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My parents put me and my brother into sports
at a pretty young age. Something that I’m actually really thankful for. One of these
sports was skiing. I think since neither of them did any skiing, they wanted us to get
the chance to try it out. Now, I think it’s good that I started so young, because otherwise,
I would probably be absolutely terrified of it. Going downhill at incredibly high speeds
is not something that you just wake up one day and do. Something I need to mention is,
it doesn’t snow where I live. Yeah, that’s right. Mostly, it just gets slightly colder
and all the leaves die, so yeah. I’ve honestly always been pretty sad about it because I
absolutely love snow. Just waking up and seeing snow out my window would make my day. People
always talk about how they hate shoveling snow off their driveway. But I would love
to shovel snow off of my driveway! But I mean I guess I probably feel this way because I
don’t see snow very much and if we had snow where I live I might not feel the same way
so all of you who live where it snows are probably just laughing at me. Anyway, to see
any snow, which I must mention we rarely do, we have to drive about 5 hours away. At the
time this story happened, my brother and I were already experienced enough at skiing
to do it on our own without a ski instructor. However, since I didn’t know the ski trails
that well, my parents made me go with my brother. And that’s how this story starts. We were
going up a ski lift, which are the things that bring you to the top of the mountain
if you didn’t know. We were sitting on the rickety old ski lift with the safety bar down
because that’s what you’re supposed to do. It took a while since we were going to the
very top of the mountain. But for the last little stretch before the landing we put the
safety bar back up and leaned back. And then as we got closer we learned forward and slid
off into the snow. From there, they were 3 trails. We were debating between a green trail
which is the beginner and the blue trail which is the intermediate trail. But as we were
debating this, my brother starting sliding off… into the black trail! Which is the
advanced trail btw. I’m trying to tell him to come back up but he literally can’t plus
there are a ton of people everywhere skiing by. I’m honestly starting to slip myself
at this point, luckily not into the black trail. So as I’m trying to slow myself,
I do this whole, “Brother! I will save you!” thing. I have this whole plan in my head thinking
all like I must tell my parents, they can help us and I need to get down now. Thinking
about it now, I don’t get how telling my parents was supposed to help at all. I mean
they can’t ski. And we were also at the top of the mountain. But anyway, I eventually
started going down the blue trail. As I have mentioned before, I didn’t really know the
trails very well, so I wasn’t really sure how I supposed to get back down. But I mean,
I guess down is the only way, so you’re eventually gonna get to the ground. Anyway,
as I was skiing, this nice girl and her grandma come skiing by me and ask if I need help.
I don’t really know why they knew I needed help, I don’t really remember very well,
so maybe I asked them for help. Anyway, so I tell them my whole situation and they say
they can help me get to the bottom. So I start to follow them. As I mentioned, we were at
the top of the mountain, so it took a pretty long time to get down. The entire time, I
was pretty scared because I didn’t really know where I was going but also because I
wasn’t sure if my brother was going to be okay. But eventually, I got to the ground.
I started to ski up to my parents, who both had very worried looks on their faces. I was
getting ready to tell them my brother was stuck up there on a black trail and I was
so scared and what were we going to do, but then they go, “Where have you been all
this time? Your brother came here like 15 minutes ago and he is already going on another
trail. I’m hit with this feeling of total betrayal.” The entire time I was skiing
all I could think about was my brother and if he would be okay, but apparently, he came
15 minutes before and completely forgot about me. I was feeling pretty salty after the whole
experience but nevertheless had a great rest of the day skiing. Okay, on to the end card! Wow, this video
took forever. I originally planned to have it out by last week, but I was too busy and
stuff. So I finally managed to finish it since I have off from school for the holidays 😛
I actually have another story about skiing so I might make a part 2 about that, but maybe
next year, because I’m kinda done with skiing. tell me if you want that. By the way, thanks
for the fanart to the people that sent it, really appreciate it 🙂 Oh and also, if you
want to know how my brother got down the black trail, apparently he scooted down on his butt.
So honestly, I don’t know how he got to the ground faster than me. I mean, I guess
the black trail was pretty steep, so maybe it was that. Or maybe I just took a really
long route. Honestly, this story impacted me more than anyone else. My parents only
vaguely remember this, probably from me talking about it. And I think my brother doesn’t
really care.

45 thoughts on “GETTING LOST WHILE SKIING | Storytime Animation”

  1. Little bit of criticism:

    You used "anyway" as a transition word a couple times too many. It just kinda felt weird. Try using some different transitions (like maybe you could use some quick joke before continuing the story.)

    Also you do a lot of inhaling while you're talking fast and it's a little distracting, although if it's just the way you talk normally, then don't worry about it. People talk differently from everyone else so it's not that big a problem.

    Other than that though, this is a great video!
    Nice job!

  2. how do you not have that many subs? your a great youtuber! i may suggest adding a little more inbetweens to make it smoother, but you do you man.

  3. i never tried skiing before (also cause we have no snow in our country) but it seems like fun thing to do! welcome to yt btw, i'm interested in your animations and i'll be looking forward to watch more of your vids <3 ^v^

  4. Hey ive started skiing and animating it would be really cool if we could collab or just give each other a shoutout.if your interested dm me on insta (Harris.does.stuff)

  5. What winter activities do you enjoy? Comment them below! ♡

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  6. hey , you are a really cool animator and artist. Do a video and how you became a n animator, and how you draw your characters especially your brother! as i would really love to know.


    except to go skiing we went on an aeroplane for over 21 hours

    And then had to drive for over 15 hours.

    And that's not including waiting.

    the trip included a lot of pain, ok?

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