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How To Buy A Snowboard

How To Buy A Snowboard

Yo this is Nev Lapwood
We here today at Showcase Snowboards in Whistler Canada.
It’s one of our local board shops, has a great selection of boards. This video is all about
how to choose a snowboard and what you should be looking for. To get things started broad
and graphics are not that important. Most major snowboard brands today are producing
pretty good boards. When it comes to graphics, pick something
that you like. This is going to be your board you might as
well think it’s rad! What is important is size and the type of
board. Now what size board do you want?
When it first comes to getting a board, most boards have some sort of manufactures recommendations
on the bottom where you can look at your height and weight and see what they are recommending
for you to ride. The thing you have to decide is whether you
want to be on a slightly shorter board or a slightly longer board.
A slightly shorter board is general good. Their very playful, a bit softer, their very
forgiving, very good for cursing around, hitting small to medium park features. Easy to butter
on. A longer board is general a bit stiffer, more
stable at high speeds, gives you a little bit more stability landing the big jumps.
Very good for free riding and riding Pow. Beginner to intermediate riders I recommend
getting a slightly shorter board. Their fun, their playful, you going to have a good time
out there on the mountain. To give you an example in what I ride.
I am 145 pounds and 5ft 9″. When I am riding the park I ride a 154cm board. comes up approximately
to my chin. When I am out free riding and riding Pow I
ride a 157cm Board. It’s a bit longer, it’s a bit stiffer, it’s more aggressive.
Now the width on your snowboard only really matters if you’ve got big feet. If you got
a size 10 or 11 or smaller you’re going to OK on most boards. If you’ve got a size 12,
13, 14 foot you’re going to need to get a wide board. If you don’t you’re going to find
your toes and heals are hanging off the edges of your board and when your turning they can
dig into the snow and be really annoying. What type of board do you want to ride?
There’s basically three types of boards. You got traditional camber boards. You’ve got
reserve camber boards and you’ve got a combination of mixed camber boards.
Now this diagram shows what a traditional camber board is. If you lye it down on the
ground you can see it raising off the ground, you can push down into the board and it will
flex back. A regular camber board generally has the best
pop, the best edge hold, the best stability, there very responsive. A lot of advanced riders
and pro riders choose to ride camber boards because of the feedback that it gives you.
A rocker, which is a reserve camber board is the opposite camber, is generally softer,
really good for presses, very easy to butter. You’ll going to find when you’re riding around
that you catch less edges when you’re riding a reserve camber board. There very forgiving,
there great for learner snowboarders. Some people who also like reserve camber are people
who ride exclusively on rails because there very soft, very easy to press.
The third type of board are your mixed camber boards, combination of traditional camber
and reserve camber. These are very common, most of the boards you find in board shops
today are probably some kind of combination cambers. What they are trying to do as board
companies is get the best of both worlds. Trying to make an all round snowboard. If
you are a beginner or intermediate rider and you don’t know what you want, maybe look at
getting a mixed combination there very popular these days. What shape of board do you want to get?
More or less there are two main types of shapes. You’ve got twin boards and directional shapes.
A twin board is ideal identical on both ends. If you are heavily into freestyle and you’re
doing all the park features and trying to ride as much switch as you’ll riding regular,
then definitely get yourself a twin board because it’s going to ride the same in both
directions. If you ride mostly in one direction, or you
do a lot of free riding a lot of Pow? You might prefer a directional board. Now a directional
board you can still ride switch on. I ride a directional board when I’m out riding Pow
but I still ride it switch as well. Just want to touch quickly on girl’s boards.
Girls are generally little bit shorter than us, lighter, don’t have the same muscle mass
and have smaller feet. So girl’s boards are designed to be for females. There generally
a bit softer, a bit thinner, a bit smaller. If you are a girl you might as well pick yourself
up a girl’s board. It’s going to make it more fun out there for you riding. Now this video is just to give you an overview
of the types of boards. What size you should be getting? What you should be looking for
in terms of camber or reserve camber? I hope it gives you some information so that when
you go into a shop you’ve got an idea for you’re looking for and you can understand
some of the information the shop guys are giving you. This is Nev Lapwood for

6 thoughts on “How To Buy A Snowboard”

  1. Just got a board and not sure if the width is Ok, it's a ride machete waist width is 250 I believe, my boot is a 10.5 and just curious if that's too narrow

  2. Im only a beginner and I'm 5 foot 4 inches tall and around a 130 pounds. My feet are size about a 8 in men's. What size board would be good for me?

  3. Great information! Im a beginner and would like to get a board for a 5’4 146 lbs guy. Any recommendations? Just to cruise down and make easy turns and stops.

  4. Hi, I'm an intermediate leaning towards advanced, im 116 pounds 5'8 and size 8.5. What board size and bindings should i get, and boots wont be a problem.

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