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How To Flatspin 360 On Skis

How To Flatspin 360 On Skis

Flat 360s are my favorite trick overall.
I love the way you can do all different grabs easily and I love how everyone can
do it with their own flair. Good tricks to be able to do before flat 360s are
backflips with a grab, 540 with a grab and carving take off. Carving take
off is good to have because there can be some edge roll depending on how you do
it. Before just chucking away on snow give it a go on a trampoline first. Having the
control between backflips, side flips and flat 3’s before getting on snow
is helpful, especially if the axis isn’t what you were expecting on your first
attempts. Finding a jump with a steeper lip will help get it over for your first ones, maximizing your pop is all about body position over your skis. With a
strong pop comes more control. On the in run for your jump push your shins into
the front of your boots and have your arms out in front of you while keeping
your shoulders tall. Getting a good take off comes down to getting a solid
extension off the lip. Push off the jump to extend your knees that will allow you
to drive your hips forward while still getting your pop. At the end of your
extension your hips should open to the direction you want to rotate, just
slightly. This can make a small lead change between your skis. Your driving arms should also drop between straight beside you and behind you. Look forward and watch the knuckle well
into the air or at least until your feet leave the lip. This helps stay forward in your boots. With a good extension, when you tuck or
grab, your rotation should accelerate. You won’t see much at that time. Things can get blurry. That may sound scary but it makes for a more efficient rotation. With
a good spot on take off you can see if you will come up short or go too big
before you rotate, that leaves tons of time to lay out and slow down or tuck up
and speed up. Once you are into the flip allow your vision to flip over to see
the knuckle again. If your take off and air went well the landing should come quite easy. Once you’ve spotted your landing, you should have a moment to extend your legs to slow the rotation down for a clean
landing. Absorb the impact by bending your knees while staying forward in your boots. This tutorial is filmed on Whistler Blackcomb. I’m Dean Bercovitch from Ski Addiction. Helping You Ski Better!

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