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How To : Corkscrew 80’s Curls | Zoella

How To : Corkscrew 80’s Curls | Zoella

(Christmas music) Hello everybody Today I’m going to be showing you
how I do my corkscrew curls which is something that I’ve been
wearing and loving a lot recently. And so many of you have been asking me to do this video to show you
how I do it. Now it’s not difficult. It is essentially just curling your hair. But I have a few little tips
and ways I like to do it. So that it looks like this and not like… this. (laughs) So I really hope you guys find this useful. Lets get started! So the first thing I tend to do is… simply brush my hair Where did I put my brush? Oh! This is a whole lot easier to do
if you don’t have any knots. For some reason, my hair
gets extremely knotty. I feel like you don’t have to have
a side parting to do this, but I do feel like it gives it that little bit
more of an 80s vibe. Because of the whole, like… 80s side fringe So, it’s completely up to you If you prefer to have your hair in
a center parting, leave it in a center parting But if you are feeling a little bit daring,
I would suggest going for a bit of a side parting Because I just think it looks quite cool I like to use a scrunchy to separate my hair Because when I use a regular hair tie, it leaves Um, like… a dent in my hair So I always use a scrunchy And because I have quite thick hair,
I do this in layers And I work my way up Keep it out of the way The tongs that I’m using are these ones These are the Lee Stafford ones which look like… I don’t know, like a squished pole They’re not rounded, they are flat But it’s like… it’s basically a teeny, tiny, little like… flat… curling wand You can get so many different varieties of, uh,
wands that will give you corkscrew curls My hairdresser actually used tiny —
like a really long, thin round one On the shoot I did with Joe Which was what completely inspired
me to start curling my hair like this And that worked really well also
so it’s completely up to you So I feel like… The sections of hair that you take Is completely dependent on how
curly and big you want your hair to be If you have quite thick hair, you might
want to take slightly bigger sections Because you could end up with
an actual afro around your head And it is also very dependent on
how long you leave your hair on the tongs These get very hot So if you want more of a relaxed
corkscrew curl You don’t want to leave it on for too long I generally take pieces about that big Because I feel like if I go too small,
it looks a bit crazy Taking the tongs, face down
away from your face Obviously being very careful I have burnt myself a few times on these And you want to get as close
to the end as possible I don’t leave this on for very long at all In fact, in 3, 2, 1…
I’m done There you go There’s number one. And feel free to go in opposite directions And then curling it around slightly
making it tighter to your head See that one I left on a bit too long And it’s now, like, half
the size of the other one I think it’s quite nice to be a bit irregular So taking bits and going one way And then taking another bit and
going a completely different way I think it makes it slightly more interesting I think a lot of people assume that
this takes quite a long time One of my most asked questions is
“how long did that take you?” And I think that’s because
the curls are so small It is like you’re taking the tiniest
bits of hair every time But you really don’t have to do that And honestly, I think this takes me
the same amount of time to curl my hair Like this as it does with a regular curling wand Okay, first layer done Onto the second layer Next layer This is a great look (laughs) And you’re done Imagine this as a hairstyle Like curly underneath, straight on top Cute little topknot Okay, now onto the last layer Which is the fringe Now although we’re doing a side fringe,
I actually think it’s good to curl Out of a side fringe and then flip it over I’m not sure why, I’ve just found
that to look the best At this point, your hair looks like this Which is never how I leave it Because I just think this is
a little bit much So, I will run my fingers through the curls And sort of… pull them out a little bit Found a strand of hair to do I think use a little bit of this, which is the
Davines OI — or Oi — oil This stuff is incredible So I’ll just squirt a couple of
pumps of that into my hand Rub it in And then I take that through the curls Because I just feel like it gives them
a little bit more shine and definition And they look less… fried There you go That is my extremely highly requested
corkscrew curl hair tutorial It’s definitely not rocket science But I hope there were a few little
useful tips and tricks in there Which will enable you to live
out your inner 80s fantasies I also think these curls look amazing
on the second day So once they’ve sort of, like, dropped a little bit They also look really great so,
like, leave it like this Go to bed, wake up the next day And pop in a little bit more oil
just to kinda style it up a little bit Do not brush it! That is my one tip. Do not brush this! Otherwise it will look, like…
like out here And it won’t look as, like, defined And, I don’t know, it just doesn’t look as good Trust me Give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it. And I’ll see you again tomorrow
for another video Bye then!

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