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GoPro Athlete Tips and Tricks: Helmet Mounting and GoPro App with Tom Wallisch (Ep 4)

GoPro Athlete Tips and Tricks: Helmet Mounting and GoPro App with Tom Wallisch (Ep 4)

Yo, what’s up. Tom Wallisch here, professional
freestyle skier, GoPro Athlete, and today I’m going to be showing you some sweet Tricks
and Tips for mounting your GoPro on your helmet. Now when you’re skiing, everybody is wearing
a helmet nowadays and it’s essential to get those sick GoPro shots of what kind of action
you’re doing out there. And for me, I love just the simplest, low profile sticky mount.
Now when you’re mounting this one, it’s essential to find the best place on your helmet. You
want the most contact points between the sticky mount and your helmet. I’ve found that the
best place for that is roughly two inches above the edge of your helmet line, nice and
centered, right in the middle, looking straight in front. Now what you’re going to want to
do is make sure your helmet is nice and clean. You want to take a rag and clean it off, make
sure there’s no grime or dirt or anything on there, make sure it’s nice and clean. And
then you’re going to be mounting the sticky on there. So normally you’d want to do this
inside, in a nice room temperature environment and allow it around 24 hours to set up to
really have a secure mount. It’s really essential to have it centered, you know not looking
one way or another, to really get the best shot. So you’ll see maybe two inches up, you
really center it, really focus on what you’re doing, kind of wait, look at it, and when
you finally find that spot, make sure you push down really firmly. You’re going to want
to push all over the thing, get each edge of that really pushed on there, as tight as
you can. The more secure that is, the better luck you’re going to have having that mount
stay on and getting the best shots. So now as soon as you have your mount all set up
right where you want it, next thing you want to do is you want to get the GoPro on there.
For me, when I’m skiing, I put two anti-fog strips here at the base of the camera. That’s
just going to help to make sure you’re always getting a good shot, you’re not having the
camera fog up. Once you’ve got those in there, the camera’s all set up, you’ve got your mounting
all set up, and you’re going to kind of just attach the camera on there. And then from
there, once you’ve got the camera on your helmet, the best way for me and the way I
like to frame my shots to make sure I’m getting the right shot, and what settings I want to
use, I love to use the GoPro App. So, easy as that, you pull out your phone, and using
the app, you can easily go on. Without looking at the camera, you can take a look using the
app to see a live preview of what the shot looks like, where the camera is angled, how
you want to adjust your angle, choose settings. Every time in between runs on the ski hill
you can take a look. As soon as I dial in the kind of angle I’m looking for, make sure
to tighten that down, nice and tight so the camera is not moving while you’re skiing, bumping
down the run, you can put your phone away then. You’ve got your shot dialed, maybe buckle
your helmet, get ready to go. And you’re ready to go ski down the hill and get some shots. So easy as that, putting on the camera, mounting
it low-profile on your helmet. I’m Tom Wallisch and thanks again for watching GoPro Tricks
and Tips. Get out there and try it yourself.

33 thoughts on “GoPro Athlete Tips and Tricks: Helmet Mounting and GoPro App with Tom Wallisch (Ep 4)”

  1. Hey GoPro, WHY!! have you not put a tutorial on how to get your updates from your app to the 3+'s THAT IS MORE IMPORTANT,thank goodness for others on YT.
    This is about three years to late for most people.

  2. when editing did you edit out the delay between camera and phone? And at the end the camera was off, the wifi was off so i know that it was edited after to make it look better.

  3. What software are you using to make it so stable? You have almost no vibration. If you're using the studio can you guys do a tutorial on that? Thank you.

  4. I'll also throw a point into the ring… If you're using it and it's pretty cold, like below 20F, the battery life goes into the toilet. I bought a different back window with a plug that connects into the wide connector on the left of the Hero 4 Silver screen. From that I plugged that usb connector into a lithium battery brick, or backup battery (whatever you call those things) and I filmed for 3+ hours continuously with the wifi on, the entire time shooting at 1080p 60fps. I ended up with 44gb of data, but the battery never went dead, nor did the backup battery.

    The USB cord was long enough for the battery to live comfortably in my right front breast pocket, and I threaded the cord through the radio antenna hole in my Spyder.

    I did the battery and powered back for less than $50. Best money I ever spent.

  5. my gopro always falls off when i do a steep hill, and i had to ask my friends to go get it for me.
    EDIT: fixed! bought a new helmet, it was the helmet's problem…

  6. "its very important to get the sticky mount in the middle".. sticks the mount somewhere there like theres tomorrow..

  7. Iv found when it’s towards the front, it pushes your helmet down on your goggles and hinders breathing out of your nose. I think it’s better balanced towards the top side of the helm ??

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