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How To: Barbell Drag Curl (Increase Bicep Peaks!)

How To: Barbell Drag Curl (Increase Bicep Peaks!)

what’s going on nation? I’m going to demonstrate for you guys how to do a Barbell Drag curl now this exercise is primarily going to target your biceps and your forearms now What makes this exercise great especially when compared to a normal bicep curl is because you’re holding the bar So close to your body you’re pretty much taking your deltoids out of the exercise And you’re also able to target your biceps Brachii a bit more as well Which is the long head or the peak of your bicep So just make sure you’re following proper form you’re not using any momentum, and you’ll see bigger peaks in no time Begin the exercise standing straight up and holding the barbell just outside of shoulder width Once in place curl the barbell while keeping it as close as you can to your body Bring the barbell up and over your chest into the bottom of your neck. You Should be squeezing the barbell and your biceps as hard as you can throughout the entire movement Pause for a second at the top of the movement before slowly returning to the starting position and repeat if You want to maximize the effectiveness of the exercise make sure you’re fully extending your arms at the bottom of the movement after each repetition So there you guys have it that’s how you perform a barbell drag curl for more great tips Exercises and Routines feel free to join us on and as always More good stuff coming soon. See you guys

100 thoughts on “How To: Barbell Drag Curl (Increase Bicep Peaks!)”

  1. Thanks for the tip man ! Ive been doing your arm workout for the last 4 weeks now, the one with the drop sets, amazing ! will add this exercice too now !

  2. You have some of the best workout video demonstrations. Thanks. Can you make a video on how to keep the head longer. Would appreciate it.

  3. Ive followed your other bicep curl routines for the past year and have loved the results! Quick question, I notice that this exercise doesn't follow your usual form of keeping your elbows in 'front' of you while curling. What was this purpose? Cheers!

  4. I was up early today on a Sunday which was random. I was looking to see what routine to start today since I've been slacking at gym. This one looks effective.

  5. I definitely gotta try these. Btw, props for the mature way in handling that dimitry donev guy. Nice to see someone like you who is kind and not egotistical.

  6. Looks intense defiantly gonna try this thanks Scott . Ur routines have always bin good no doubt this one will be even better .

  7. is it alright to have the elbows come out like that? I always figured I was supposed to try to keep them more steady, then again maybe that's why my arms are still small and I have trouble doing high reps of these exercises

  8. Hi Scott thanks for the help , I looked up and it looks like I have tendonitis , is there any way I can heal it but still go to the gym ? #HTH

  9. Love this exercise , actually saw it a few weeks ago on an older video on this channel , try it and love it! no other bicep work out gives me a pump like this one!

  10. Can this be done with dumbells? i know the movement can be done, but it would be much harder without the bar keeping a constant distance from your body.

  11. Hey Scott, I don't suppose there is a comparable exercise like this one for triceps, right? Thanks, Happy New Year!

  12. Been throwing these on to parts of my arms workout, superset them with controlled single arm hammer curls. Absolutely insane pump, a great exercise!

  13. Scott, I have a question about range of motion. These are new to me and other instructional videos on here they don't near as high up on the body as you do.  Thoughts?

  14. Did this for the first time yesterday, my biceps are positively fried, haha. Think I'll switch to dumbbells though, reverse-gripping the barbell hurts my wrist.

  15. I cant seem to get it higher than my chest.  Any tips on getting it past your chest and up to you neck?  No the weight isnt too heavy.

  16. Finally, someone demonstrates proper BB drag curl form. Done right, 45lbs SHOULD hurt. Vince Girinda would approve

  17. Looks like you get a little back action too, definitely going to start incorporating this in to my arms routine. Cheers Scott!

  18. I thought inner grip hits the long head while outer grip hits the short head. So this exercise targets the shorthead more and not the long head since you have a wider grip. To really hit the longhead your grip should inside shoulder width and not outside.

  19. The reason why drag curls work so fucking amazing is because of consistent torque through the whole range of motion whereas with regular curls you'll stop feeling the torque once your contraction is complete. Radius in respect to the axis of rotation becomes zero (no torque produced) unlike with drag curls. You'll feel the best squeeze compared to any other arm workout. I recommend doing drag curls with dumbbells though. It's a lot more comfortable on the wrist/forearms.

  20. The whole point to the drag curl is to NOT engage the shoulders and target the peak of the bicep, that's why you're only supposed to raise the bar to around below the nipple and stop when you feel your shoulders getting involved. What your doing is just a barbell curl. Youtube experts ffs

  21. Just when I think I knew everything in this sport in the past 35 years lifting, I learn something new… Great demonstration of form, and great explanation and coaching! Just did a few sets, and feeling the burn like nothing else!

  22. On another video I saw  where they were showing these they said only raise the bar half way up to what you were doing.

  23. I think you are dragging the bar far too high and engaging the traps in the movement. The way I do it is with a narrower grip just wider than hips and drag to no higher than the top of the ribcage, this doesn’t involve any traps

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