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HOW TO CURL A WIG | Alexa’s Wig Series #8

HOW TO CURL A WIG | Alexa’s Wig Series #8

Hi everybody! Welcome back to another episode of Alexa’s
Wig Series! So after I uploaded my tutorial about how
to straighten wigs with the hot water method, I got tons and tons and tons and tons and
TONS of questions about how to curl synthetic wigs. As with most of these tutorials, there are several ways to achieve what we’re
going for here today. But I’m going to show you my favorite way. So, let’s get started! Alright so, to curl a wig.. Well, I guess how I would recommend curling
a wig varies greatly depending on if your wig is heat resistant
or not, so for that reason, we have a two-parter today! Curling a wig with heat and curling without
heat. Let’s start with how I always curl my wigs. As I have mentioned all throughout this series, my wigs are all from RockStar Wigs and all
RockStar Wigs are heat resistant. Some are higher-temp fibers than others so no matter the brand you’re using, definitely still check how hot your wig can
be heated to before you use any kind of, like, heat tools
on them. You find this info by checking the tag on
the inside of the wig, and if it’s not there, try checking the product
page or contacting the company if you bought yours
online, or ask an employee if you bought it from a
wig store. If you don’t know what temperature it can
go to but you do know that it’s heat resistant, start with a low heat setting or about 180F. It is always good to do a heat test by heating
a small patch of the wig in a discreet place to see how it handles the heat. If it’s too hot, the hair will frizz out or
just straight up melt. So always heat test your wigs! So for this curling demo, here is what we
are going to be using. A heat-resistant straight wig, a curling wand, my fave super strength hairspray for styling
wigs which is Got2B Glued Freeze Spray, a wide-tooth comb for brushing through the
hair, a rat tail comb for parting the hair, bobby pins or clips for holding the curls
in place, and big clips for holding extra hair. I start by combing out the wig so it’s nice
and tangle-free and easy to work with. Then using the rat tail comb, I section off a bit to get started with by
following along a weft and clipping all of the extra hair up out
of the way. Now the process is not much different than
curling your real hair, which is why this video is so late in the
series. I almost didn’t even make it. But I do have a few little tricks for you. Okay, so you probably already noticed that
I’m over here just curling this wig just like real hair, which is exactly what
we want. So of course, just like with real hair, that leaves the door wide open for tons of
different curl options. You could do big poofy curls, loose curls,
waves, nice, neat clean curls, tight ringlet curls, whatever you want to
do. I am going to do messy natural-looking curls
because I just love them so much! So for your tools, you could use a curling
wand, a curling iron, a crimping iron, a waving iron, literally any heat tool should be fine as
long as you stay under the temperature that your wig
maxes out at. I would say my biggest piece of advice for
curling wigs is that after you release the curl from your heat
tool, keep the hair curled tightly until it cools
off. You can do this by letting it sit in your
hand for a few seconds or you can do it by clipping it up so it can
fully cool while you move on and keep curling. Allowing it to cool before releasing it will
set the fibers in this curly shape. As I finish curling each row, I release the
curls for that row before moving on. If you’re going for that super bouncy ringlet
look, you can leave them like this, or for looser curls, brush them out. Then I just clip them together to keep them
out of the way before moving on to the next row. As I mentioned before, there are many ways
to curl hair with curling irons, wands, etc. The way that I do it is to take the hair between
two fingers, hold this wand facing downward, and wrap the hair around the barrel making the hair distribution as flat and as
even as possible. I wear a heat glove when I do this because I end up grazing or even holding the barrel
a lot while I curl hair, but if you don’t have a glove or something
to protect your hand from the heat, obviously don’t do that. And then I release the hair into my hand where
I spray it with some freeze spray and then clip it up where it will stay until
it finishes cooling. Once I have curled a full row and all the
curls have cooled off, then again, I release the curls, play with the ringlets, and then brush them out. To top it off, I brush all of the hair together
to blend it the curls, add some freeze spray and then clean up any rogue curls that may have gotten
a little bit too messy, and that’s it! That’s how I curl heat-resistant wigs. It’s super easy. It’s a great way to take a style and give
it some more life. It adds crazy volume to wigs. You can heat-style just specific sections
of a wig if you are doing a cosplay that needs that. It can be straightened again after this and
the curled again and straightened again. Whatever you want. But yeah! This is what the Bella wig looks like all
curly and mermaidy. Cute, right?! I love it. Okay, part two! No heat. Curling wigs without heat definitely has some
pros and cons but lots of wigs out there are not heat-resistant, so let’s do this. Since RockStar Wigs are all heat-resistant, I went out on a mission to find the cheapest,
shiniest, thinnest lil wig that I could find because if I can put some sort of texture
