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Gummy vs Real Food Showdown

Gummy vs Real Food Showdown

– Today we try our
hardest to pick the gummy. – Let’s talk about that. (groovy theme music) Good mythical summer. – I love gummy bears,
but I hate regular bears, they’re too gamey, and they might eat you before you can eat them. But today, we’re going
to try other gummy foods, and see how they stack up against their real-life counterparts. It’s time for Peeker Picker Poker Face. – Gummy Edition. Okay, right here in front
of us we have a lazy susan with two cloches or food
helmet, if you wanna use the technical term.
– I do. – Under one of these cloches
there is a gummy item, and under the other cloche
there is the actual item that that gummy item represents. Now the way this is
gonna work is every round there’s going to be a picker and a peeker. The peeker is going to peek at their food, and then the picker’s
gonna watch the peeker. – You gotta look at the
face and then based on the reaction that he sees,
gonna make a decision, does he keep what he has,
or pick the other one. Then we both reveal, and we’ve gotta eat what’s under our food helmet. – And the way we’re
determining who’s going to be the picker in the
first round is by drawing a worm, whoever has the longer worm, – Found a worm.
– I haven’t found one yet. – It’s a gummy worm, but
it’s covered in real soil You can’t even find a worm. – I can’t find a freaking worm. – That makes you a
loser, alright, I get to pick first.
– Oh, here’s one. – You slightly win.
– Mine’s a little bit bigger. I’m the picker. (playful music)
– [Together] Round one. – Okay, I’m the picker
Link, you’re the peeker. – I am going to peek. – I’m gonna read the peeker’s poker face. – Here we go.
(cymbals) – I don’t know what that means man. I don’t know what that means. Now’s when you’re not acting anymore, now the real Link’s coming through, now you’re not smiling anymore,
you’re a little nervous about what you just saw. It’s a little nervous,
but it’s not too bad, ’cause it’s round one,
we don’t start too crazy. – I feel like I can’t talk, but I can. And I have nothing to say. – I feel good about my
choice to stay where I’m at. – Really?
– Yeah. – Are you sure?
– Let’s reveal. Three, two, one. Yes, yes, I knew it, I got you, I got you. – Frog legs.
– Oh look, gummy frogs. Now the rule is you have
to eat all the frog legs. No, that’s not the rule,
you have to take a healthy – God look it, I can see the veins. – Healthy bite, which
means like, get a good nice big gnaw on a thigh. – Thanks for, gosh, thanks
for breading these guys. Did you even, – [Stevie] No, those were
just boiled for safety. – Boiled for safety. – What about the gummies,
were they boiled? They’re so gummy, they’re so good. – Nothing but boiled. – Frog legs are good
man, tastes like chicken. (Link retches) Chicken of the pond man. Besides the ducks, frogs,
chicken of the ponds other than ducks. (playful music)
– [Together] Round two. – Okay, are you ready to peek? – Are you ready to pick?
– Yes. (cymbals) Okay, huh, so you looked confused,
happy, and then scared. – I ran through all the emotions. – Confused, scared, happy. – Just like a Shakespeare
play, all in my face. – I got a little piece of frog. – That was Hamlet actually,
specifically what I just did. – Did you even look at it? Or were you just looking
at your own brain? – Did I?
– You gotta look at it. – I already did, I peeked. – Yeah, I got so many things,
I’m trying to figure out which one was true. – Hahahaha, yes, exactly. – You know what, I’m going to give it a turn, but I’m not gonna stop. There you go, you know what,
you’re gonna love that. – Alright.
– I ain’t falling for you man. – That’s right. Gummy brain, you said brain. – What, I said brain. – You said, what’d you
look at your own brain. – I was like, well, – That’s crazy, uhhh. – Link, that’s real brain, this is, – I knew you were looking
at your own brain. But you weren’t, you were
looking at that brain. – I had trouble getting it off,
’cause it was stuck to the, look how big, it’s a gummy brain. How’d you guys find a gummy brain? – It stinks. – Oh I’ve always wanted something
big and gummy like this. No, don’t give me a fork, I’m gonna pick it up with my hands. – I wish I could bite that. But I can’t. – I’ll let you know what it tastes like. – This is the brain of the what, a pig? – [Stevie] Yep. – The brain of the pig. (Link calls out) So fruity. How’d you get one so fruity? (Link retches) It’s especially fruity,
really like a berry. – Ahh, got it, ooh, ooh, ooh, uh. Can I have some of that? – I’m taking all of this home. (playful music)
– [Together] Round three. – Uhhh, nyah. – I’m still tasting fruit. – I’m still tasting brain. – Okay, now you’re the peeker. (cymbals) Oh, I see the game you’re playing here. You’re doing lock face, you’re doing lock face. You locked in a face.
– No I’m not. – It’s an effective strategy, but now this is where the
real stuff comes right now. Now you’re thinking, ooh, I’m excited, I finally saw a gummy, he he he he, finally got a gummy on my side. Nosirree, ain’t gonna let that happen. Let’s see what we got.
– You sure? – Let’ see what we got. – Dang it.
– Yeah! – I’m gonna hit you with the food helmet. What? – Man, I’ve known you
for a long time, man. I knoW what,
– I didn’t do anything! My eyes were just big. – You let the lock face down for a second, I got in there! Swedish fish I love ’em, I love ’em. – I’ll be dag gum. Is this from Sweden?
Probably. I almost feel like I’m
having too many gummies. – Oh gosh. – I feel like I’m over, I’m
gonna have to slow my pace. I really need to slow my
pace on these gummies. I’m just gonna eat the tail of this one. – This isn’t as bad as the brain. – Oh, that stinks, I
gotta get away from it. – Unless there’s like bones in it. – That’s really affecting
the way my stuff’s tasting. – Why would anybody wanna eat bait? – ‘Cause they’re fish. Oh gosh. (playful music)
– [Together] Round four. – Man, my breath is gonna stink. Brains, and fish, and,
