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Girl-Crew learn how to Scuba Dive – Sailing Vessel Delos Ep.163

Girl-Crew learn how to Scuba Dive – Sailing Vessel Delos Ep.163

Are you guys ready
for your dive today? Oh, yeah. Ready! Let’s get it. [INAUDIBLE] We gotta feed
the crab, feed the crab. [CLICKING NOISE] He knows the crab face. Of course, he’s a crab. Look at him. I’m an original one. Stretch it out, [INAUDIBLE] Some pre-dive stretches–
it’s going to be a good one. [MUSIC PLAYING] [NON-ENGLISH SINGING] (SINGING) Onetox represents
Solomon Island people. [INAUDIBLE] originally
from my homeland. Like my old man said,
there’s nothing impossible. So we have to bring this
message to my brother here. Straight from the
crew, out to the blue. We represent the voices
of my ancestors’ calling. Previously on Delos,
we sailed to an epic spot called Bird Rock and dived
with some amazing Galapagos sharks. Today, it’s going
to be a special day for me and this girl there
because the crew is taking us for our first dive. It’s a special day fro me, too. It’s my special day. So I’m really excited. I was looking for this
moment for a long time, now. The spot might be quite epic. What’s the name? Comfortless Cove. Comfortless Cove. The name for this cove
came from the fact that during the
19th century, this was the place of quarantine
for yellow fever victims that came on the
ships which had sailed from the west coast of Africa. The border is quite shallow
and very comfortable and with a lot of fishes around. So I think that might
be the perfect spot for the first dive. But before Lizbeth and I
could start our training to become underwater
breathers, the advanced divers checked out the spot first. [MUSIC PLAYING] [UNDERWATER SOUNDS] The plan was to swim from the
shallow waters of Comfortless Cove to a wreck
called HMS Meander– a chill dive about
15 meters deep. [UNDERWATER SOUNDS] [MUSIC PLAYING] HMS meander was a
Royal Navy frigate sailing all over the
world for 30 years before wrecking in
a gale here in 1870. Not much is left of the
1,221 ton wooden boat. [MUSIC PLAYING] [BUBBLES] It’s pretty common to
see eels while diving. What’s not common is to see
them out of their holes, so I was intrigued and
went in for a closer look. Mr. Eel rushed straight at me. In a half panic, I actually
threw the camera at him, hoping it would distract him. It didn’t distract
him for long and I was forced to actually
kick in with my fins. We later heard from the locals. These eels are often
quite aggressive, especially if you catch
them out in the open. And it’s much
better to give them as wide a berth as possible. [MUSIC PLAYING] And then it was finally time to
start our scuba dive training with teacher, Mr.
Brady Trautman. So we’re going to put
our mask and fins on. And we’ll go out
towards the dinghy. And then we’ll get
the gear and put it on while we’re in the water. And the first thing
we’re going to do is make sure all the gear
is on and turned and stuff. And I’ll show you guys had to
do a buddy check in the water because y’all are
responsible for each other. I’m really excited
for the girls, just to be able to show
people that experience and to have them do it for
the first time on Delos. It’s really nice. And you guys check
each other’s gear, make sure everything’s
working, do all the tests that we did on the boat. And then you’ll put your
face down in the water. And you’ll put your regulator
in and you’ll breathe, just to see how it feels
just to breathe when you’re in the water like that. [MUSIC PLAYING] And then once you’re comfortable
with that, we’ll go down. And we’ll go down to the bottom. It’s probably like, two
meters there, if that. So maybe with the base and your
fins, you can touch the bottom. But we’ll go down and
we’ll go onto our knees. And that’s what that symbol– if
you see me doing that, it means get on your knees, [LAUGHTER] Alrighty. [MUSIC PLAYING] And then I’d say the
first thing we’re going to do once you
guys are down there– everything is OK, you’re
breathing fine, nice and slow we’ll come back
up nice and slow. And we’ll start doing
some skills and stuff. The most important skill
that you’ll probably use on every dive is
clearing your mask. Put your masks on. I’m all ready! Done. Whenever we do the drills,
I’ll do everything first. And then I’ll ask,
OK do you understand? And then I’ll tell you to do it. Did you get that Liz? Yeah, you’re going to show us
how to do everything first. So whenever you
