right arm is in front if you’re skating clockwise left arm is in
front I remind my kiddos not to have their arms too high or too low nice and
relaxed pretending they’re holding a marker and drawing a circle with their
arms bending the knees as well our next exercise are half swizzle
pumps the weight is over the left foot which is tracing the red circle remember
our circle arms we are doing half Us thinking about tracing waves over the
ocean remember to practice both sides if we’re going clockwise remember left arm
in front right arm in back always remember to look where you’re going so
you don’t crash into anyone because that would hurt haha
good job everyone now that we mastered the half swizzle pumps time to add a
crossover same thing half swizzle pump make sure your feet are together nice
and balanced and step over that foot just like we did at the wall what helps
me my front arm is slightly lower my back arm is slightly higher again
remember to be very generous with the knee bend here even will help us keep
our speed up we are bouncing on the middle of our blade on the crossovers time to make a crossover so nice and
pretty whoo-hoo we are going to start off with
T pushes our leg on a red circle which is nice and that slowly stretch your
back leg point those toes we are pushing off the free leg with an inside edge try to push in a controlled manner your
chest is nice and high at all times slight lean into the circle the second crossover push is the
trickier one you are still gaining speed from this push it is off of a back
outside edge be sure to push off with the side of your blade and not your toe
pick now put it all together and we have some beautiful crossovers remember to
keep stretching the arms the legs point the toes and keep your knees bent
remember watch out for those whole picks and toes scratches that’s a no-no keep
the speed up by remembering to push with your inside edge on your first push and
for the second push we’re pushing out to the side back outside edge one side will
often be stronger than the other so always remember to practice your weaker
side twice as often some common mistakes you want to avoid remember not to keep
your legs too stiff I’m having difficulty keeping speed and crossing
the legs also do not move your arms back and forth keep those steady circle arms
to have nice and balanced crossover lastly don’t forget to push push push thanks so much for watching guys be sure
to give me a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel and social media for more
skating videos you guys are the best and see you all next time

8 thoughts on “HOW TO ICE SKATE: Forward Crossover Skating Tutorial”

  1. Hi! Your videos are very easy to understand the techniques of each step:) could you do a tutorial on a shoot the duck spin & other more difficult sit spins variations, pls! :))

  2. i recently started ice skating and i saw some girls doing crossovers and i learned it by looking at them! So nice that i found a good tutorial so i can make it perfect

  3. can I ask what brand or model the brown color skating boots are? I've seen many coaches wearing them at the rink and been so curious :))

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