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Girl & Anti-Hero Skate Tour 1 of 10 – Epicly Later’d – VICE

Girl & Anti-Hero Skate Tour 1 of 10 – Epicly Later’d – VICE

MALE SPEAKER: Yeah, you can
see it [INAUDIBLE]. MIKE CARROLL: All right. Way to go, huh? MALE SPEAKER: Yeah. MIKE CARROLL: All right. What’s up, dude? MALE SPEAKER: What’s up? MIKE CARROLL: All right. What’s happening? PATRICK O’DELL: What’s up? Welcome back to the show. We’re here at Deluxe. We’re meeting up with Girl and
Anti-Hero, and we’re going on the Beauty and the Beast Tour,
which is through northern California, Oregon,
Washington. And I’ve never been on tour
with either of these companies, so I’m kind of
nervous and excited. Because it seems to be
more than just like a regular old tour. This is like a really
sick tour. MALE SPEAKER: Yeah. You’ve got to wear like
smaller pants or whatever with that one. PATRICK O’DELL: You’re going
to wear all Anti-Hero gear? MIKE CARROLL: Yeah. And they’re going to wear our
all-over print Girl gear. MALE SPEAKER: This one
fits better, right? PATRICK O’DELL: You guys
trading outfits? AARON MEZA: No. That’s just Mike’s
weird fantasies. PATRICK O’DELL: Oh. Do you think Girl and Anti-Hero have anything in common? JIM THIEBAUD: Yeah, they’re both
awesome skateboard teams. They’re the dudes. They know what they’re doing. I think they’re similar in the
fact that they’re just both all run by the guys who ride
for them, and that shows in everything they do. And this was an awesome idea,
that I can’t wait to fucking see what happens. I was talking to Julian. It feels like the last couple
of days we were calling each other and just like, can you
believe this is happening? You ready? Are you ready? And to me it feels like it’s
almost like a big video premiere, or some bullshit thing
where you’re like, oh my god, it’s going to happen. And I can’t fucking wait. It’s going to be really cool. MALE SPEAKER: Yeah. PATRICK O’DELL: It’s a
10-day trip, right? And there’s only like three
things on the schedule. JIM THIEBAUD: As it should be. I’m sure it’ll be filled
with other things rather than demos. MALE SPEAKER: How you doing? MALE SPEAKER: Is
this your dog? [LAUGHTER] ROBBIE RUSSO: Look
at the poop. It just peed on the floor. MALE SPEAKER: Oh, shit. PATRICK O’DELL: Where’d
you get that tent? ROBBIE RUSSO: At
the dog store. PATRICK O’DELL: The dog store? ROBBIE RUSSO: I don’t know. Dog something. PATRICK O’DELL: What do
you think Girl and Anti-Hero have in common? TONY MIORANA: Legendary dudes. Skater of the years. They got several of those. Sick-ass teams. Good people to hang out with. They’ve both got roots. They’ve got deep roots
in skating. You respect all the
dudes who started both of those companies. JOHN ALDEN: Fuck, seems like we
were talking about it for a long time, like just
bullshitting. Like it would be so sick to
fucking go out with those dudes, just kind
of like joking. Somehow it fucking worked out. DARIN HOWARD: This is a trip I’d
love to be on, like a fly on the wall. Fuck, it’s going to be nuts. Yeah. Once in a lifetime kind
of thing, you know? MALE SPEAKER: Girl! Arr. [HOWLS AND CHEERS] [HORN HONKS] MALE SPEAKER: Hopefully
we make it back. RICK HOWARD: Fuck yeah, dude. Wow. This is nice. What’s up, Tony? Yeah, dude. I’m good. TONY TRUJILLO: I’m good. I’m doing it. Fucking get some
of that, dude. RICK HOWARD: Yeah, that’s
fucking mysterious [INAUDIBLE]. PATRICK O’DELL: So whose idea
was this for the tour? JULIEN STRANGER: It
was their idea. A couple years ago it came up as
like Anti-Hero versus Girl, and I was way not into that,
because we’d just get our ass kicked all over the place. It kind of took a couple years
to find the right plan. When I was on teams when I was
a lot younger, I was always really stoked on the
team aspect, like a good group of friends. And that was more important than
necessarily how good a guy was, or if they won
contests or anything. It was just like you had to get
the right people together. And I think that’s what
these guys do. I think that’s what we do. You don’t treat skaters
like meat. They’re not pro athletes. They’re friends. Both companies really care about
skateboarding, and just want to keep it really