in this thing, then you can too. I found this $5 lime green wig and I don’t think we are going to get much cheaper
than that. So here goes nothing! For this heat-free curling adventure, we are using a cheap plastic wig, rollers, a spray bottle with water in it, and that same super strong hairspray, a wide-tooth and rat tail comb, bobby pins or clips for holding the rollers
in place, and big clips for holding hair. So I start by investigating this wig to see
how it’s built since it’s completely new to me. It looks like we have a total of like 12 wefts here and some kind of like, mullety base thing. The bottom is too short to really deal with
curling, so I’m just gonna leave that there and curl
about three to five wefts at a time with the curlers. Using my rat tail comb, I separate out about
three wefts of hair and clip the rest of the hair up out of the
way. Now a super important step is to dampen the
hair with a spray bottle of water. If you don’t wet it first, the curls will
probably fall right out, no matter how much hair spray you use, so don’t skip this step. Then I spray some super-strength freeze spray
onto the hair before wrapping it up in a roller. Blast it with hairspray again after it’s wrapped and pin the roller onto the base to make sure
it’s really held on there while it dries. All that hairspray mixed with water will make
it pretty crunchy which sucks but it will help hold the curl. Other wigs that aren’t THIS cheap may not
need as much hairspray, but ya gotta work with what ya got. For this one, just blast it. Then you’re just gonna let it sit until the
hair is completely dry. Repeat this all over the wig. So the way I put rollers in is to section
off a piece of hair no wider the length of the roller, and then I run the roller from the base of
the wig to the end of the hair to make sure there are no tangles or anything. Then wrap the end of the hair around the roller
and kinda tuck it up in there and then I just roll it up the remaining length
of the hair. Pin it with your bobby pins or clips for extra
support while it dries, and hit it with an extra hairspray blast for
good measure. I am definitely not great at rollers because
I hardly ever use them, so feel free to discuss some tips in the comments
to help each other out. These are the self-sticking Velcro kind of
rollers, but there are several different types of heat-free
rollers and different ways to put them in, so do what
works for you! Another thing to mention is that most of these
wigs can actually take a little bit of heat, like using warm water in your spray bottle or speeding up the drying process with heat
from a hair dryer, and that will give you better curls in the
end. But since this demo is completely heat-free, I’m not doing those for this wig, but it may be something to consider for you. Once ya got your wig looking like an old cat
lady, step back and leave it alone. Right about this time is when I realized I
got carried away wrapping the curlers and stopped wetting the hair about halfway
through. So, if this curler placement looks a lil bit
different to you, it’s because I rewrapped some of them to ensure
that they were wet first. Then you’ll let it completely dry. The trick to getting the curls to form on
this plastic hair is that they have to dry in this curled shape. So now they they are all dry, you can start
unraveling the curlers. Don’t be surprised if this wig looks like slime
green crunchy ramen noodles. It’s the wig. It’s just the wig. And even though this wig looks wet right now,
it’s actually just really, really shiny. It’s not wet. But if you start unraveling the curlers and
find out that any of them are a little bit damp still, stop there and let them dry. Unwrapping them while they are still wet is
just as bad as not wetting them in the first place. Both scenarios will end in a sad curl-less
curl. Another downside of trying to style these
cheap wigs is that usually there is not much hair on them, so if you style it any way other than how
it came, you’ll probably get some huge gaps in the
hair, exposing the cap, wefts, or your hair underneath. Whoops! And I should also be clear that this is not
a curler-hater video. Heat-free curls do not automatically look
bad. Some are really, really pretty. The issue here is wig quality and not having enough hair to pull off the
fullness that these tight curls need. And I kinda knew that going in, but I just thought that I would try it out
anyway. For science. But… yeah. Okay so here is our green, crunchy, ramen
noodle, curly wig. Unsurprisingly, this looks terrible, so I brushed it out to loosen up those curls, teased it a little bit to fill in some of
those hair gaps, and made it look like a slightly less crunchy, and we’ve ended up with a less curly, but
over all better, Hermione-esque messy poofy textured $5 wig. I actually don’t hate it. It’s kinda cute. I mean, it’s no curly luxurious bright red
Bella wig, but for what it is and where it started, I
dunno. It’s growing on me the longer I look at it. And that’s it! That is how I curl wigs with and without heat! I hope you learned something today and will
try out these curling methods! If you do, tag me on Instagram and Twitter
so I can see your wig transformations! Have fun! Tada! If this video helped you, give it a thumbs
up, subscribe, and check out all of the rest of the videos
in this series. I will link them here for your viewing pleasure. Thank you so much for watching this video. I love you all very, very, very much and I’ll see you next time. Bye!

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