look a bit like I’m going to disco
might have to ola youtube, my name is Ricardo lino and I’m a wheel addict, today
this video is going to be a little bit different and talk a little bit about
what happened about one year ago when I used to work with power slide I used to
give a lot of feedback for new products to come out or new ideas and things like
that especially with roller skates so about a year ago because my wife she is
working the fashion industry I remember asking her for ideas about cool shoes on
the market that we could try to reproduce as a roller skate now in 2019
about one one and a half year later I got a package one of these packages but
it’s not really a male skate so so I’m the wifey and I guess ok so I have an
idea what they might be oh wow okay startin a if you can see but
everything is glitter in it so the wheels they like gray flat hard wheels
stop sorry soft and there were a little silver glitters in that’s just dust with
them that’s just dust no stop does not have let it in that was just us and the
prophetsí and shiny they are I love them it’s got a plastic pink plate will spin
really cool I don’t know much about games but they look pretty they have
glitter in that’s always a good thing and toe stop looks like I can stop with
that toe stop so I’ll probably try them out tomorrow and if they are cool then
we will put my trucks one of my trucks what’s that block stuff called Brian
block I’m here because then I’m gonna be badass in the skate parks with my little
shiny shoes I might need to change the whole plate to put my block on him but I
think it’s gonna look totally badass in the skate parks grinding with these
shiny shoes they feel lions oh yeah thanks can I just say that filming with ricotta
has been the hardest thing ever kidding hey that was my review pointless
I know but anyways if I one thing is for sure they are cute and you want cute in
them so go out and get a pair thank you power slide and then since I don’t know
anything about the technical stuff they clearly don’t fit but comparing these
two other kaya models especially with the other scale that Janice skates which
is even previous to choir so this was the power slide skate even if it already
has the kaya plate so on ds1 which is the exact same
plate as the Cayenne Melrose which is something like this top on ds1 now we
got it we got a guest we gotta get on day I like to skate too okay so without the
guests now this one the new ones the kaya glide chrome basically it’s a lot
lighter but it’s a lot lighter obviously first it doesn’t have the block this
block was just an extra that we we put on it but these one have another mean
iam truck this one has a plastic truck then even the wheels these are like all
urethane and this one ever big core which even if the wheels are soft
because these ones I think there are 78 but with such a big core it’s going to
feel hard it’s a soft wheel but it doesn’t really feel that gummy because
of the size of the core usually the kaya skates come with wicked bearings these
ones come with generic bearings but I don’t think that’s going to be a problem
because they seem to roll really good the toe stop on this skate well the toe
stop well I just realized that I only have one sock it’s about the best so
those top on these one just one screw from the top and usually it’s even a
screwdriver and this one have a different allen key so it’s different
they really feel light and these material I don’t know I like it it’s
just super different I think you can’t look at it for a long time otherwise you
get dizzy it feels like you now that I mentioned
that’s it I don’t really know a lot more to say
about this skate one thing that I’m I think we’re gonna do to Janice skate if
she’s gonna be scaling it it’s to change this plate we’re probably going to put
the kaya plate but other than that you feel cool they look cool according to
Janice they seem to feel a bit smaller than a regular 40 this is the side
European forty they feel a little bit tighter so we’ll see I guess the best
way is to take these off for a ride and then we can report about these I got
these kids as I posted in one of our last videos Janice got new skates so if
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anything else just don’t forget probably all started skating because I don’t have
nails to break but I hurt my finger still cute

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