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How to Choose the Right Size Ski Poles

How to Choose the Right Size Ski Poles

Hey there, Tom here, let’s go over correct ski pole length. Ski pole length is dependent on where
you’re skiing, whether it’s deep snow, traditional hard pack carving, or in your park setting. So in a correct length for hard pack carving – I’m 5 9, 48 inches
would be the correct length. I’ve got my elbow right next to my hip I’ve got my
hand right here right about 90 degrees maybe just below. Anything above that
you’re really gonna have to grab and push out – that’s not a motion that you
want to do while you’re skiing. If you look at any of the great skiers out
there really there are motion is super fluid you don’t even really notice that
they’re pulling their poles out of the ground. That’s great for for a
traditional ski setting in deep snow I prefer something that has powder baskets
and measures a little shorter. This is 46 inches in the Line pole here. A little
bit more of a steep angle, they’re not quite up to 90 and that just helps with
getting down in the deep snow and really not having to pull your arm up again.
For a park setting we’ve got this shorter pole here at 38 inches. You
know you can see if I was gonna size this, I can barely reach the ground but
there’s a lot of benefits to a shorter ski pole. First, swing weight it’s gonna keep
close to your body you don’t have a big long pull out there to get in the way or
hit your skis. The other thing is when you want to ski switch you have your
poles nice and tucked down on your body, they’re not getting in the way you’re not
holding them up here you’re gonna have them down and out of the way.
that’s really pole sizing!

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