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How To: Arm Curl (Cybex)

How To: Arm Curl (Cybex)

Hello, everyone. I’m Scott from if you’re looking for a great way to target your biceps in the gym We’re here at the Cybex arm curl machine now what you want to do is first Adjust the seat at the proper setting to do the exercise now for me that setting is on one most people It’s probably going to be on one or two so with the seat all the way up And then what you want to do is make sure that when you sit down Your elbows are in line with the pivot point of the machine to not put unwanted stress on the elbow So what you want to do is sit down Adjust the weights to a weight that you can do properly You’re going to grab the handles now these handles turn what you want to do is make sure you keep your palms facing up the whole time This is also going to help activate your activate your forearms a little more to Put your elbow in line with the pivot point of the machine Grab the handles sit up straight maintain a neutral spine keep your wrist straight The whole time you’re doing the exercise and what you’re going to do is bring it all the way up to about here just past 90 degrees And as you come down Come so you almost fully extend keep a slight bend in your elbows and come back up like I said wrists straight Breathe out as you come up Always breathe out when you exert the force Just like this And that’s how I use the arm curl machine For more information feel free to subscribe to my channel as I’ll be putting out more exercises all the time have a great day guys

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