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How does scuba diving work ? \\ A short initiation // Crazydivers

How does scuba diving work ? \ A short initiation // Crazydivers

Hello everyone! Last week’s video has been quite popular and I thought I could do a video about How does… scuba diving works Meaning, How do you breathe underwater an what kind of equipment do you have basicly under water So, since you are not a fish or a jedi You need a tank of air when you go underwater and because you can’t hug it underwater you need some king for bagpack to carry it witch we called a BCD Because you want to have a positive byoyancy when you go on the water You want to float when you go on the water because this is quite heavy This is steel with air What is in this tank? It is basicly air that you breath all around you That goes in a compressor that compress it (the air) in this tank You can see how many air you’ve got left In your manometer It can be either in PSI or in Bar in this one I have 3000 PSI Witch is the basic standard that you start with And because the air is compressed, there is a hight pressure in this tank You need to be able to breathe it Because if you try to breathe from this thing you just You’ll just have a blow of air (regulator blowing air) So I need a regulator to regulate the air flow This is what you breathe with so you basicly breathe from it like… You put this paart in your mouth and the membrane inside this part is going to regulate the air flow in your mouth (inhale) exhale and when you breathe in the air comes from the tank throught here and goes out throught these holes here so it might be a bit scary or difficult for you to breathe throught you mouth but do not worry, because you are underwater you will have a mask that cover your nose so you can’t breathe thought your nose if you realy can’t breathe without your nose you can start just putting your head in the water with your regulator on and slowly try to breathe and adapt yourself slowly, your brain will just get to it it is just an adaptation time that you have to get throught and very quiclky Your BCD works that way You can put some air in your jacket by pushing this button That is conected to your air bottle (blow air throught the BDC) Did you hear that noise? That was my valve over there that just expelled it (the air) because if you put too much air inside your jacket and there is no way for the air to go out it’s gonna explode So this is rly normal, every jacket is gonna do that right there your jacket is full or air so you are gonna float if you want to do down because you want to dive You can either push this button or use this valve over there to remove all the air remember that the air is always gonna go to the higher point so if you want to use this button to go down you want to put the button in the top so the air wants to go tho this point because if you are gonna hold the button there the higher point is basicly your shoulder over there so the air is stuck there and is not gonna go out you rly want to put this part in the top if you are underwanter and you feel like you are stucked to the bottom you can also put a little bit of air in your jacket but remember that if you put too much you are gonna go up verry quickly and that can be very dangerous especially if there is boats on the top and you want to be very careful put small amouts or air every time also the air that you are gonna put on your jacket is the same air that you breathe from so remember that every vbit of air that you put on your jacket is a bit of air that you are not gonna breathe so, here are the basics of scuba diving if you have any question feel free to ask them in the comment section below i hope you’d like this video if you do, please give it a thumb up! feel free to share it with your friend that wants to discover scuba diving! and see you next time! Bye!

5 thoughts on “How does scuba diving work ? \\ A short initiation // Crazydivers”

  1. I liked how you threw in little clips here and there to make it funny :). I wish I had the money to have my own gear!

  2. Ive Never Been scuba Diving It looks like so much fun though it looks like you live in cold weather does that make it harder?

  3. 1:41 is too funny 😂 I finished the video, this is so informative! Thank youu. At least I wouldn't look stupid when i go to my first scuba diving session haha

  4. Yay! I always see pics of my friends doing scuba diving here in the Philippines. Hope you can visit. We have wonderful scuba diving spots here. 😉

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