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How To Ground Spin On A Snowboard

How To Ground Spin On A Snowboard

Step 5, Ground Spinning.This exercise is really good for your balance. It keeps you in a very central position over your
board, it’s also very good for your switch riding. The idea here is that
we’re trying to build your edging skills so that in all the future buttering
tricks we learn, you’re always going to be on the correct edge. On a gentle slope,
slide a slow Backside 180 then continue that around in the same direction,
sliding a Switch Frontside 180. Pay attention to which edge you are using. On
the first 180 you’re using a toe edge then you have to transition onto your
heel edge for the second 180. Try to spin a full 360 and see if you can have
smooth edging throughout the 360. If you find that your edge tries to catch in
the snow, it usually means you have to get on
your edge a little bit sooner while sliding that 360. This time, slide a slow
Frontside 180 and continue it around in the same direction with a Switch Back
180. Heel edge first, transitioning to toe edge.Try to get a full 360 with clean
edging. Ultimately, you want to be able to spin three full rotations with clean,
smooth edging and relative speed. Don’t do more than three, you’ll get a little
bit dizzy. Unwind and do another three in the opposite direction. With this
exercise we’re building your edge control skills. It’s always your uphill
edge in contact with the snow. The more you do this, the better you’re going to
be able to transition this into all buttering tricks and always be on the
correct edge. This tutorial is filmed at Whistler Blackcomb. I’m Nev lapwood from
Snowboard Addiction, our goal is to improve your riding!

25 thoughts on “How To Ground Spin On A Snowboard”

  1. I wish I had seen this vis before I went for my winter holiday. Anyway, I'll try it next year :). Keep up the good work! Tips from your channel are not only cool, but actually very helpful :).

  2. I'm child, and I really impressed by you and I want to buy a snowboard and bindings. I want tips for buying snowboard or bindings for child . PLEASE respond for this question.

  3. i think I'm having trouble with dialing in my stance. i can spin easily backside but not fronside and seem to have more difficulty with initiating toes side turns as easily as heel side turns. Currently running -15 in front and +9 back foot. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance, I am a beginner still trying to figure it all out.

  4. I have been trying butter 360 spins ( frontside, regular). I can do the initial 180 fine,  but I cannot hold the press when it goes from the tail (regular) to the nose (switch). I would appreciate any tips. Keep up the good work!

  5. Great tutorial series!! May I ask: What helps in the consistent quick rate of turns when you are turning 360s through regular and switched riding? Is there any knee rotation to steer, good edging, or some body position? Thanks and look forward to more tutorial videos! 🙂

  6. The reason I started learning this was cause I used to fall but I did this on accident and decided to try it and now i go full speed doing this

  7. I tried this last session and surprised myself I was so stoked I started practicing on the flatter sections and it started to feel natural after awhile and was feeling fairly confident about spinning so I tried the opposite direction and I pulled it off as well..i was so stoked !! I'll definitely be working on it next time on the Mountain and goin to the next level. Thank you so much for your videos!!

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