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How to Buy a Snowboard & Snowboarding Equipment : How to Choose a Freestyle Snowboard

How to Buy a Snowboard & Snowboarding Equipment : How to Choose a Freestyle Snowboard

Ok, so in this section, I’m going to be giving
you a generic run through, on how to pick out your snowboard. There’s a few different
types of snowboards so the one that I’m going to start off with first, is your freestyle
snowboard. The main thing about, these snowboards, is they’re equal, tip and tail, and they’re
symmetrical, going down the board. As you can see right here, you can see where the
mounting holes are for the binding, there’s an equal amount of tail and an equal amount
of nose. This makes it so it’s easy to ride switch, which is going backwards, and it’s
going to make it easier for doing tricks, more comfortable going forward and backwards.
Along with picking out your snowboard, you want to make sure that you pick out the proper
height. A board that’s too small, is going to be way too squirrely and not beneficial,
for someone who’s trying to properly learn, their snowboarding tricks and do certain tricks,
do certain jumps, rail tricks, boxes and all that stuff. A board that’s too long, is going
to be way to hard for somebody to control. They use longer boards for more in the back
Country, when you’re riding powder and stuff like that, so for a freestyle board, you’re
definitely going to want a board, that’s from right below your shoulders but not any higher
than your chin. If it gets too high above that, it’s too big, if it’s too far down that,
it’s too small, especially when you’re first starting out. You want to pick a proper size
snowboard. Make sure you talk to the people, at the shop, because they know all the different
functions of all the different snowboards and they can definitely set you up with something
that’s specific for your height and for your body type and for your skill level. So, this
is pretty much a generic freestyle board and like I said before, the main features is it’s
symmetrical from the nose to the tail, allowing for you to do freestyle tricks, depending
on which way you’re going, it’s not really going to matter because everything is the
same, forward and backward.

61 thoughts on “How to Buy a Snowboard & Snowboarding Equipment : How to Choose a Freestyle Snowboard”

  1. Hey, I'm interested in buying snowboard gear. I was wondering if I am 5'11, im size 12 boot, and my weight is 160 lbs. What are the specs of the snowboard i need to get? Like how long? how wide? etc. Please respond and let me know. Thank you

  2. that all depends dude on the type of riding you like to do and the type of snow you ride like is your area icey most of the time, are you riding groomers?, are you riding pow alot? park?. Anybody who says get this board without actually asking what you ride doesn't know what they're talking about.

  3. yeah picking out a board based on height is completely wrong. A 5'9" person that weights 150 is going to have different length board compared to someone who is the same height that weighs 200 pounds. Expert Village needs to get real expert advice.

  4. lol omg how can people believe this. what does board lengt as to do with chest and chin???nothing! on the other hand your weight will influence edge hold and board flex. So maybe you should try riding a snowboard yourself before telling people bs like board should go betwen shoulder and chin.

  5. 162 is way to big, youl be turning forever with that. altough we need to know more information to answer your question. we need to know: what terrain do you like to ride, where do you want to focus: Pipe riding, rails, jumps, carving, speed, tree riding? a bit of everything? we cant tell you what size to get if we dont know what you gonna do with it ,how big is your home montain? how much powder there is ?

  6. ok Then my recommandation is a 153 wide with L-xl Binding. I am precisly 150lbs and 5'10 and ride the same thing as you. but you have tall feet, so you need a wide

  7. First of all at 5'10 and 150 lbs I can almost guarentee that you are not a size 13 boot. You need to go to your local shop and have an employe measure the size of your foot. You would most likely be on a 152 or a 155 depending on what kind of riding your doing. But boots come first, get that checked out. Your boot should be about the same as your regular shoe size, maybe a half size larger.

  8. There is absolutely no way we can know from that information alone. Do us all a favor and ask a guy at your local REI or other sporting goods store.

  9. I'm about 76kgs i have size 13 feet and want a freesyle board..i'm intermediate advanced what board should i get and binding size???

  10. powder is just snow that hasn't been plowed or patted down with anything. it's basically fresh snow like you would have on the side of a mountain.

  11. i want to buy a snowboard but im not really sure what brand to chose. seems as if there are a million brands… im an experienced rider so i do need some quality

  12. im thinking about getting a board about 159cm and i was wondering if size 12 boots would work or should i go with a wide board

  13. i saw someone at northstar today with the same setup! custom board with 09 cartel est bindings! sick setup! i have a '10 ride dh with acid green custom bindings. they match to a tee! 🙂

  14. i have size 11.5 boots and a 155 board. just make sure you adjust your bindings so your boots sit right in the middle. that way the toes or heels arent sticking way out and you dont drag them in the snow when youre carvin it up!

  15. if you havent already troubleshot your problem, you should adjust your bindings back and forth accordingly until your boots are in the middle of your board. a lot of bindings ive seen have holes where you can move the heelcup back a notch or two. just adjust it until it's centered and it should be cush!

  16. @SoccerBoots100 ok so ur board should be around 150-160 cm and the bindings dont have spacific sizes but u need bindings that are 9-13 and boots u just take ur size hope this helped

  17. board sizing dont rly have much to do with your height! its more about your weight, becuase your weight is pushing/flexing the board, not ur hieght

  18. @BlaowBeats get snowboard boots that r snug in ur feet but not too loose but not too tight, something that feels comfortable. then u gotta choose a board wat this guy said in the vid. after that all u need is any gloves, hat, snowpants, and jacket and u can go.

  19. but many people say that the board must be somewhere between chin and nose ?
    so which is correct ?…. have a board already that fits the current description (not bought… more or less a present) 😀 and I'm just starting out and want to know should I switch it up or is it a good height for a beginner ??? gonna test it this weekend for the first time, and would be glad to take a tip or 2 before that 😀

  20. WTH beetwen you shoulders and your chin??? A teacher from a snowboard school said it should be around you nose area -.- these videos are weak and besides it better to spend some money and learn at a school they will teach you better things

  21. most those guys dont know shit even tho this guys seems like he doesnt know what hes talking about hes pretty much nailed it but id say just under your chin and like an inch above your shoulder line… cause when you have ur boots on you gain an extra inch or so… shorter board will be easier to control then a longer board for begginers you just dont want to go to short otherwise it will get squirly on ya… also weight is an important factor.. im 5'7 140lbs I ride a 149cm skate banana

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