put your mask on, the most important thing
is to not have hair in it. OK. [INAUDIBLE] Because that will
leak [INAUDIBLE] So when we’re at the
bottom, everything is good, you guys are OK
breathing underwater, we’ll go down on
our knees like this. And then I’ll do the drill. And the way you do it is you
grab your mask like this. You open the top seal just
slightly, just a little bit. And water will
come into the mask. And right then, it’s
really important to understand not to panic. So I’ll be holding onto you. If you have to close
your eyes, that’s OK. Take a minute, take
some deep breaths. Breathe in and out when
there’s water in your mask. To get the water out,
you do the opposite. You lift open the bottom and you
breathe out through your nose. And what it does is it fills
the whole cavity of the goggles up with air and
pushes the water out. [MUSIC PLAYING] With our gear sorted,
it was finally time to explore a little bit more of
this amazing underwater world. And oh boy, I can tell you– this was mind blowing. What an epic spot
for the first dive. [MUSIC PLAYING] How was that guys? It was definitely
one of my highlights. [LAUGHS] You guys did it. So cool. My [INAUDIBLE] here. We got to experience this
together, which is incredible. It was amazing and we
looked after each other. And we had a high
five under the water. And it was really magical. You did all your skills. You cleared your mask,
you recovered your reg. You’re working on your buoyancy. It’s so nice. It’s so when you exhale
and you sink immediately. And the more you exhale and the
deeper your breath [INAUDIBLE] the more you can play
with the buoyancy. That’s so fun. It’s all about control
in your breath. Welcome to the world
of scuba diving. Thank you Brady. Thank you Brady. Thank you so much! Awesome job, guys. You’re a good teacher,
but you know that. Thank you. As a memento, you now officially
an underwater breather. This one is especially for you. That’s a spine of some sort. And this one is for you. Oh. It matched your shirt. Perfectly. So those are your
diving certifications. Certified divers, kind of– we
have a lot more to go through. We are Delos divers. Yeah, of course. Good job guys. You did really good. The rest of the day,
we spent at the beach– chilling, swimming,
snorkeling, and everything we have been missing
in the last few months while we have been
surrounded by cold water. [BUBBLES] [MUSIC PLAYING] (SINGING) Funky, funky music. Number one, brother. Number one. Yeah, grab a butt. Grab a butt! That’s the one. Dirty girls. [MUSIC PLAYING] Although the day had been
very special so far anyway, nature held a bigger
surprise for us while we were
driving [INAUDIBLE].. What’s going on guys? Wow, there is a
massive manta ray here. There’s a ray right over here. Oh, look how it’s flying. You can really
see his fins good. No way! Everybody hold
you shit together. I mean, look at that. No way! [LAUGHTER] [INAUDIBLE] He’s
good sized, too. Big boy! I’m pretty happy about that. What about you guys? What a way to
finish off the day. Ah, man, what a way to do
it too, just by the dinghy and being really
patient and quiet. It’s really nice. Oh good that I said
something, huh? Yeah, good spotting, Lisa. Because I wasn’t sure. [MUSIC PLAYING] Good morning. It is Sunday morning. And we’re going to try and do
some work on the boat today, maybe a little bit of cleaning. Let’s see if we can
get the troops rallied. Are you excited today? I’m always excited
for cleaning day. Cleaning day! Yay for cleaning day. What’s your cleaning duty today? I already did mine yesterday. Look at you. What was it? It was the toilet. And it wasn’t too bad. So I’m going to
focus on my video right now because it needs
to be done before we leave. Uh-huh. Good morning. Good morning. Good morning. What’s up brother? Today is cleaning day. Yay! Everybody ready to clean? Yes. You guys look ready. We’re practicing our DJ skills. Virtual DJ rocking it up. Check it out. Wait, wait. All right, never mind. I’m not ready. No? OK. Keep working on that. So my job on the boat is
clean the toilet today. Yeah, I know. I know. So let’s get this party rolling. We haven’t cleaned
Delos for a while, so it was more than urgent to
give her some deep cleanse. As we are planning
to leave essentially in the next few days, we wanted
to make our home nice and tidy again and polish every single
corner before our long passage to Brazil. Hello Elizabeth. How’s it going? I’ve just pulled it out so
much hair from the toilet. It’s a mixture of curly blondes,
