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How To Curl Your Hair With The TYME Iron Pro: Right Side Instruction

How To Curl Your Hair With The TYME Iron Pro: Right Side Instruction

So to properly curl the
right side of your head, you want to start with the
iron in your right hand, thumb behind the power button, and where you have this little curve, that little lip is what you want closest to your scalp to start. So you started with the cord end of your iron down, that curve all the way
in towards your head, it should look like your fingertips are pointing in towards your face, your thumb’s a little bit up towards the ceiling, and then you would gently shut your hair in the iron, turn your knuckles to
the back of the room, and push forward, keeping your iron at a little bit of a slant. Now, common mistakes when you’re curling the right side of your head are gripping your iron too hard, so when you close it, it’s just barely enough for the plates to meet your hair, never so tight that you’re trying to get the plates to touch each other. So when you’re grabbing
your vertical section, after prepping it forward, if it’s taller than the plates are tall, you’re gonna be too big. The hair being twisted up or bunched up instead of fanned out and flat and spread is another common mistake, and not holding on to
the end of your piece where your hair drops
off the plates as you go, are the common mistakes
on the right hand side. And for our starting angle, we recommend a rooftop line, with half of your iron making half of a rooftop, and the other half making the other half. So it’s cord down on the right, cord up on the left, and if you draw a line in your mirror, with a lipstick or a dry erase marker to make sure that you’re
maintaining that angle, that really helps to make sure that you’re consistent. So with a lipstick or a dry erase marker, you just start with the tip of your iron, you’re gonna trace that
down in a straight line. Here’s where I would have my cord, and so when you’re looking at yourself in the mirror, you just line up your iron with that line that
you’ve put on your mirror, and you can maintain that angle as you go. I’m gonna grab my vertical section, prepping my hair forward, keeping it fanned out, I come from underneath my
piece, gently close it, rotate my iron, line it up
with that line on my mirror, push forward towards my mirror… There you have your perfect curl. Lining up your iron with
that line on the mirror is definitely going to help keep consistency in your curls as you get comfortable with the technique, but common mistakes are
grabbing the iron backwards, where your thumb is on the side with the heat temperature lights instead of with your thumb
behind the power button, another one is coming up with
the straightening side in where the thumb isn’t towards your head, instead of your fingertips, and doing a two handed turn, you just don’t have to work that hard. Start with the curve in, you turn half a turn back is as far as you need to go, and
push towards your mirror.

12 thoughts on “How To Curl Your Hair With The TYME Iron Pro: Right Side Instruction”

  1. This sounds confusing, why not use a regular flat iron? What makes your guy’s tool better than a regular one where you can curl either way? A regular one is easier to use, give same or better results and is more economical.

  2. I have been using the Tyme to not only curl, but also to straighten my hair and it is the first iron that straightens without frizzy flyaways! Was wondering if you could show me how to straighten bangs with this tool? This is my only area of difficulty.

  3. I’ve been using the Tyme iron wrong for weeks. My curls were still okay but here I am face palming after thinking I had it all figured out 😂

  4. Your video was the easier, made it simple to understand and most helpful I’ve seen since I got my TYME! Thank you! If you aren’t already, you should work or consult with the Owner! I will try your method with lipstick and hopefully it will work for me otherwise I am returning it!!!

  5. I've had my Thyme iron for over a year and still couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong. Thank you,I'm now finally able to use it correctly!!

  6. I’m convinced it just doesn’t work on long hair. I’ve been trying this for hours and I haven’t been able to get one good curl. I have no idea what’s wrong at this point

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