hey guys itsa me tiago the french inline skater and
I’m happy to tell you about our how to do crossover this is a technique every
man skater should know let me show you how to do it a crossover is there is
burn and gain:feed at the same time this is white so cool let’s start by
understanding the movement basically it’s like if you’re doing side set you
have two closer feet while being careful not to touch the escape or pervitin
install on one foot in part of the over and reset one foot in front of the other
preset and vice versa now try to do it while moving forward don’t forget to
bend your knees when you’ll get comfortable doing this try to tilt your
body towards the direction you’re going to it will be much better now you know
how to read crossover is that enough know you want more right okay let’s go
let’s go faster this is my line to go faster you need to put more energy into
this processor this is only for skaters that already know how to start properly
even in the high speed I made a video about how to stop an inline skate be
sure to know how to do all the stopping techniques I showed properly before
trying to do faster crossovers so to go faster if you have to get lower to
increase the power trip down to your body even more towards the direction
you’re going put all of your weight on each foot each crossover should be
powerful but be careful now you’re increasing the risks of injury and wear
protection place now push push push push push push push I
but it’s funny because it looks like doing terrible job you have to be able
to do this on both sides so you’ll have a much better experience she’s training
as you’ll becomes the god of progress and be carefully I’d like to thank my
strength loans for helping me record this tutorial this is a proverb and
filmmakers check the link in the description to check his work thank you
for watching don’t forget to subscribe for more tutorials flows and other cool
stuff please help me by sharing my content to
your friends hopefully in I’m skating may become more popular you can change
everything think about it see you in the next
episode you

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