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How to Add CHLORINE TABLETS to Your POOL | Swim University

How to Add CHLORINE TABLETS to Your POOL | Swim University

10 thoughts on “How to Add CHLORINE TABLETS to Your POOL | Swim University”

  1. I read adding to your skimmer is not good if your pump cycles on and off. The time it is off a high concentrate of chlorine pools in the skimmer. Upon turning it on and blasts through the system. Also what about liquid chlorine ? I've gone from tablets which caused stabilizer issues. To granular which caused hard water to now just liquid chlorine. Thanks

  2. Can you do a video on what chemicals are necessary to have? Brands? Do I really need PH down, doesn't it go down naturally? Baking soda? Where to get them the cheapest? Thank you!!

  3. Where do you put the chlorine tablet if using an automatic chlorinator that's installed in the filter system that came with the pool? The pool is filled with water. The filter system is plugged in and working. These kids are driving me bananas because they are ready to get in but I won't let them until I get this chlorine part figured out! This is my first time buying a pool….

  4. Hi there , in asia most of the pool are overflow and not skimmer. Therefore we have an overflow tank with 2000 to 4000 liters inside. Would that be ok to just drop the chlorine tablet inside this tank ?

  5. I add pucks to a floater, and my above-ground pool is equipped with an over-the-wall skimmer. When the pump is running, the floater tends to hug the skimmer, allowing a higher concentration of chlorine in the water that enters the intake. When the pumps shuts off, the floater drifts away.

    I feel this gives me two methods, the floater, and the skimmer.

    I'm now experimenting with a second, weighted dispenser suspended from a float so that it releases chlorine closer to the pool floor instead of up top in direct sunlight.

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