interesting for people like ourselves, for our peers, not
just create a commodity. It’s everything more
than money. And these guys wanted to unwind
after the Lakai thing, after all the pressure they
put themselves through the Lakai thing. So I think it’s just to blow off
a lot of steam for them, and a chance for all
of us to go skate. RICK HOWARD: Yeah. MIKE CARROLL: Probably a few
months before, we had just finished Fully Flared. So the Beauty and the Beast trip
was pretty much like a vacation with skateboards
and stuff, so it was pretty awesome. And it was just like a, ah, I
like skateboarding again, type of feeling. ALEX OLSON: I don’t know, this
one just was like, let’s go on a trip and go skate. It was like going with
all your buddies. No one cared about getting
photos or tricks, and just like everyone wanted
just to go skate. Which was super nice compared
to the last couple of trips I was on. I was filming Gnarly for
the Lakai trips. Personally, I thought like
everyone on both teams wanted to put the right impression
for each other. So everyone was walking on
eggshells at first, and you’re kind of nervous, like
you don’t know what’s going to happen. We’ve never been on a trip
with these guys. We don’t know how they roll. MALE SPEAKER: Woo. Three beers out. ALEX OLSON: Yeah, everyone I
think was like tripping, like whoa, because everyone
respected everyone. I’ve never hung out with
John before, or talked to him, really. Maybe seen John a couple times. I’m like– or like went around the corner,
and I was like, ooh, that’s John Cardiel. MALE SPEAKER: Yeah. JOHN CARDIEL: What’s
up, fellas? MALE SPEAKER: Got to do your
chores before you leave. JOHN CARDIEL: Yeah, man. I was thinking. I was like, you know what? I don’t want to come back– MALE SPEAKER: And have
a [INAUDIBLE]? JOHN CARDIEL: Yeah, and then it
gets caught in the fucking mower, and it stops
and everything. Bad one. Wood, it gets all locked up. ALEX OLSON: I think the Girl
guys were more intimidated by the Anti-Hero guys for sure. And then everyone got like
comfortable with everyone, and then it was super cool. SAM: Hey, John. JOHN CARDIEL: Yeah,
what up, Sam? SAM: Chilling, man. How are you? JOHN CARDIEL: Good,
good, good. John. MALE SPEAKER: John. JOHN CARDIEL: Nice
to meet you. RICK MCCRANK: You guys like
Brazilian Super Juice? ROBBIE RUSSO: Whoa. MALE SPEAKER: We got
your cruiser, John. JOHN CARDIEL: OK, cool. TONY TRUJILLO: Hold
the crank down. I’ll hold this like that. MALE SPEAKER: All right. JOHN CARDIEL: Yeah, I’m
ready to get out, now. This our shit? MALE SPEAKER: You got the tent
and everything in there? JOHN CARDIEL: Yeah, dude. I’m straighty eight. I’m so fucking ready to go. I’ve got all my shit, right,
all my camping stuff. MALE SPEAKER: Yeah. JOHN CARDIEL: Fucking
straight. MALE SPEAKER: Hey John, you
want to be on this side? RICK HOWARD: Where
we going, Alex? Tell Patrick where
we’re headed. ALEX OLSON: We’re going to
go get food right now. I have not a clue where
we’re going, though. I want to go skateboard. PATRICK O’DELL: Where
we going? RICK HOWARD: We don’t
know yet. It’s just by the moment. And then we’re going to get
on the road to our first destination, pitch a tent. Rick’s going to tell us some– MALE SPEAKER: Ghost stories. RICK HOWARD: Some
ghost stories. MALE SPEAKER: What
happened to me. [LAUGHTER]

47 thoughts on “Girl & Anti-Hero Skate Tour 1 of 10 – Epicly Later’d – VICE”

  1. I love how Carroll said "It was like a vacation with skateboards" that motherfuckers pretty much been on vacation for the last 20 plus years

  2. Fuck that, being a pro skater is a fucked up job. It would make me go insane if I had to go out and film something crazy just to earn some recognition on the daily.

  3. its like people would want footy from these guys cause they .. well. but the ah team won't do shit fow no one. haha love that

  4. skate it up guys. do the big tricks. no dogshit feelings on the trip. just a total skate trip of low-key skate respekt!

  5. I really respect that the skaters still want Cardiel on trips with them. Even if the dude can't skate the community knows it's always better with Cardiel around

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