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Giving birth on a snowmobile… only in Newfoundland | 22 Minutes

Giving birth on a snowmobile… only in Newfoundland | 22 Minutes

One of the most incredible stories to come
out of the Newfoundland storm is from a radio report of a woman in labour who was driven
to the hospital on a snowmobile. Our 22 Minutes cameras were there when she
arrived. [Muffled} Breathe! What? [Muffled] Breathe! I can’t hear you, take that damn helmet off! I said ‘Breathe!’ What do you think I’m doing you idiot! Good evening! What a remarkable story! Can you tell us how you got here? Well, during the last blizzard the power went
so I said to the missus I said, you look something good in the dark, then we went to the bedroom. Will you shut up! The roads were blocked with snow. The ambulance couldn’t get to us. The car was buried under a snowbank. I said this baby is comin’, get the Skidoo. And I said, ‘It’s not a Skidoo, she’s a snowmobile!’ Then she took off without me. Wait, you drove yourself to the hospital? I caught up with her over by the mall. She had her bogged down, I told her you gotta ease up on the throttle and then you gotta mind her on the– Agghhhh will you shut up! Why is she still on the snowmobile? Oh they said there’s no more beds, so the
only place for her was on the snowmobile. I was so worried about her. Oh, thank you honey. I mean I was scared to death I’d scratch her
paint job on the way in but I just managed to squeeze her in. Aghhhhh! Honey! Honey! Do you want more ice chips? Oh my God I’ve had enough ice for one night! Do you want more storm chips? Oh my God, my water broke! Careful, you’ll flood her! I think you might need a doctor right now! No there’s no doctor, I’m going to have to
deliver this baby. I don’t see the head yet! Want me to turn on the headlights? Okay, please! Oh my God, she’s beautiful! It’s a girl!? No I mean the snowmobile, what make is she? She’s an Arctic Cat 900. Will somebody deliver this baby!? Okay come on push! Dat’s it now giv’er now giv’er! It’s a girl! Oh my God she looks just like ya, look! She’s beautiful! Goodnight and good luck!

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  1. Thank you for providing such comedy when everyone is in gloomy times. Would most people agree this is the best currency spent within the CBC?

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