100 thoughts on “HEATLESS Soft Curls Inspired by the Grammys!! | KMHaloCurls”

  1. I love this! I'm going to try I've done it with a hair band but My problem usually is 1. I run out of space with the hair band and 2. My hair is very dry in the morning. Any tips?

  2. I have a question, would it work if my hair is naturally curly but I want a different type of curls/waves?

  3. i did this and it turned out soooooo well!! i put in hairspray after and everything but within an hour they fell out 🙁 i rlly hate having long thick hair like i’ve never had curled hair that stayed curled all day it’s sooo annoying but i guess my hair is just too heavy to hold a curl

  4. Very pretty.
    Can I do this before going out?(I always sleep with my hair out)
    My hair never stays in and it is fine and can look frizzy, should I spray some "shiny" hold hair spray while it is in the halo or once it is curled? Thank you. 🙂

  5. I tried this two times. It looks amazing for the first 10 minutes, and then it just falls out. I have a piece of hair in the front that is cut shorter than the rest, and the curl stays only in this piece of hair. The rest of my long hair I guess is just too heavy, so it all straightens out in a matter of minutes. So although it looks stunning for 10 minutes, it's just not worth the troubble.

  6. While sleeping the amount of movement i make that round big bun will come out while I am asleep 😢😢!!!!!!

  7. I’ve tried this for a while, as well as other overnight heatless methods and this one is definitely the best one for me. I have thin, frizzy curly hair and this method makes my hair soft and easy to handle in the mornings. Quick, simple, great volume, comfy to sleep on, just amazing! Thanks for this awesome idea!

  8. Awesome idea for heatless waves…….this is the must try vedio….it came out awesome in my school's farewell party………and very easy too….😇

  9. This has seriously been life-changing. My hair holds styles very well if it goes from wet to dry (like a wet braid overnight holds extremely well), but heat styles just don’t hold. I’ve given up using curling irons. I looked one night for heatless curls that didn’t involve buying anything and stumbled across this video. THANK YOU! I’m always amazed when I take that hall off at how great the curls turn out. And I definitely wore the halo to work this past week because I was going somewhere immediately after and have to wear my hair up for my job. I slapped a hairnet over the whole thing (which actually really helped hold it all in place, actually 😂) and when I was done had the grand reveal. Everyone at work was shocked! #worthit

  10. I have tried this out and I looked like an idiot before bed but when I woke up and done my hair it looked amazing I recommended this to friends and they love it. Xxxxxx

  11. When I tried this method when I took it out I had a huuuuge knot in my hair and it took forever to get out. Would not recommend trying it.

  12. hahah…i just put olive oil and make a bun at night
    the day after… it's curled!!! … big waves 👀❣🙂

  13. Okay… I try this many times and always always I had to cut a my armband. Unfortunetly I have too long and too thick hair that's why it will never work for me 🙁

  14. Even though i wasn't hopeful after reading some of the comments, i decided to give it a try. My hair is thicker and longer than hers so there was good chance it was not going to work. It took me about 10 minutes just like she said. I'll see the results in the morning but i honestly don't know what people are talking about when they say it's too hard to do. It was so easy.

  15. what to do with a front haircut… my front hair is way shorter than all the rest… how to use this method on my hairstyle….!!!

  16. Thank you for this video now m and my mom can do this every night and when we do it we are so happy with the curls because we don’t have to use heat and damage our hair THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!”💕💕👍👍

  17. My hair is naturally wavy-curly (more on the wavy side), but if I take a shower and let it dry without brushing it, my hair becomes really curly (well my hair used to be really curly when I was a kid, but I probs lost my curls from brushing them a lot)

  18. goes to bathroom
    wets hair in the sink
    try’s to get a towel quickly
    realizes there’s no towels
    but there is blankets
    wraps hair in blanket
    lets dry a little bit takes out of blanket and puts it into messy bun
    BAM u have wavy hair in the morning

    Anyone else no ok

  19. this is great for people who have very long hair mine is medium length little past the shoulders I put my hair up in a ponytail on top of my head and what I do I take the rollers large size or medium depending on how you want your curl roll them up different sections with the end of your hair in that ponytail to the top of your head sleep with it overnight and in the morning while I you have a beautiful head of girls

  20. You’re never gonna believe me but this is exactly what my natural hair looks like and quite frankly I’m not getting the hype I don’t particularly like this texture it looks like you didn’t even style your hair

  21. I tried it out and it worked perfectly well. I used the spray to maintain the shape and it lasted for whole day. Thank you for sharing your experience!!

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