How to choose roller derby skates | Buyer’s guide |

Are you preparing yourself for the minimum skills test? Or just looking to buy your first pair of
roller derby skates. Then stick around and I will show you some of the most important things you need to know when you buy your first pair of skates. In roller derby you use indoor wheels –
since you play indoors. Finding the right wheels is all about finding the right balance between the wheels, the floor and yourself. When choosing the right wheels you need to
think about the hardness. When you skate on grippy floor you want to go on a wheel that’s between 93 and 99 A. In a lot of sports arenas people usually use between
93 and 95 A. Which is a pretty good all around wheel. On more slippery floor you want to go for
a softer wheel so you don’t slide when you skate around the track. And here you want to go between 88 – 92 A. Your weight should also be taking into account when you choose your wheels. The more you weight, the harder wheels you
want to get. The less you weight, the softer wheels you
want to get. The wheel diameter and width of the wheel is also important things you need to think about when you choose your wheels. It’s all about personal preferences but the most common sizes are the 59 and the 62mm. When choose the width of the wheel you can
either go for a standard or a slim version. The standard is 38mm and these are quite popular. But some people also like the slim ones. These are good if you want a more agile wheel
and if you like to juke a lot. But choosing is all about your personal preference. Regarding bearings is not that important which
bearings you choose. Since derby is played indoors, the bearings
naturally have a longer lifespan. If want to know about bearings you can go
to our website and there’s also a link to that below this video. When choosing the right plate. You can either choose an aluminum plate
or a nylon plate. The nylon plate is lightweight and is quite cheap. It’s really great if you weigh less and it
usually comes on the cheaper models. And is a really good beginner’s plate. But in the long run you want to go for the
aluminum plate. The aluminum plates are more durable which is quite important in a contact sport like roller derby. These follow your movements quite good since
they are more responsive than the nylon plates. They also have a longer lifespan and they
can endure more weight. So these are preferred by a lot of roller
derby players. And it would pay off to choose the aluminum
plates in the longer run. The angle has something about how agile your
skate will be. A standard truck has an angle between 10 – 45
degrees. The lower the number the more directional
stable your skate will be. And the higher the number the more agile and
lively your skate will be. The truck also comes with cushions. When the plate comes from the manufacturer
the cushions are usually quite hard. But you can easily change these for softer ones. This would affect how agile your skate will be. Meaning that when you do the sharp turns,
it will be easier with softer cushions. On derby skates you don’t have the traditional
brake on the back as inline skates do. But you have the toestop in the front. So if you want to brake you need to either
use the toestop in the front or use other breaking techniques. Another important thing is to choose a non-marking toestop. A tip for you when you are adjusting your
brake is: when you put your break down to the floor you need to have at least three fingers underneath
the back wheels. And this makes sure you have adjusted your
break correctly. Derby boots are typically low cut but they
also exist as high cut. These ones gives you more ankle support but
the low cut ones are more maneuverable. This is important because in derby you do
a lot of sharp turns so here you want a maneuverable skate. It is important that your boot has a tight
fit without squeezing your feet. This gives you an optimal control of your
skate and some skates are even heat modable. So you get a perfect fit to your foot. Regarding the size of the skate we recommend
that you choose the same size as your shoes. Or a half size bigger. Since derby is a contact sport you need to
choose protection gear of high quality. It needs to be durable and it needs to cover
larger areas of your body since you will fall eventually. Knee pads are really important because your
knees are subject to a lot of impacts. But it’s also mandatory to wear wrist guards,
elbow pads and a good helmet. To protect your smile use a mouth guard. So to sum up there are three things you need to think about: 1) choose the right fit 2) choose the wheels that fit the circumstances and 3) choose protection gear of high quality. If this video has helped you in any way make sure to give us a thumbs up or even better subscribe to our channel where we will do more videos about skates. See you on the track!

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