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How To: Dumbbell Hamstring Curl

How To: Dumbbell Hamstring Curl

What’s going on Nation? I’m gonna demonstrate for you guys How to do a dumbbell hamstring curl now with this exercise is an isolation exercise for your hamstrings if you’re working out from home Trying to find a really good exercise that target your hamstrings can be difficult, but we have the solution for you All you’re going to need is a bench and a dumbbell and Possibly a workout partner to help you with putting the dumbbell between your feet before you start the exercise Elevate the front legs of a bench by putting some plates underneath Begin the exercise laying chest down on a bench with the dumbbells securely position between both feet Hold on to whichever part of the bench is most secure to stabilize your body You want to start this exercise from a flexed position squeezing your glutes and keeping your hamstrings under tension You also want to push your chest out and keep your shoulders pinched back as much as possible to help stabilize Holding the dumbbell maybe the hardest part of this exercise especially when you get into heavier weights Try squeezing your feet together as hard as you can and stay in control of the movement to ensure Dumbbell stability From the starting position slowly lower the weight while staying in control of the dumbbell You want to come down until your hamstrings are fully stretched Return to the starting position quickly, but make sure you have total control of the dumbbell Once you return to the starting position repeat for the prescribed reps if you’re having a hard time Getting the dumbbell between your feet you can have a partner assist you by adding the weight to your feet once you’re in the starting position you can also have a partner take the weight away as well if Possible try to maintain a neutral spine by keeping your head and neck straight while doing this movement to maximize the effectiveness of this exercise Make sure there’s enough clearance at the bottom of the bench so that when you’re in the down position You can fully stretch your hamstrings today There you guys have it that’s how you do a dumbbell Hamstring Curl for more great exercises routines and tips feel free to join us on Download our free web browser app in the info section below so you don’t miss our latest video and as always More good stuff coming soon. See you guys

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  1. My biggest issue with this workout is the dumbell banging into my shin. I have the bowflex adjustables, and they are a bit longer.

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