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How to Buy a Snowboard & Snowboarding Equipment : How to Choose Snowboarding Boots for Men

How to Buy a Snowboard & Snowboarding Equipment : How to Choose Snowboarding Boots for Men

Okay so in this session we going to be introducing
you to a typical guys snowboarding boot. As you can see right here this is a lace up system
boot where there’s a inner layer that has a lacing system that’s on the inside that
you’re going to want to make tight first and then you’ll go through and lace up the outer
layer. This allows so you have more control by lacing up the different levels of the boot.
You can go to personal preference lacing up depending so it fits on your actual leg to
your body type. So what you want to do like I said is lace up the inside liner first making
sure that everything fits really well and then you want to go through you don’t need
to unlace the lower part of it but the top where it has these lace boots right here where
you can take the laces off easily. What you want to do is loosen up and loosen the boot
all the way before you put your foot in. When trying on boots it’s really important that
you don’t get boots too tight so your toes are pushed up against the front. But don’t
want them too loose so you heel is lifting out of the back. If you have heel lift it’s
going to make for a really uncomfortable time snowboarding plus it’s going to make it so
you are not going to be able to control your board as well because your heel is going to
be lifting up out of the back when what should be happening when you are going over on your
toes lifting your heels up is the board going with you not your heel lifting out of your
boot. So pretty much those are the key things that you want to be thinking about is making
sure they fit well, making sure you’re comfortable. Not too big so that you are getting heel lift,
not too small so your toes are being crammed up against the front. And you want to make
sure you are trying a few different boots. Boots are made differently from one company
to the next for different size feet and different widths. Certain boots are going to fit your
feet a lot more comfortably than other boots so you want to go to your shop and try a few
of them on. Even rent some for a few times, try the different brands try the different
models and stuff like that just so you know exactly what you like before you go and purchase
something. And that is pretty much a run through on the basic guys snowboarding boot.

17 thoughts on “How to Buy a Snowboard & Snowboarding Equipment : How to Choose Snowboarding Boots for Men”

  1. Hey, I'm interested in buying snowboard gear. I was wondering if I am 5'11, im size 12 boot, and my weight is 160 lbs. What are the specs of the snowboard i need to get? Like how long? how wide? etc. Please respond and let me know. Thank you

  2. well im about 6'1 so i have a 156 but i like smaller boards cause you spin better but i also weight 240 so i would recommend about a 154 156 and a wide board cause you have bigger feet so you dont want your boots to be hanging off both sides and bigger board are harder to control for a beginner also

  3. damn, i just took a pair of boots back thinking they were too small because my toes touched then front, now they don't touch you're saying thats bad?

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