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Ola YouTube my name is Ricardo lino and I’m
a wheel addict! I’m at Edgemead skatepark it’s the DIY skatepark I’ve been here
before with the vintage skate and I’ve been here again with someone else I
don’t remember but I’m with Andre if you remember from the off-road video I’m
with John Connor if you met Jack before and a few more people here so it’s cool
that they try to get some lines what you got
Jack let’s see what you got okay let’s do this that was it that’s always starts today
now she got for us Andre don’t mug show us get it that was a torque again one more one
more ride away go turning turning jump you got it no right now no time to lose going there okay
what is it captain Roy Surya that’s it not today maybe today okay now get it don’t leave me hanging he told me that I
needed to rest a bitch I said no kids don’t smoke let’s watch bad really bad
good think you got it get it lots of things and G’s and things like
in nearly copter I think in another life Jack wanted to be a drone I knew it you
want it to be a drone in another life right good and ray or your turn
gonna do the rail let’s get the rail the mike you on the rail yeah you did come
on whatever trick you want to do on the rail let’s see what you got that’s big
you first you need to learn the trick and then you go for the disaster oh then
I’m just gonna do it to do it the torque let’s see and you got to talk that was better than the one before you
got it you just need to stay on top let’s see if he’s been paying attention
to the tutorials on the YouTube channel I think you watched the video almost to
the ends don’t you should be smoking that was good
see there’s a transfer in this park that you need to see well you’ll see it now
because rock is gonna do it it’s like it looks really easy but it’s the super
super steep quarter pop and then it out like a little box so you always need to
grind over the box I see it now I told you you wanted to be a drone the
drone life I think while we were here just got a message from DGI
and the next bitch yeah drone is gonna be called the Chuck one more trick that
I want to learn today it’s called the camera flip I did a double camera flip that was almost the photo flip jack
check that can even do it doing Fishburne check that doing your fish
friend he’s going to give you the message of this video with the message
of this video dance mark kids don’t smoke you don’t even know jack is gonna say it
at all daily break cover you have no idea I just did the best
little red cover this wasn’t fake it’s really the daily bread covers the newest
one real real real we’re gonna make a drone
review Jacque has a Galaxy S so we fell and
it’s all like different shades of what is it 50 shades of purple that was sick we got the toilet and that’s it now I need to leave
otherwise my wife will kill me it’s getting too late so hope you guys
enjoyed this one if you did enjoy this one don’t forget to thumbs up thumbs on
if you didn’t like it but let me know what I didn’t like about
this video and if you’re not subscribe to the channel now it’s the time to do
it but like I always say more important than anything else just don’t forget
what we all said is kidding because cheers guys


  1. We must resurrect Daily Bread from the magazine crypt and give it an Internet-friendly shine, Hallelujah! Say it with me, Ricardo! Sing it with me, Blade-Brothers and Blade-Sisters! Resurrect-ah! XD

  2. I remember DB and Box Mag. Such good times ! I remember if I was at the mall always going to the book stores hoping a new edition was out ! Tried to never miss one

  3. Gotta say that was fresh. That older fella was giving it a good run. I'm jealous of your weather, all that blue sky… Somebody sweep the dust off that pretty park!

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