thick blacks, and my hair. The head up here it’s always
dirtier than the aft one. I know but you’ve got Lisa
and Karin dainty little poos. And then we’ve got
fucking Blues Clues here. Blue Clues Lizbeth [INAUDIBLE] Blues Clues and her number twos. That’s strange. Tooth paste on the walls,
shit like, around here. How does shit come
out of the toilet? [MUSIC PLAYING] So it’s your shower curtain
flag needs to be redone, and you’re doing it when
it’s blowing like, 25. It’s important. I’m too scared for use to
leave and it’s not done. Why don’t you just
untie the flag, redo it in the protection,
and then put it back up? Yeah, I tried but the
knots are too tight. All right. I like it. You’re getting there. Yeah, I’m so close. Yeah, you’re about a
quarter of the way. Look at that. It’s like a fresh flag. Look at it. What we got going on here, Alex? Round two risotto. The thing about risotto
is you have to sit here and stir it continuously. Yeah, sounds great. But it’s cool because
I got [INAUDIBLE] going and a glass of white wine. [INAUDIBLE] It smells really good. We’ll see. Lisa, of course, gave
me her recipe again. So it usually
turns out all right if I follow her directions. She has no idea the knowledge
she holds in her brain. [MUSIC PLAYING] What did we do today? Today we cleaned the boat. You’ve got a little
nipple showing there, bro. Do you want to put
yourself away, mate? That’s not
appropriate– nip slip. We can blur it– no worries! Did some work, cleaned the
boat, cleaned the galley, cleaned the toilets. Lisa is drinking gin and tonics
all afternoon apparently, and didn’t even know it. It came back and
I was like, where has my gin and tonic gone? There’s only a drop left! Are you sure? Because I drank it the whole
afternoon and I didn’t feel it. Yeah, it’s got gin in it. Yeah, it’s definitely
got gin in it. [INTERPOSING VOICES] Lisa, you’re drunk. She’s been drinking gin and
tonic and hasn’t even realized. You put the rest of the
bottle in that Lisa. You’ve just been drinking
it the whole afternoon. I became a real
sailor now, probably. She doesn’t even realize when
there’s alcohol in her drink. That’s good. So we’re a couple days away
from leaving ascension. And we were supposed
to go in and provision today and do some
internet stuff. But the swell has picked back
up to like, what, four meters? I would say a good four
or five meters at times, so where we normally
leave the dinghy is actually breaking waves. I have a whole load of
backpacks full of laptops. It’ll be very interesting. That was gnarly waves. What the– We can’t leave the
dinghy there today so I’m going to attempt a drop. And I’m going to try to put the
GoPro on my forehead and drop people in who want to go in. Look at these things coming
in, those big rollers. So this set started
in 9:05 and it’s 9:12. It looks so calm to the camera. And some of these
boats, yeah, have a freeboarder that the top of
them is four or five meters. And they disappear
between the swells. It’s hard to tell
in the camera always but there’s massive
waves back there. Although the dropping
off mission was actually a bit dangerous, Mr. Brady
came up with a very clever idea to avoid any accidents. Whenever you really set
up to film something, it never happens. So since the swells are real
bad and it’s rough in there, and I’m going to drop
people off in the dinghy and there’s a chance of
danger, I’m going to try and film everything because
then nothing will happen. But if we weren’t filming,
it would be massive swells and we’d get slammed
into the rocks. And like, people would fall
into the shark infested waters. And I’m going to cover it so
that way, it won’t happen. I’ll buy that theory. Let’s do it. Brady geared himself up with
a GoPro on his forehead. And so the dropping
off mission– or actually, it’s
better known as “nothing will happen because Brady is
filming” could finally begin. [MUSIC PLAYING] Brady’s trying to
drop Brian and Lizbeth and Alex off at the shore,
but literally the waves are like, breaking. It’s a really big swell. Whoa! Look at this one. These are like good five,
six meter swells, huh? And it’s getting worse. The anchorage is not
very pleasant today. It’s really rolly. I just feel a bit concerned–
if Brady dropped them off in there– that they won’t be able to
come back because it’s just going to be too hectic. I think they’re just out there,
kind of waiting, watching it. [MUSIC PLAYING] I don’t know bro. [INAUDIBLE] Yeah, that’s easy
