17 thoughts on “How To: Beachy Waves with the GHD Curve Creative Curl Wand”

  1. Hey 🙂 I have two questions, sorry if this turns long I'll try keeping it as short as i can! 🙂 My first question is on behalf of a friend, she has a set of light blonde hair extensions, human hair from a proper company, although the colour matches perfectly and the condition of them is good, they're kind of shiny? they glisten and look slightly plastic. they're from foxylocks, she's tried washing them, putting the same colour dye over them, but it hasn't made a difference, do you have any idea what could take the shinyness away?  

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  2. Hi do u know if the curls last? I watched another video and the girl showed that the curls had dropped out significantly by the same time next day

  3. how do you turn off the wand? i pressed the power button which is for on and off and it stayed lit on the button and i dont want to touch the barrel to feel whether it was turn off or not. I always have the habit of turn off before unplug, but im not sure if ive turn off that time.

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