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How To: Alternating Dumbbell Curl

How To: Alternating Dumbbell Curl

What’s going on everybody? I’m Scott from I’m going to show you guys how to perform single arm dumbbell curls which can either be done at home or at the gym. First you’re going to pick a dumbbell that you can do pick the proper weight. Grab the dumbbell with your hand in the middle of the handle then you’re gonna pick them up. Now when you’re at a state of rest turn the dumbbells so your palms are always facing the mirror or facing the wall that’s in front of you. Don’t ever turn them in like this keep them like that It’s going to put more tension into your forearms as you grip the dumbbell as hard as you can to hold it that way and what you’re going to do maintain neutral spine by keeping your head straight slight bend in your knees get your feet shoulder-width apart Hold your elbows in front of your hips and then you’re gonna lift one at a time. You’re going to breathe out as you exert the force down breathe in then up. Now you see as they come down and up my elbows are always in front of my hips. One more And that’s how you perform a single dumbbell curl for more information, please subscribe to my channel. More good stuff coming soon Have a great day guys

85 thoughts on “How To: Alternating Dumbbell Curl”

  1. Thaaank you, Scott.  Whenever I'm going bicep curls, I never felt like I was working my BICEPS.  I can really feel them working in 1/5th the reps.  (used to just do more reps)

  2. FYI this is cheat curling.. hes moving his elbow forward and incorporating his shoulder in the process as well.. which is why he is able to bring his dumbbells so far up.

  3. some people tell me to NOT move my elbows as if it is a sin. But you say to do it. Who do I trust?

    When curling, is it better to peak so that your forearms are directly inline with your bicep? Or peak them so they slightly flare out. In the video, you flare them out slighty… does that make it more effective.

    Also, I cant flex my left bicep. when I do a curl, the bicep kind of flexes to the side so it is hard to squeeze. Why is this?

    thanks in advance to anyone who can answer

  4. I have a question for this, I seem to get some tendonitis in my forearms if I keep the dumbells facing forward, how much of a difference is curling with them from starting point where they face towards my body.

  5. I notice his he's moving his elbows. In fact quite a bit. Isn't this a "cheat curl" or at least damn close to it. Whenever I've done curls I don't move my elbow. I came here to return to basics and instead got confused.

  6. Are you sure your palm is supposed to be faced outwards? Cos I did that 2 days ago and my bicep is still sore as fuck and feels torn apart

  7. should you straighten your arm and the end of one rep and before the next or should it still be slightly flexed before the next rep?

  8. There must be no movement on the sternoclavicular joint, nor at the glenohumeral joint.

    Cant you see, you pumped up ignorant, that you are actually involving the anterior deltoids as an agonist and not as a synergist?

    Why you do videos if you have never took a physiology or kinesiology book in your entire life.

    From Italy a big fuck you for divulging ignorance.

  9. I cannot understand why one arm rests while the other is curling. Why aren't the continually moving in alternation? Every other exercise keeps the momentum and stress on the muscle. This exercise ceases momentum on the arm after the curl. It does not make sense.


    Palms are ALWAYS facing forward! Can't stress that enough guys.. make sure you are getting the most out of this exercise!

  11. just one question
    I usually do 15 reps of dumbbell "bicep curls" with 10kg… how much rest i should give between reps

  12. This is the form I always use for bicep curls. However anyone else I see doing this in the gym always adds the wrist spin as they bring the db up. Are both methods as effective as each other?

  13. this is EXACTLY how I taught myself how to do curls except I rest the back of my hands on my thighs so I get MAXIMUM bicep isolation. although now its harder to do it that way since my back and chest are widening.

  14. Do you personally prefer alternating or simultaneous curls? I like simultaneous, because it works your back and core and stability more. With the alternating, I prefer bringing the one up as I'm bringing the other down, rather than waiting for the full rep before starting the other. This way, it subtly enhances you balance. Just my two cents!

  15. i see arnold swarzenegger always has palms facing inwards when arms are down them twists them going up. why is he doing them different

  16. “Grab the dumbbell in the middle of the handle” of fucking course duh 🙄 how else you going to grab the dumbbell

  17. I’m done fuck all y’all asses who make YouTube videos I lost hope now cause nothing on the dam internet is true I been workout since 2015 no results still a twig barley made any growth so thanks to all of y’all fitness youtubers who made me give up like I’m beyond done and mad now I reached my breaking point

  18. In my last reps I always bend my back so I could lift the dumbbells . Is that ok or not? What should I do if I can’t finish the set?

  19. Awesome video love your exercise. Doing the standard bicep curl is better and easier then doing the alternating bicep curl.

  20. Why the f**k would you dislike this video. What is there to dislike??? This dude is awesome. I am 38, a new dad and I workout at home . I can’t afford to pay $80-$100 per session for personal trainers, and I really don’t need to cos I follow this gentleman. I have gained so much muscle andfat pretty soon for the first time ever I will have a six pack, and I was super . In my opinion Scott’s advises are good as gold. RESPECT from OZ and NZ.

  21. I wish u could hear my laugh at u… 1.. shut ur mouth the music of breath out is nothing but to humiliate ur self in the gym 2… never open ur arms all the way down maintain tension on bicep by having curve in ur elbow… anyway keep fooling the people coz I'm going to block ur stupid ch

  22. Thank you for your instructional videos! Very important to keep correct posture and know a way to release body pressure when picking it up. Always awsome to start hearing everyone in the gym gradually being less shy to do PSSSHT and everyone improving themselves the hardest they can 😍 I'm doing week 3 of program for beginners and thanks to you, I easily increase 10-20kg in weight a week. Question thought. Are you lefthanded or is it just because of lighting on your right bicep?

  23. I keep seeing click bait warnings against doing alternate dumbbell curls.  I never click these, as they always lead to a long sales pitch.  What is their argument — if any exists at all?

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