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GoPro Athlete Tips and Tricks: Self Document Your Snowboarding with Dan Brisse (Ep 15)

GoPro Athlete Tips and Tricks: Self Document Your Snowboarding with Dan Brisse (Ep 15)

Hey what’s up? I’m Dan Brisse. I’m a GoPro
Athlete and professional snowboarder. I like to use the Jaws: Flex Clamp and the Gooseneck
when I’m filming in the streets or in the park. It’s really awesome, you can pretty
much put it wherever you need to with the clamp here. And you can disconnect the clamp
from the Gooseneck and put the camera directly on the clamp. Or you can take the clamp off
and just use the gooseneck to do follow cams and we’re going to go to the park right now
and I’m going to show you how to use it firsthand and be a self-producer. We’re at the top of the park. I’ve got my
Jaws clamp, my Gooseneck, and my wireless remote. Today I’m trying to get a still photo,
30 photos in 3 seconds. First step to do that is turn on the GoPro. Let the GoPro fire up
and then hit the Wi-Fi button here on the side just to get the blue light flashing.
Once the blue light is flashing, push it again to get into the menu. Then scroll it down
to Wi-Fi RC. Select that, and then you’re going to select it down to New. Select that,
and then you have got to power up the remote. Push that and right away hold the red button
and it will start to pair the GoPro and the remote together. Now that we have the camera paired to the
remote, we’re going to use this clamp and Gooseneck to get it connected to the rail
so we can get the photo we’re looking for. I’m going to put the camera how I want it
on the rail and use the adjustments to get it right. And then just do a little test to
make sure the burst mode is working properly. You’re going to push the red button, hear
the 30 photos in 3 seconds and remember to just give yourself a little bit of time because
there’s that little bit of a delay. So when you’re coming in, maybe a second or just a
little ways early before you get on the rail, just push the button and you should be good
to go. I’m Dan Brisse, that’s all I’ve got for you
today for GoPro’s Tips and Tricks. Today we went over the Jaws clamp, we went over how
to pair your remote to your camera, and also the burst photo. We’re all set up here, I’ve
got my remote in hand. I’m going to go hit this thing, shoot some photos of my own, you
do the same.

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  1. Hey Dude I really like your video. How did you put those gopro images in and out of the shot?


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