– There’s two more round man. – Frog legs.
– There’s two more rounds, this whole tide could turn. – It better. (cymbals) – Whatever it is, it looks
big, ’cause you’re eyes are dancing around like a ballerina. Pretty good Rhett. Pretty good.
– Yeah. – I ain’t get that much. – You got just what I wanted to give you. – You’re not in touch with your emotions, that’s your problem. See, this is about, this is, you need help man, you need to, you need to figure out
what you feel about things. – That would make this
game easier for you. – Yeah, and it would make
life more real for you. You’re passing through like
an empty freight train. Going through a tunnel of life. I didn’t get anything, so I’m
just crap shooting it here. – Crap it.
– I don’t know, because you didn’t give me anything, I think that means you’re nervous, but then,
– This is like The Princess Bride.
– I think that means, but then you were
reversing that psychology, so you actually did want it. You wanted this. Reveal. – You did it!
– Yes! – I’m not gonna tell you my strategy, but obviously my strategy didn’t work. I’ll tell you my strategy,
because I won’t do it again. I looked at it, and then
I began to look around it. – I saw you looking around,
like it was a big thing. – Like why would I do that for gummies? I would do that if it was something gross that I was trying to figure out. It was actually the first time I actually though about strategy, and it backfired. – I’ve eaten worms before, they taste like dirt and organs. – Dirt and organs.
– Enjoy. – Welcome to my world. – Did you do anything to these? – [Chase] Boiled for safety. – I told you, it tastes
like earth and organs. This on the other hand, tastes like a splendid candy. Probably makes your mouth
black, let me see in there. Yep, totally black, it’s good, isn’t it? Is it going down? Good work Rhett, you’re back. (playful music)
– [Together] Round five. – Okay Link, final
round, you’re the peeker. – I’m ready. How did that feel by the way? Did you feel anything
when you ate that worm? – It felt very gritty, very gritty. – You didn’t feel an
emotion, see what I mean. _ I felt a little defeated. (cymbals) Fear, sadness, now all this is just show, but the very first
thing you did is you did a slight upper lip raise, as in disgust. But what I read in that was that you had in mind
that, if I see the gummy, I’m gonna, like I’m
disgusted a little bit. And then you, and then
you backed out of it. And then you backed off of it. Because when you saw it, you were like, it does make me happy.
– Did it? – Because, or, which the other option is, when you saw it you were disgusted, and you let that lip slide. But I feel like you got more control, do you have control over yourself? No you don’t have control over yourself. Boy, now I’m right back at 50-50. I’m gonna go with my first instinct, which was that you saw the
gummy and tried to feign a disgusted reaction, but
then it turned into joy. But, that made you happy,
when I put it over there. When this went further away from you, that made you a little happy. Now I don’t even know what is what. And that’s exactly where I want to be. (guys cry out) – What is this, a heart? Shut up. – [Stevie] That is a
boiled elk heart, Link. – Elk, it’s elk. – It’s the heart of the elk. – That’s exotic.
– It’s the heart of the elk. – There are warriors out
there who would kill, literally, to take one of those. – We have the heart of the elk. – Hey, it’s like that
movie, what’s that movie? What’s that movie with Vito Mortenson? Viggo. – Lord of the Freaking Rings? – No. – [Stevie] Captain Fantastic. – Captain Fantastic,
where they take the heart of the deer and eat it. – Or the post-apocalyptic
movie that he did. – Meanwhile, this is just a gummy heart. – Yeah, it was over here. You had given it to me. You had given me the gummy heart, and then I tricked you, and
then you tricked yourself. – No, I didn’t do, man, I
knew exactly what I was doing the whole time. Right now, I’m eating a gummy heart. – It’s the heart of the elk. This holds the very feeling of an elk. This gives the elk meaning. – Bite it like an apple, man. – I will become one with the elk. – Strongest muscle in the body, now listen, it’s not a
filter, it’s not nearly as much of a filter as a liver. I think it actually might be tasty. I mean if this gummy
heart’s any indication. It smells like roast beef. – It tastes kinda, ugh. – It’s muscly man. – It’s the elk. It’s the elk that saves us. – Who is that? – It’s a fancy leprechaun. The leprechaun loves the elk. – Those elk heart-eating leprechauns. – We attack the elk in
packs, there’s dozens of us. – They eat this elk hearts,
and they crap out rainbows. It’s the way of nature. – For the elks. – Congratulations Link. You only got one round, but
it was a lot more fun for you. (Link moans) And hopefully it was fun for you, thanks for liking,
commenting, and subscribing. – You know what time it is. – Hi, my name’s David, and I’m at Killarney National Park, Ireland, and it’s time to spin
The Wheel of Mythicality. – If you wanna keep up
with what we’re doing over at Buddy System
season two, you can do that by going to the This Is
Mythical YouTube channel, and watching our behind the scenes videos. – Do it, subscribe to that stuff, and click through to Good Mythical More, we’re gonna have a weird
gummy worm taste test. The Mythical Crew has
made gummy worms for us. – Let’s Get Textual, text someone, all of the lyrics to Smash
Mouth’s hit song, All Star. All of ’em.
– All of ’em. – And then screenshot
the response, and post it with #LetsGetTextual, yeah. – I think that’s gonna be uplifting. Click on the left to watch our show after the show, Good Mythical More. – [Rhett] Click on the right to watch another episode of Good Mythical Morning. – [Link] And make sure to
check out our new channel, This Is Mythical, by clicking
the video at the bottom. – [Rhett] Thanks for
being your mythical best.

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