if they do that. But the dinghy getting washed
up onto the fucking side, that’s the easy side is
grabbing the rope. [MUSIC PLAYING] Good one, Lizzy! Nice one. OK, see you soon mates. I’m pretty sure I see Brady
speeding out of there now. How did it go? it’s pretty hectic, huh? Yeah, It’s OK. Like, it’s fucking
sketchy but if you just come up as quick as you
can and then grab the rope, and swing in you know? Yeah. And like, you have a few seconds
before the next big swell comes in. I mean we went in during
the calmest of the calm. Like, it was perfect
for what we have now. Yeah. But I mean, it was still
the biggest we’ve seen. Sketchy. Yeah, it was still sketchy. Only a few hours later,
it was time for us to pick them up again. [LAUGHTER] They’re really massive. What the fuck! Now make sure, just
don’t grab onto any of the tires or anything. Just grab the orange line. And if it’s too much, let go. [MUSIC PLAYING] [INAUDIBLE] Good job guys. [MUSIC PLAYING] [INAUDIBLE] We’re just rocking and
rolling, baby– just rocking and rolling. Karen, they’re vogue-ing. Huh? They’re vogue-ing
and striking poses. Oh my God. You want to join? Yes, I’m just
finishing this video. [LAUGHS] [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh, look at those
shoulder moves. Ooh. Cap-i-tan. Rock and rolling. OK you guys, what time is it? Sunset. I don’t know. Only about 10 minutes
have gone by since you took the camera down last time. And all the food is gone. Dinnertime. About 6:00? No. What time is it? 4:20. No. Is this a trick question? No, it’s favorite
part of the week time. Oh! Highlight of the week. OK. Yeah, [INAUDIBLE]
going snorkeling. That was awesome. I had a great time at Bird Rock. And also today because
I got an email back. What? What? I didn’t understand
you in that voice. Edward emailed me back
today so I was quite happy. Oh nice. I liked going to Bird Island
and diving with the baby sharks. That was super cool. That was my favorite part too. I remember it was funny because
I was down there swimming around I was like,
when Alex asks me what my favorite
part of the week is, I’m going to
think about this. [LAUGHTER] Scuba diving at
[INAUDIBLE] island. What was your favorite moment? Of diving there? Yeah. I think the second dive when
we went through the lava tunnel or the arch way. And it just drops off. And right when you
go down the drop off, there’s schools of fish
and a bunch of sharks. And at any moment, you’re
expecting like a big Galapagos shark to come out of
the corner so it’s kind of like your adrenaline’s
going the whole time. Like, you look around
and you’re like, oh fuck. You want one to come,
but you don’t really want one to show up. I think my favorite
part was seeing– [YELLING] [INTERPOSING VOICES] OK, proceed. Seeing a Barracuda, puffer
fish, an eel, and afterwards that I spotted the ray. I think that was
my favorite part. Lisa did spot the ray. Breathing underwater
for the first time. Oh yeah! Good week. So all of our favorite
moments are underwater. Yeah. That’s pretty nifty. All right, time for a burrito. Burrito. Up next, we check out. Good bye internet. Everything is scheduled
as much as it can be. We’ve sent out last messages. Send, send, send, good bye. Stop at Bird Rock one more
time for some epic diving, and Brian and Alex get
sucked into a cave. [MUSIC PLAYING] Like it? I like it a lot. Break dance. We’re going down. Hold your breath. [MUSIC PLAYING] Green glasses. For the Green Flash. That’s the secret right here. You’ve got to wear them
shades, get that vibe. Yep. Look at that skewed view. [LAUGHTER] Now you’re getting it. Lisa Huh? I’m not allowed
to look at the sun so unfortunately, I
can’t look at the camera. Don’t look at it. The key is wait until right
when it’s going down– and I’ll let you know when– if
you just do this with your hand every once in a while. And then right when it
goes below the horizon, you should see a
little tinge of green. It’s not like the
whole sky lights up. It’s just a little flash of
light, like a bulb flash. Did you see something? I saw a little bit of a greenish
thingy, but I’m not sure. Lisa’s butt. Sorry guys. False alarm. False alarm. Liz, can you see anything? Brady? Brady? Permanently blind. Speak to me. I see you. I see you, bro. No means no. No. Liz? Who puts mayonnaise
on Mexican food, mate? God. This is American Mexican. Be you, boo, just don’t eat
what I don’t want you to eat. Fuck the rules. I love you guys.

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