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GoPro: Chicago Skate – SLS Hometown Challenge Winner

GoPro: Chicago Skate – SLS Hometown Challenge Winner

it’s a kid going like Disney World all of this that you’ve dreamed about and watched so long I know who these people are Olympic level athletes doing what they love that was impressive to say the least having proud that big to the recognition of that it’s powerful man honestly what moved me the most was really just thinking about there’s kids in the audience they just want to skate they want to make it somehow like that they have this role model right there it’s important to keep this dream alive have people realize it you can do this nothing wrong with skating perfect parks in reality that’s not the way it is it belongs in the streets in it it’s as simple as that skipper it means the world to me up it’s defined most of my actions in the world Chicago’s widespread hard talked about skiing Chicago I definitely say is weather good weather for maybe six months you can go to indoor skate park it’s not the same thing as skating the street and having a skate spot with your friends skateboards become just everyday life I wish you know this little limitation – it feels now kind of like when we were kids we don’t call anybody you just go in with buddies are there that everybody has kind of like a mean area whoever there that see your best friends are today it’s a really cool positive thing that’s happening it seems like everybody just is in it because they love doing it Cates buzzer a grandfather right here Corrigan’s gonna hit it hopefully we don’t get kicked out as we get kicked out like every two minutes oh my gosh so Nick he absolutely shreds he went down down today and he nasty wall right down this age they’re like amazing the camera keeps good why Nick he just skates hard he skates fast and he just goes big he’s the guy that will get you hyped up on anything there’s only no anything like that no paper most of my joy comes from it it’s great a network of people a day kind of all around I work at a skate ramp stretch out means to me my own skateboarding career to be honest they’ve given me boards they’ve given me anything that I need to have literally have given me the world life on the skateboard try nose manual is for ice all right like always awesome skateboard yeah we’re gonna get on that you just said you got to go with the board’s I just know I think you could Street skating downtown you don’t have the best crown or the best grab one got cracks everywhere you got security breathing done bro get kicked out then you got to make another trip later on in a week and hope you get it done it’s a really really rewarding one to get you trick holding on alright let’s go I was gone yeah we’re good you guys are cool man yeah man we do get kicked out all the time but there’s only somewhere else to go get kicked obviously go got another spot right there skateboards become just everyday life it’s all I’ve known for so long I don’t really love anything like that caused me to love life more to life and love man being a skateboarder in Chicago it’s different than anywhere else we were more creative at finding ways to keep skateboarding in the last few years we’ve been able to find more and more places to skate like how we got this warehouse about to that whole warehouse thing that’s beautiful that’s everybody in Chicago’s dream pretty much you’d meet one guy you get one opportunity this guy somehow meets another guy they happen to have a warehouse and the guy gives them permission to just run this little operation back there build whatever you want having this is something personalized it seems that we can run is beautiful I mean I remember looking at that couch I hate ramps I was like oh I’ll just ollie that you I even thought that nothing and travel just like Yelp kickflip you put that no way you know we just started filming the line I was doing it it’s such a simple piece of machinery and people have done the most ridiculous up later literally impossible actions performed on skateboards you know you see those tricks in your psyche No the first two words come on mom I think skateboarding damn dude I am dude that’s pretty much what I say when somebody does something crazy I feel like it’s one of the hardest things figured out how to do even though it’s like the simplest thing to order some wheels where you took it now why did you complicate something so much what is wrong with you is we’re we’re messed up damn dude

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  3. Hollywood grade editing and filming. Definitely amazed at how well this video was edited and put together.

  4. I have recently purchased a GoPro hero 4 session and after a week of having it, it won't turn on anymore? Does anyone know how to fix this problem if so please comment thank you .

  5. I love combining my GoPro Session with my main cameras for my daily vlogs. Most versatile camera I could ever need. Always waterproof and ready to go! These guys created an amazing video.

  6. This is a really nice video. Keep making more skateboarding videos.
    And perhaps Classic cars videos too.

  7. The Barcelona 2016 hometown challenge just went live today!

  8. went to Chicago to skate last summer and it was amazing! Especially me coming from a place where there's not even a handrail to skate and a shitty park with metal ramps. it was like am entirely different world. It was all pretty cool except for almost getting robbed a few times and shootings happening just a few blocks from where I was staying hahaha

  9. I skated briefly when I was like 12 and broke my arm then stopped. But I love skate boarding. I wish I stuck with it. Street skating is so sick

  10. I love skating but I'm just so awful. I can do the smallest Ollie and every once and a while a pop-shuv it

  11. My friend did that nose manual in a trench video in 98. He was on the first gear team they may have even used it in their video

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