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Golden Ester Ledecká: Interview with the NEW SNOW QUEEN | #czechteam

Golden Ester Ledecká: Interview with the NEW SNOW QUEEN | #czechteam

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46 thoughts on “Golden Ester Ledecká: Interview with the NEW SNOW QUEEN | #czechteam”

  1. As you can see,no actual comments from Austria…😂😂😂.Yes,ok,they're likely to be disappointed,but they are boringly conservative,nationalist and overprotective over their "national sport".
    By 2022,LOTS of athlets from non-alpine cities will be competing AND WINNING !😉😆😈
    Go Ester, yours is THE best moment of the last…2/3 Winter Olympics !! Love Ya !!! 😘

  2. Absolutely amazing performance!! Congrats Ester!!! I hope that your country throws you a huge parade when you get home! You deserve it! Congrats for showing that a snowboarder can beat skiers at their own game!

  3. Ester je zlata! Velka gratulace z Kyrgyzstanu, mrzi mne ze jsem to nevidela, kdyz jela. Moc fandim i tomu, ze umi la lyzich i na prkne!

  4. Ester Ledecka shows how snowboarders can win gold in the Super G. When are the Alpine skiers going to try winning gold in snowboarding?

  5. Franz Klammer mad down hill run in the 1976 Innsbruk Olympics. But Klammer was a known skier… Lindsey Vonn was hilarious in a post DH interview just now, 'No snowboarder in this race…'

  6. The National TV coverage didn’t even have their cameras on the true gold medalists. Filming news & personality’s that they ram down our throats. Talent and grace plus modesty equals truth. What are images shown are just delusional TV programmers. Beautiful run Ester. Brilliant!!!

  7. im so glad i could add to my book another legendary milestone. im 50 and i was born by the time Jiri Raska won gold in 1968. And now you Ester, totally made my winter. enjoy going down in history for owning the 2018 winter olympics

  8. What a great girl, I love hearing her talk. I wish some of personality would rub off on some of the other athletes. Congratulations Ester.

  9. Love it. That is why the racers that go to make a good result always end up failing. The champions always come to each race to win.

  10. Neuvěřitelný Výkon! Herzlichen Glückwunsch Ester, zur Goldmedaille. Ich hoffe wir werden noch so einiges von dieser sympathischen, jungen Dame hören.

  11. Some 3 hours ago she won the snowboard parallel giant slalom – which was to be her main competition at these Olympics. Ester, you´re the best. Second Gold. The first athlete to have ever won 2 Gold medals at two different sports at one Olympics. She´s become a legend.

  12. Gratuluji Fräulein Ledecke a cele family.Tomu se rika reprezentace statu!!!!!!!!! Nakonec se mi libi i jeji american english,neni to ta Sobotkova czech anglictina(to byl prosim premier) coz je v businessu very dulezite.One more time Thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!Dik !

  13. THE athlete of the games. What she has achieved is unparalleled and may never be accomplished again. Utmost respect. And since no one else seems to have mentioned it below, WOW she is incredibly beautiful as well.

  14. There is no way that Ledecka won the gold. It takes two years for a ski racer to get used to certain skis. Ledecka borrowed hers at the last minute. It takes ski racers years to learn what line to pick. Ledecka picked the right line by chance? It takes a ski racer working with their ski techs to pick the right wax, binding and so on. Ledecka had borrowed skis. I simply do not believe that this happened. The timing system was not working properly.

  15. Congrats from west Texas, you were the highlight of the Olympics. Long live the "underdogs". Best of luck to you and yours!

  16. The Queen of the Games.So decent, so humble girl..Im really happy sometimes In life good things happens to a good people.

  17. congratulations :-). it is soo crazy to win in 2 sports .. is it true that ester won the super-G with borrowed skis from mikaela shiffrin?

  18. That was easily the best moment of the games for me. Too bad I had to find it online to watch the entire race, which was just awesome.

  19. Still do not understand the sense to invest milions and the entire life focus only for to be 5sec sooner then others….How the few seconds saved down is worth of it ?? I think something is really wrong with this world of people ! ….

  20. Ledecka for Czech president! Why? Recognized not only in China and Russia. Much better English. Steals only gold medals not our freedom.

  21. How can anybody hate that? When everyone has been telling you that you cannot win so long that you dont even expect it yourself, but because of heart, you dont give up and you give it a go anyways and you end up taking gold and making history. Let's you know how wrong people can be. Happy for this young athlete.

  22. Congratulations! You seem very humble and you deserved the gold and didn't just win one! You won two golds!
    Well done from The USA!

  23. I loved her expression – and her reaction when she was told she had won by someone in the crowd.  That was real humility combined I'm sure with her earlier belief that she was only trying to compete in the two different sports.  Being that relaxed and just going for it made for an incredible run.  I will never forget her say 'No' when told she had won.  Priceless.  Congrats to what the world knows now is an incredible athlete.

  24. Arguably the most fantastic story of the Olympics. Congratulations on both medals, well deserved. We talked about it for days at work, good for you girl! 🇺🇸

  25. This was really one of the most impressing things I've ever seen in sports. Watching the run again and again. Congratulations!

  26. For me, the highlight of all the Olympics was the reaction of Ester when she finished the Super-G run, and edged out Vieth, who had already been awarded the Gold long before Ester started her run. She had been written off, and she shocked the entire Olympics with her run, and she was humble about the whole thing. This was the greatest moment in the entire Olympics, and Congrats' to her, she is a great champion!

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