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How To: Dumbbell Hammer Curl

How To: Dumbbell Hammer Curl

What’s going on everybody I’m Scott from and I’m gonna show you guys how I do hammer curls with dumbbells. And hammer curls are really fun. What you’re gonna do is stand with your feet either together or just about shoulder length apart. Keep a slight bend in your knees, maintain a neutral spine, make sure your wrists are straight. Grab more in the middle or closer to the top of the dumbbell, that’s what I like to do. And then what you gotta do also is make sure that your elbows are slightly in front of your hips when performing this exercise. That’s going to help keep your bicep engaged during the whole set. You’re simply just going to raise the dumbbells up like this come just past 90 degrees and then bring the weights back down. Now as you see my elbow is staying in front my hips the whole time to keep my bicep engaged the whole exercise and I’m maintaining a slight bend in my elbow the whole exercise as well, when I come back down. Just gonna breathe out on the way up because that’s when you’re exerting the force so… Come down breathe out boom, breathe down, breathe out two more, keep your elbows in front of your hips, breathe out one more, elbows in front of hips, wrist straight, neutral spine, slide out your back breathe out on the way up. And that’s how you do hammer curls with dumbbells, for more information please feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel, as I’ll be posting new videos all the time. Later guys

100 thoughts on “How To: Dumbbell Hammer Curl”

  1. Mate, advice to you…your message would great without tssshhhhhhhhhhh….the reason because people wear headset while watching you , may doesn't like to hearing tshhhhhhhh…

  2. hey Scott, love the videos, but was just wondering where you bought you blue Adidas shorts, Thanks mate, keep up the good work!!

  3. i did that & my its paining since 3 weeks, on my inside of fore arm just next to inside of elbow joint, right hand more than left, weight 20lbs.

  4. Ok. I get it, he's strong or whatever and this is helpful, BUT WHO BREATHS OUT LIKE THAT?! I can't take it! Chshhhhhhhh! Chshhhhhhhh! Chshhhhhhhh! It's all you can hear!!!!

  5. makes no sense to breath out on the way up, tried it and it just makes it twice as hard. Maybe would make sense if it was some kind of strange breathing exercise.

  6. Chhhshhhshshhsshhhshshshhshshssssshhhhhhhhhheeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy back down and breath out Chhhshhhshshhsshhhshshshhshshssssshhhhhhhhhheeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 3 more Chhhshhhshshhsshhhshshshhshshssssshhhhhhhhhheeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    Chhhshhhshshhsshhhshshshhshshssssshhhhhhhhhheeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Last one

  7. I just can't 🤣 every Scott Herman video I've seen..and now when I watch one of his videos I'm waiting in suspense for the

  8. Heres 10 words you can use for breathing through a set 😂
    1. CHarlie
    2. CHocolate
    3. CHaplin
    4. CHimney
    5. CHimiCHanga (halfway!)
    6. CHad
    7. CHeese
    8. CHalk
    9. CHutney
    10. CHeerio

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