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How to Do the Axel Jump! Figure Skating Tips

How to Do the Axel Jump! Figure Skating Tips

hey guys welcome back to my channel
today we are gonna master a difficult jump the axle so the axel is a scary
jump because you’re jumping forward and rotating one and a half times in the air
but don’t worry we got this I’m going to show you a few helpful exercises and
tips to nail your axel my first exercise is the waltz jump to backspin we are
going to practice hitting that toe pulling your arms and legs in at the
exact same time quickly snapping and landing another helpful exercise is the
wall jump loop jump combination this will prepare your body for the extra
airtime you need for that Axel third we have the back spin jump top exercise
here I want you to focus on how tight you will be spinning in the air going
from the wall jump to an axel is a big step you will really have to pull your
ankles in your knees in your arms in as tight as possible
your arms are slightly over the right side to quickly rotate one and a half
times in the air possibly remember to make your wall jump as big as possible
for extra airtime for that Axel for the Axel we want to be on a nice steady edge
arms and hips square knees back arms back and we are jumping outside our
circle you can do a few walk throughs to visualize all of these steps again remembering that tights air
position don’t be afraid to add some speed to get down momentum to land that
axel note my tight air position my arms and legs are pulling in at the same
exact time the knee is getting up as high as possible for more air time and
it knows that we are hitting the toe pick
also for maximal air as you can see here practicing your axel from a standstill
position is a great way to learn I also like to do a waltz jump to Axel exercise
to again practice that momentum and adding speed now to review a few comment mistakes you do not ever ever want to jump inside your circle see how I’m
rotating inside and I’m having difficulty landing that jump always jump
outside of the circle here my free leg is too slow I’m landing on my right foot
before kicking my left foot back always remember to kick that left leg out
before it landing on the right foot vice versa if you jump lefty this is a great exercise you can do at
the wall be sure to push that free leg back before landing on your right foot
another common mistake is reaching further ground you are already setting
yourself up to fall remember to land chest up arms nice and stretched out and
smile lastly we never want to drop that right
shoulder if you liked this video be sure to give
me a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel and social media and you’ll be
skating like a pro

18 thoughts on “How to Do the Axel Jump! Figure Skating Tips”

  1. Thank you for watching! I plan to create more skating tutorials. Please comment below on what you would like to see!

  2. Hi Mary, This is the best tutorial for learning the Axel jump. ?. I am working on the steps of learning the Axel. This is so helpful. Thank You so much ?. I really appreciate. LISE ? ? ⛸ ?

  3. Woww yayy, another Vietnamese skater! I've never met another Vietnamese skater before. I hope to start preparing for this jump soon!

  4. Hi Mary. Excellent tutorials. Would you mind creating a tutorial on the Lutz jump please? I practice 2 enterances, from a mohawk and backwards crossovers. For some reason when I enter from the mohawk it is much easier but I don't get enough speed so my jump is tiny no matter how low I bend my knees, and from backwards crossovers I'm having trouble to even lift myself in the air.
    Thank you so much!! Looking forward

  5. you’re so kind and teaching so good, i’ve always wanted to do an axel jump but never had the confidence. now with your lesson i’m going to do it, thank you!

  6. Something that sucks for me is that I have a competitive friend, like, we hide that we're both always jealous of each other. She's SO close to landing her axel, and I can't land mine because I am still waiting for my new skates! They are supposed to come tomorrow. Time to break into them. I hope she doesn't land her axel soon. I'm not even close, and I know this sounds bratty, but I really want to be better than her. It's just because I feel like I spend so much money on figure skating for nothing. She never has classes yet she is better than me. Sad. Haha. Anyway, thanks for uploading this, hopefully I practice this stuff off ice today or tomorrow and maybe it'll help once my skates are broken into!


  7. As someone who has been taking group lessons for 2 months.. I watch this video and I can’t help but get way ahead of myself.

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