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how to curl your hair with a sock 🙈

how to curl your hair with a sock 🙈

Hey everyone, welcome back! For today’s look I
recommend having clean hair. Start by combing through your hair to get rid of
all the kinks and now we’re ready to dry our hair. I recommend drying the ends of
your hair 90-95% and the roots 100%. You should always dry your
roots 100% anyway because you don’t want to get a headache when you’re
older… at least that’s what my parents told me so we’ll just go with that. And now that your roots are dry and your
ends are a little damp, a sock should magically appear. I’m just kidding I
stole this one from my boyfriend and no worries if you’re single. Just throw
yourself your own sock. It works just the same. Now let me show you how I fold
this. I don’t know if you can tell but I definitely stretched it out quite a bit.It
used to be pretty short but now it’s much longer so I definitely suggest you
get a sock that you don’t care too much about anymore. I like to fold mine into
3s and it doesn’t really matter which way you fold it as long as you can
get it to look something like this. For waves like mine, aim for this thickness. But
if you do want smaller tighter curls then you can go ahead and fold it up
even smaller than that. Or just use a thinner sock, whichever way works for you.
And that’ll give you some nice little ringlets. But for me I like to just fold
them into 3s. I find that this is the best way for me to get some waves. The
goal is to leave enough space on both ends of the sock so that when you wrap
your hair in the middle section, you still have some room to work with and
secure your hair in place. With the sock already folded right in front of you,
start to gather your hair at the top of your head so that when you’re laying
down at night you can still sleep comfortably. Go ahead and grab your sock
and put it right behind your ponytail and make sure you leave a little end
sticking out so you can tie it up later on.
Okay here’s where it’s gonna get a little tricky but don’t worry… I promise
you it’s gonna be so worth it when we’re done! Start to wrap your hair around the
longer end of the sock while bending it in a way that basically makes a donut
shape on the top of your head. Honestly whatever method at this point works for
you you should do that. For me sometimes I like to hold down the shorter end of the
sock with my fingertips. Other times I like to use my palm which I’m gonna show
you in my next clip when I do a close-up. Other times I just let it go completely
and it just works. When all of your hair is completely up just tie a simple knot
in the back of your head. And when you’re tying the knot… make sure to invite me. No
I’m kidding. When you’re tying your knot make sure to go in the direction of
where your hair was being wrapped because you don’t want to go the
opposite way and then start pushing your hair back out. And definitely do not be
messy like me right there! There are little bumps that shouldn’t be there. If
there are while you’re wrapping, try your best to smooth it out and be as neat as
you can. As you can see it’s inspired by the donut bun method except we don’t
have to use a scrunchie here because that leaves a dent in my hair. For this
close-up I do want to show you what it looks like with the scrunchie only as a
guide to make your lives a little bit easier when you’re starting out. So
I’ve already went ahead and started off my loose ponytail, making sure that it’s not
too tight so I can glide the scrunchie through later with ease. And again make
sure that it sits on top of your head so you can sleep comfortably at night if
this is for overnight curls. So now we’re gonna take our sock–either side is fine–as
long as it’s a few inches away from the end of the sock. I’m actually gonna use
this other end just because we didn’t use it the other time so just to show
you that it works either way. Again place it on the back of your ponytail
and wrap your hair along the longer side of the sock and now we’re gonna slowly
glide our scrunchie around it. If it’s easier use your palm to hold it down on
one end while you use the other hand to wrap your hair, making sure that you take
the scrunchie out because there’s been times when I just like completely forget
and I leave it in there. I mean, if your hair doesn’t dent you could totally do
that but my hair is a mess when it comes to scrunchies so I’m not even going to
mess with that. The trick is really just slowly bending
your sock into the shape of a donut. That’s where the hard part I think lies
but yeah so definitely hold down your hair making sure that you get all parts
of it. This is supposed to be an effortless curl look so it could be a
little messy but you don’t want to create that mess yourself, you know what
I mean? Now we could finally lose that scrunchie
and tie it at the back, making sure to put the sock with the direction of the
hair so you aren’t pushing it back out. Now if there are any loose ends just
tuck it back in and you’re all set. This is what you’re gonna be sleeping in or
if you’re bold enough walking around the grocery store. See? No scrunchie, no dents!
I like that this is a healthy heatless style but if you do want to expedite
the process then you can definitely use a blow dryer to… dry your hair. What else?
Just make sure you don’t burn your hair or sock too much, but I don’t really need
to do this because I have some time! So I will go do some stuff and I’ll see you
in a bit. Whoa… actually the clip already changed and
I couldn’t even tell when I’m doing this voiceover… anyway! So this is the reveal
part of the video and it’s a lot messier from the back. I couldn’t tell from the
front but don’t worry! It’s gonna be all cleaned up in a bit. So just carefully
unravel it and soon you’re gonna have really nice effortless blowout looking
curls. Hair spray, texturizing spray is optional. Last step is do not forget to
separate this sock from your boyfriend’s other socks or else he’s gonna look like
a mess. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed. I really
want you guys to try it out and if you do, please send me a DM or tag me on
Instagram. I have layers in my hair so I don’t know if that affects how it looks
on other people, but I’d really like to see. Maybe try this out on a Sunday first
cus I don’t want you looking disheveled. Alrighty! Thank you SO much for watching
and I’ll catch you in the next one…bye!

55 thoughts on “how to curl your hair with a sock 🙈”

  1. Yasss, looks gorgeous! Definitely trying this when my hair grows out! Editing, voice over, and videography is getting CRISP! <3

  2. "I definitely recommend getting a sock you don't care for anymore"


  3. normal people when they curl their hair iwith this method it looks perfect like a fresh blowout
    me: when i curl my hair with the socks the left side looks pretty and the right side looks like sh*t

  4. Who tf comes up with these things? Like who just thinks “let me use a sock to curl my hair.” I fucking love it.

  5. Or you can wrap it with a scrunchie in a very high bun overnight with damp-dry hair. works too👍 not a regular hair tie it leaves a dent!

  6. Lovely result, will definitely to try this.
    Even the sock bun itself looked cute.
    "I love your bun." "Thanks, it's a sock." 😅

  7. gonna try this tonight i’ll be back in the morning with the results! Updat: i did the sock curls but they came out more wavy then curly after i brushed it out it ended looking like my natural hair. i think i curled through sock wrong thi

  8. do you have a hair care routine or is it genetics? i’m asian too and used to have nice hair but now my scalp produces less oils and i wash my hair everyday, thus my hair looks trashy

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