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How to Curl Your Hair With a Straightening Iron/Straightener

How to Curl Your Hair With a Straightening Iron/Straightener

hi everyone it’s Sara again today I’m
gonna show you how to curl your hair with a straightening iron okay big loose
curls that are really really popular right now so I use a Chi straightening
iron which I really like it’s really old but it hasn’t broken and it works
really well so I’m gonna use this you can use any straightening iron really
the more expensive ones are better I haven’t really found a good one that is
not very expensive but I mean you’re welcome to try them you’re also gonna
need um a little clip I’m gonna use a bright green one isn’t that fun you might want
some bobby pins to pin your bangs back and a brush you might want to pick
like or a long handle brush to help you grab the layers and you’ll want
hairspray and a protective spray so here’s the two protective sprays that
I use most Vavoom gold heat and Chi iron guard so I can’t tell the
difference I just like to protect my hair and then do a hair spray so these
are the ones I use the most Tresseme extra hold
Herbal Essences body Envy if you want lots of body in your hair this one’s
good and at the roots it’s really good and Aussie high hold high shine so you know
Whatever hair spray you want I don’t really they’re all fine to me and a productive
mist so I’m you’re gonna want to blow dry your hair straight which I’ve done
um you probably you don’t really need to straighten it first unless you just want to
unless you have like curls already or frizziness
I’m gonna go ahead and spray in this protective spray and you want to make
sure you get all your ends just spray it through all your layers I like to lift
up where I’m gonna separate the layers and spray a little okay so once you have
that done you wanna brush it through you don’t have to whatever you want so what
I’m gonna try to do with this tutorial is um okay make sure your
just turned on um I’m going to show you how to do the first few pieces how to
separate your hair and then I’m gonna fast forward while I do the rest of it
because you’ll know how to do already and then do regular pace whenever I do
the top because if you have layers like me the top can get kind of difficult and
your bangs and so I’ll show you how to make those look really good and okay
also I know this is a summer top but I wanted a color that you could see my
hair on top of because I was wearing black and gray tops and you couldn’t
see my hair so it’s the middle of winter I’m won’t go outside with this on anyway
okay so brush through your hair so it’s nice and detangled okay I’m gonna section off
my hair so here’s where you might want the long tooth comb or the long handle
comb or a pick and you’re just gonna I’m gonna do it about three layers so you
know you want a little bit of hair down so That might be too much but we’ll just do that
and I also want loose curls so I’m not gonna hold it on there as long as um
I would if I wanted tighter curls if you want tighter curls and you have time to
let them fall it’s probably easier to do that I’m gonna pin my bangs up with a
bobby pin because I’ll do those last because they’re a little tricky okay so I’m
gonna take a little section of hair I’m just gonna take a little bit here and
okay take your straightener and whichever hand you prefer and your hair in your other one so you’re gonna clamp down near the root here take this
back part and go over you can also go the other way and go forward instead of
backward twist your straightening iron all the
way around to where this parts hanging out the bottom and just pull through tah-dah
can you see that curl it looks good there’s a crease here because I held it
there too long showing you but if you do the top layer ones you won’t see it so
I’m gonna go through I’ll show you another one here
see here’s a piece I got a little too much down here but that’s okay so again
you’re gonna clamp it pull your hair around the back twist it forward until
it’s hanging out the bottom and pull through tah-dah
now I have two pieces see aren’t these cute okay so now I’m gonna do another piece
and don’t worry if you get a little piece in there that you’ve already
curled because it’ll just become part of the other curl no big deal so clamp it
bit twist it around the back and pull it through with the hair tail facing the
floor and ta-da like you don’t have to wrap it with your finger when you’re done I just
like to place it with the other hairs so no big deal see this is so easy after
you do this a couple times you will be able to do it in your sleep it should
only take you like maybe 10-15-20 minutes in the mornings less if you have
shorter hair less if you have thinner hair so I have kind of medium thickness hair
medium length to long so it doesn’t take… it takes me about 20 minutes if I want to
do this look in the morning so this is the last one I’m gonna do and then I’m
gonna fast forward it for you guys so you’re not super bored and I’ll show you
how to do the finishing touches at the end okay see so this bottom layer is
already done here’s this side here’s that side so super cute we’re gonna fast
forword so you don’t have to watch all this because you’re gonna be super bored okay okay guys enough of the fast forwarding I’m
going to show you exactly what I’m gonna do now so as you can see this side is
almost done I left the bangs so I can show you what to do with those and I
left the top layer on this side so that I can show you what to do with this so I
have little tiny bangs here but they’re pretty long so I’m just gonna curl them
with the rest of my hair on this side when you get to the top you want to make
sure that you start at the top so the curls start at your scalp they don’t
start halfway down and don’t hold it here too long because you’ll get a crease so
let’s do of this part again, stay with what we’ve been doing and that looks
pretty good it’ll calm down a little it’ll fall as
well because that’s a little a little crazy like ringlets or something but so
again towards the scalp don’t burn yourself I’ve done that see it starts
curling at the top so it looks better that way also make sure you check the back of
your hair before you go out somewhere because it’s hard to see the back so the
back we’ll probably have parts that are straight that you missed so I’m going to spray that
a little now another thing is these will fall a lot so I don’t want to spray them
too much because I do want them to fall out because they’re a little too tight
for me right now okay so especially this layer right here I don’t really like
this but it’ll fall down so it’s good we like falling in this case okay so here’s
my bangs and basically you can leave them straight if you want it looks kind
of a little funny but not too bad um you can gently curl them which I’ll show you
how to do or you can pin them back which I’m really into this look lately you
just pin back your bangs like this which i think is super cute I like this look
or you can put your hair half up you know just pin it back with bobby pins
super cute basically anything you do with this is
really cute you can even put it back in a ponytail and it’s cute so this look is
really popular I’m just gonna take my bangs I’m gonna take all of them here
you can do it piece by piece it depends on you know what your bangs look like
obviously I’m gonna just twist it a little and they’ll come out with just a
little volume so they don’t look like they’re stick straight so see how
they’re kind of curled see you guys next time hope you enjoyed my curls with the
straightening iron tutorial bye

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