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How to Clean Roller Skate Bearings

How to Clean Roller Skate Bearings

Hey guys, it’s Dan from here.
We’re doing a little video today on how to clean and properly maintenance your bearings.
you get a lot better performance and a lot longer life out of them. You can breathe some
new life into an old set of bearings by just taking them apart and doing a good cleaning
on them then putting them back together. You’d be surprised by the results. A couple of things
that you’re gonna want is my favorite, there’s a couple different brands, but I like the
Bones bearing cleaning system. It’s a self-contained bottle that’s got a post here to hold all
of them with spacers to keep them separated so it really gets all that dirt out while
you’re cleaning it. You also want some sort of a solvent. Here at the warehouse, we use
Bionic bearing cleaner. Great, long-lasting, it’s a big bottle, with a really good price
on that. So these should last you years and years, one bottle of it. So what we’ve got
here, I’ve kind of put this all together. There’s one thing I want to mention, there’s
these bearing shields on these bearings. Some people take them off, kind of pry them out before they clean their bearings. Some
people are just going to clean them. Me personally, I don’t. It’s kind of hard to get the bearing
shields back in and you risk warping the little bearing shields. There’s enough space in there
to get them cleaned out. If you want to take your bearings shields off, feel free to do
it. But, I tell you what here, we clean a lot of bearings and we never had any problems
with not taking the shields off. That’s just kind of a personal opinion. Today I’ve got
these stacked up right here. So you’ll see that there’s these little spacers and you’re
just going to slide these bearings down onto there. Put a spacer in between each bearing.
Put another bearing on there. Then it’s got this nice little screw here. That screws down
on top. Alright. Now we’ve got our bottle all filled here with our solvent. We’re just
gonna put it into there, let them soak a little bit. You can soak, shake it up, Jesse here
in the warehouse dances around to Meghan Trainor, cleans our bearings for us, whatever you like.
Just give them a good rinsing. You can always pull them out, visually inspect it and you’ll
be able to see the dirt starts coming out a little bit in there. You’ll also notice
your solvent has gotten dirty. So just kind of visually inspect, like I said depending
on how dirty your bearings are, how long its been since you’ve cleaned them, it may take
a little bit more time. But, a pretty quick easy way to breathe some new life into it.
Then when we get them out of there, what you’re gonna do is just dry them off. A paper towel
works just fine. Then just the tinniest bit of oil on each bearing, get it kind of down
in there, underneath the bearing shield. Let it soak in for a few, then reinstall it. You’d
be surprised, the kind of performance, the new roll that you’re gonna get by just taking
those older bearings and cleaning them out. So, anyway guys if you have any other questions,
feel free. You can always email us at [email protected] and have fun!

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  1. It depends on the type of shield, the washer looking ones that are rubber coated will be damaged (will no longer stay in) if you don't remove them. This is because some shields are held in my friction, others have a detent. Learn to do it right, take them out, it's not that hard!

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