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How to FRONTSIDE 180 on a Snowboard – Snowboarding Tricks

How to FRONTSIDE 180 on a Snowboard – Snowboarding Tricks

Welcome to SnowboardProCamp! This is Kevin, I’m a snowboard coach in Whistler, B.C. Here are some tips to help you master front side 180’s on side hits. 180’s are the first spin you want to
learn on your snowboard. The best place to learn them is on side hits outside the park. Side hits are great, because it lets you
determine the size of the jump and they’re everywhere, so it gives you
lots of places to practice. There are three parts of a front side 180. Your approach up to the hit, your wind up and rotation, and how you pop your snowboard into the air. As you approach the hit you want to be on your heel edge. For front side 180 you continue
the spin in the same direction as the turn. Being on your heel edge also gives you a good base to pop and spin from. The wind up and rotation is what gets the 180 around. You want to start winding your upper body
back slightly before the hit. As you leave the hit you want to rotate your upper body forward keeping your core stiff to bring your legs
and your board with you. You want to do the spin in the air
so time the rotation for when you are leaving the hit. Jump even off your heel edge to get your snowboard into the air. This will give you time in the air, to get the
180 around. Jumping even off your heels will also
keep your snowboard level in the air. Setting you up to land level on your toe edge. To recap, approach the hit on your heel edge. Wind your upper body back and rotate forward as you leave the hit. Jump even off your heels to get your board into the air and set up to land level on your toes. Subscribe to SnowboardProCamp to check out upcoming trick videos and leave any questions about this trick
in the comment box below.

82 thoughts on “How to FRONTSIDE 180 on a Snowboard – Snowboarding Tricks”

  1. what is your stance? i ride +15/-15…is that good for park? i no its all personal preference but i want to become super good at riding switch

  2. You don't have to ollie on either. It's kinda your preference. Doing an ollie on small jumps will give you more height for doing grabs though.

  3. If you're good at riding switch then you might like cab 180's better. But it's good to learn front 180's both ways.

  4. This looks so easy but so hard. i always chickened out when there was a small jump… Only been boarding for 6 days but still… hahaha

  5. Thats pretty sick for only six days riding! Master your 180's outside the park first then they'll be easy to take to a jump.

  6. that is cool you say that because i longboard and i went snowboarding for my first time the other day, my friend taught me and at the end of the day i went off some side hits and landed them

  7. Excellent video, I managed to 180 after watching this. Now I'll go for the nose grab. Just watched that one. Thanks a lot for sharing these tips.

  8. Thanks for your vidz! I need to find some small jumps and learn to ride switch if I am gonna ever have a chance at this. first year riding!

  9. i can do a 180 fine when im not on an edge but when i try to takeoff on my heel edge it throws my balance totally off. any tips?

  10. Hey SnowboardProCamp, I've been constantly trying to get my 180's down. It has been a struggle since I can't seem to get that sort of spin. I usually end up doing a 90 and plowing down the jump after landing. I don't really have alot of side hits from where I come from so I only really have jumps. Any advice on how to get that spin needed to complete the 180?

  11. I can 180 fine on flat ground while moving, and off most small jumps or kickers, but when i try to do it out of a 50/50 on a rail or box. Any ideas?

  12. For a backside 180 off a box, turn and face your upper body back towards the start of the box. As you come off the box twist your legs underneath you so your snowboard turns 180 and you land switch. If you check out the snowboardprocamp facebook page there is actually a photo me setting up to back 180 off a rail. Hope this helps.

  13. I guess you want to somehow lean on your toes after landing? Feels like if the heels get a grip after landing I'll dive backwards into the ground. I like the video, btw!

  14. My question I have is, when do I attempt to spin? After My board leaves the lip, or right before i get into the air? I believe I spin to early which ends in me falling because the board slows down incredibley while my momentum is still going forward enough for me to fall. Need an experts opinion.

  15. I tried to 180 off a box all weekend and couldn't do it. I'd turn half way and either face plant or land on my back. Any tips on getting full rotation coming off a box?

  16. hey thx im an intermittent snowboarder and people say im a natural don't know a lot about boards just that I have a lot and there all right handed and and are longer in the front and shorter in the back im ambidextrous and  just wondering if that matters there nitro. if some one can help me that would be great.

  17. Iv'e been working on frontside 180s off of jumps and side hits but I always find it hard to pick up my board enough to rotate it in time even when I wind up and get a good pop. Do you think my board is too heavy/long and should I maybe demo a shorter park board or do you think I should just keep working on it? I'm 5'7" and my board is a 153. Any advice you have would be great! Thank you (:

  18. I have been skating at least 2 years I got olies, pop shuv it, fs180, and bs180, kickflip, heelflip, 50 50 grind, board slide

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